Serenity (dvd) - £5.99 delivered
Serenity  (dvd) - £5.99 delivered

Serenity (dvd) - £5.99 delivered

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Get 'Serenity' for a bargain £5.99 delivered from Play.com, this is also part of their 3 for £15 promotion!

A mix of space western, comedy + drama, Serenity follows captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) + his ragtag crew as they trade their way around the edges of civilized society. Of particular interest are two passengers they take on, Simon + River Tam (Sean Maher and Summer Glau), a brother + his telepathic sister on the run from the corrupt governing Alliance. As notorious former members of the anti-Alliance opposition, Mal + his crew make it difficult for Simon and River to stay hidden. Everything goes completely awry when a government assassin is sent to retrieve River. As Mal is forced to choose between his close-knit crew and the brother and sister newcomers, it becomes apparent that River harbors both a dangerous secret + astounding fighting powers,+ Mal decides that discovering the truth about what she knows might just be worth his time.


Great film, I highly recommend it - although if you've not seen Firefly, watch that first as the film will make a lot more sense.


Seen this film and agree it is good fun.

Didnt watch firefly though, but i do plan to get it as it is pretty cheap.

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Thanks John ans gdmiester , i havent seen Serenity yet and hadnt heard any reviews .. def be getting it now

Firefly is an okay series and worth watching. If you like that, you'll enjoy Serenity even more, as John says above...

This is a good movie and worth the £5.99 price. Thanks for posting!

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You're welcome alien7

watched Serenity but I understood it 50% then I watched Firefly and then Serenity again and was much better

Fantastic film - good find!! Did manage to get my copy from CD WOW region 3 at just £2.99 after using the £1 off voucher before the release date! I think it was a misprice.
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