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Affinity Photo/Designer 30% off Black Friday deal £33.99 was £48.99
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Both the Photoshop alternative Affinity Photo and Adobe illustrator alternative Affinity designer are on sale for Black Friday £33.99 (30%) off for desktop starting already. Ipad v… Read more

Anyone know how Affinity Photo compares to free software, like Darktable and Nik Collection?


AFAIK you have to buy them separately if you want them both.


Not too sure as I can't see any offers on the site, but if you Google it you may find a deal offer link somewhere about.


Thanks, a friend mention it, but forgot all about it. Seems a bargain, do they bundle photo & designer. ?


It's one time, that's why it's a bargain compared to some Adobe products. They have a demo you can download and try too.

30% off Serif Affinity Designer and Photo software for Mac / PC / iPad £33.99
Found 21st Jul 2018Found 21st Jul 2018
To mark the launch of the iPad version of their Designer software, Serif are knocking 30% off all of their products until 1 August (offer extended). The products are a much cheaper… Read more

Got it from the Apple App Store. Only work on Mac or iPad.


It’s now on black Friday deal for 30% off.


I got this from the Apple App Store. It was on promotion at the time.


How did you do this?


Where did you get them from?

Affinity Designer & Alternative To Illustrator CC (And A Whole Lot Cheaper Than Adobes Subscription) £48.99 @ Serif. Also £5.00 Cashback
Found 14th Mar 2018Found 14th Mar 2018
Affinity Designer & Alternative To Illustrator CC (And A Whole Lot Cheaper Than Adobes Subscription) £48.99 @ Serif. Also £5.00 Cashback
Affinity Designer link (Mac) £48.99 Affinity Photo link (Mac) £48.99 Affinity Designer link (PC) £48.99 Affinity Photo link (PC) £48.99 £5.00 Cashback with voucher https:… Read more

Also, in my 22 years of being a designer I have never been asked by a client do I use Illustrator - most clients have no idea how to use it. InDesign is another matter of course (as is Photoshop), I have been asked that many times, and I simply say to them no, we use Quark, and we only release press ready PDF artwork to client anyway, never the raw DTP files (or layered PSD files), this is in our T&C's.


Yes I was but we have been trialling the vector program on one machine for a week, and I have to say it's very good - it opens all our existing Illustrator files (y) . We'll see about the DTP program when it comes out, but TBH I'm old school and never really liked InDesign, so we still use Quark (lol) , I've used it 22 years, old dog and all that, plus you actually own the copy of Quark you have purchased, not rent it like CC.


How does Inkscape compare to this and illustrator? Inkscape is free / opensource.


it's compatible with illustrator. and bear in mind not that long ago quarkxpress was the big boy in the room, until indesign ripped into its market share due to its better and slightly cheaper offering. i remember having to pay for quark passport to open up files from employees in the usa, significantly more than the bog standard quark which was expensive enough, plus the hassle of the software dongle.


If you run a a design studio, are you not concerned whether this is compatible with Illustrator? First question from client: "do you use Illustrator?" Where do you go from there? Similarly for InDesign, etc -what if they want to use your files later in-house. That's why business sticks with MS Office despite LibreOffice and others - guaranteed compatibility! Of course YMMV with clients. For home use, it's a different situation - your choice whether you care about compatibility.

Serif Affinity Photo for iPad - Limited time launch offer £19.99
Found 22nd Feb 2018Found 22nd Feb 2018
Serif Affinity Photo for iPad - Limited time launch offer £19.99
To celebrate the launch of this fantastic new update we are giving away these 3 free content packs, specially optimised for Affinity Photo for iPad. Luminance Brush Pack – Add v… Read more

Nice find @k8marieuk - thanks for sharing :D

Affinity Photo (Photoshop alternative with no subscription!) now on Mac and Windows for £29.99 @ Serif
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
Affinity Photo (Photoshop alternative with no subscription!) now on Mac and Windows for £29.99 @ Serif
Really powerful software to rival Adobe with no subscription costs and free updates. Software now available for Windows too which is a bonus... Looks like it is really simple and … Read more

Yes, it doesn't look, feel and work like a freeware linux program. ;-)


got this, and its horrid compared to photoshop.. only brought it for £20 at the time, as it was "new" but its bad..


If you are pro editing then yeah PS and the adobe suite works! Hands down the business :) For most folks at £29.99 its a nice toy to play with


If Affinity Photo could use my PS actions, it might be worth considering. However, the integration of Lightroom, DxO OpticsPro, with PS mean it is the most efficient workflow sequence for me. To say it is an alternative to PS is to say my bike is an alternative to my car. They can both get me places, but one does so with much more versatility and speed than the other. I've used Serif PagePlus for years, but have moved onto Publisher because it has, to my mind, a better text editor. also got fed up with Serif's telesales approach.


Hey :) I would say so yes. Check the tutorial videos in the post as that will give you a good idea of what it can do

Serif PagePlus X9 - Desktop Publishing Software(DTP)/PDF - 10% off code available £19.99 @ Serif
Found 21st Nov 2016Found 21st Nov 2016
Serif PagePlus X9 - Desktop Publishing Software(DTP)/PDF - 10% off code available £19.99 @ Serif
We've been using PagePlus 7 for a while now and wanted to upgrade due to problems publishing PDF's. On Amazon Serif PagePlus X9 is showing up as £60/83+... I'm not sure if this is … Read more
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Crayons apparently. HTH.


​...and what is better at that price then smart ass?


The words "Desktop Publishing" and "Serif Pageplus" should never ever, ever be put in the same sentence! Crayons will serve you better! Cold as the north wind!


Cold Voters: Please could you explain your better deal as similar software costs far more than a measly £20??? I'm interested in what other cheap alternatives there are.


Good program paid £50 for mine early in the year but for fellow buyers be warned their bringing out a whole new line of software for all their range programs

Affinity Photo [mac only] - The new Photoshop competitor, reduced launched price - £29.99 @ Serif
Found 9th Jul 2015Found 9th Jul 2015
Affinity Photo [mac only] - The new Photoshop competitor, reduced launched price - £29.99 @ Serif
Hi, A new and impressive software for photo editing has just been released on Mac. A serious Photoshop competitor developped over the last 5 years, offer similar services as Phot… Read more

I'm trying out the beta at the moment, from macupade, but I use Little Snitch to block all apps except for browser from communicating, so possibly it would have told me it has expired. It is very polished but very different from Gimp, unsurprisingly, would take some getting used to. Thanks for the heads up on the July 23rd cut off, I am definitely considering it.


I read it was written fresh from the ground up, by cats or something?! :D


It says it's reduced until July 23rd... oh and I think the Beta finished when it launched today, could be wrong.


I am a Photoshop user but also have a Serif programme called Craft Artist Professional 2 which is marketed for e.g. scrapbooking, but actually isn't bad in terms of features and functionality for the price (which is often £4.99 - keep an eye out for it on the Daisytrail website or watch the Serif Software facebook page for offers). I find it isn't as resource efficient as Photoshop but is really pretty good for the money. My guess would be that Affinity Photo builds on some of this earlier product?


I tried gimp not my cuppa I have been using photoshop for years . I have a set workflow plenty of actions and a few plugins like perfectly clear and silver effects pro nik pack and alien skin blow up what can I say will take some beating . Gonna have a look

Serif Webplus X7 Website authoring tool £9 w/voucher code
Found 23rd May 2015Found 23rd May 2015
Serif Webplus X7 Website authoring tool £9 w/voucher code
Having found a web host for only 1p a commenter mentioned this incredible deal on the thread. Use the voucher code : LIKESERIF to get the package for only £9.
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Yes it does! It is in the comments for there that I found this deal. I think that it would be good to get the photoplus and other packages for super cheap as I think they integrate with each other pretty well.


I bought the 1p hosting and it includes a serial for this...


I like Serif too. Used Pageplus for many years. Don't use it as much since I changed jobs. Photoplus is good, switched to it when I couldn't afford Adobe Photoshop. Can't question their business model as I know little about marketing. As a company their service has always been good.


Would also like to know. I actually like Serif software, and used to use it heavily for lots of stuff, but we're talking 15 years ago.


Comment hi. Where did you read about the free update to V8?

Serif Software 10 at £10
Found 19th May 2015Found 19th May 2015
Serif Software 10 at £10
Knock yourself out from the X5 X6 X7 range of Serif design suite. Barigain!

Just noticed that's already been mentioned. Worth repeating, though!


21% cashback at Topcashback on all Serif products.


Shame its not Pageplus 8


Great deal. Needed PagePlus and it's saved me £71.69. May not be the latest version but at £10 it's a steal.


For clarity... All items below are £10 each, for ten days: "PagePlus X7" Retail Box (Was: £81.69 | Save £ 71.69) / "PagePlus X7" Download (Was: £81.69 | Save £ 71.69) WebPlus X7" Download (Was: £89.99 | Save £ 79.99) "DrawPlus X6" (Download Was: £81.69 | Save £ 71.69) "PhotoPlus X6" Download (Was: £71.48 | Save £ 61.48) / "PhotoPlus X6" Retail Box (Was: £81.69 | Save £ 71.69) SOLD OUT! "MoviePlus X5" Download (Was: £59.99 | Save £ 49.99) "PanoramaPlus X4" Download (Was: £20.42 | Save £ 10.42) "CraftArtist 2 Professional" Download (Was: £24.99 | Save £ 14.99) "Photo Projects" Download (Was: £19.99 | Save £ 9.99) "PhotoStack" Download (Was: £49.99 | Save £ 39.99) "DrawPlus Designer Brushes Collection 1" (Was: £19.99 | Save £ 9.99) / "DrawPlus Designer Brushes Collection 1" Download (Was: £19.99 | Save £ 9.99) TopCashback also offers 21% cashback, & Quidco at 20%, at!

Affinity Photo - Free New Beta Photo editor to rival Photoshop - Mac Only
Found 13th Feb 2015Found 13th Feb 2015
Affinity Photo - Free New Beta Photo editor to rival Photoshop - Mac Only
Affinity Photo Beta is a new photo editor which is designed to rival Photoshop. Its a free Beta and when its released it will cost £50 so still very cheap. Its from Serif who do … Read more
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I'll be glad to see the back of Adobe. This app looks very promising.


Looks good, Thanks OP! :D

75% OFF!! Serif PagePlus X6 Publishing Software! 75% OFF!!
Found 8th Feb 2014Found 8th Feb 2014
75% OFF!! Serif PagePlus X6 Publishing Software! 75% OFF!!
Have you been looking for good publishing software? Are you sick and tired of Microsoft Publisher and want a change but don't want to spend hundreds of pounds for Adobe Indesign??… Read more

PagePlus X4 and X6 are OK. Very easy to get a decent web site up in a day using the built in templates. Say you want to get a club or society quickly up on the net in half a day. I had done an entire web page using pure HTML, thousands of lines of html code. I wouldn't recommend this way unless you have many weeks or months to gradually build a web site. Tip, if you paid for a more expensive hosting package (not the basic one) it may come with a Serif PagePlus X6 licence. Just look up on your admin panel and look for any bundled free software (with hosting package) that you can download. That's how I got my licensed copy of Page Plus X6.


You could do a lot worse than Pageplus X6. I have been running Serif software one version behind the latest to keep my software costs to a minimum. There are many positive reviews online and some do mention a slightly dated user interface but like any software you just learn your way around it. For registration and support at Serif just use a randomly generated name, a disposable email address and fake or burner phone number. Keep track of your fake info for future use in a digital wallet. I've done this for years and I have close to zero spam and nuisance calls.


I stopped using Serif some years ago as they pestered continuously on the phone trying to get me to upgrade. Wasn't very good either!


It has some nice premade templates and built in design features. I found it was hard to visualise and get any "own made" organic material to look good in the program. Having said that, if the templates are a nice break from the Publisher and Mac offerings that you find on everything these days!


Crikey PagePlus.... 1998 wants its software back!

Serif software with upto 90% Off  (Drawplus X5 from £81 to £10
Found 26th Dec 2012Found 26th Dec 2012
Serif software with upto 90% Off (Drawplus X5 from £81 to £10
I have used Serif software for years and its excellent and very easy to use. At the moment they are having a sale with 90% off... So for example DrawPlus X4 Download Was: £81.6… Read more
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As a teacher, I know a lot of schools use these products (especially Webplus, Drawplus and Photoplus); so a home copy for a tenner is pretty good value. You could download the free versions but these versions have extra functionality. Great deal


Seriously? oO 30.3% TCB cashback makes this under £7 for supported, commercial, well-respected software. Bargain IMO.


This isn't really the bargain it appears - they are very old versions on offer. PhotoPlus X6 is the current version, but the one in this offer is PhotoPlus X4. If you're happy with that version this may still be a good deal - but advertising it as 90% off is really not on (anyone want a 1997 Rover 200 for 90% off the RRP?). That's typical of my experience of this company: aggressive, often deceitful marketing. And from past experience when you try to buy it, you will be badgered to trade up to the newer version, or if that fails they will insist that you need the printed manual for an extra £15 (they don't seem to see the irony of insisting you can't manage without a manual, after having sold the software on how easy it is to use). And what others have said about using a throwaway e-mail address is worth repeating: I have never had so much spam as a result of giving my e-mail address to any other "legitimate" company as I have on the address I gave to Serif.


30.3% TCB


So why are people voting cold ?? Is 90% off software not good ??

Photoplus X4 plus Panorama by Serif download Photoshop Killer? for £9.99
Found 21st Jul 2012Found 21st Jul 2012
Photoplus X4 plus Panorama by Serif download Photoshop Killer? for £9.99
I downloaded Adobe Photshop Elements 10 to evaluate (£49.99 PCWorld) and then found this! It has IDENTICAL feature/function and some functions are faster than PS10.... At £9.99 w… Read more

interesting comments


It's all about freedom of choice


Sorry but for the average user the gimp is to convoluted to PS10,which is a lot simpler to use,just saying?


How did you find this deal? I'd be interested to know if they have any similar deals on old versions of their other software but when I look on their web site I only see the latest X5/X6 versions of everything (with £60 to £80 price tags).


No problem, dude. I do wish they'd called it something other than gimp. It either raises an eyebrow (I use it at work, where our systems lack roaming desktops, and, well, you try explaining to someone you're searching for 'gimp' on google), or makes people think you're insulting them. 'Tis balls, really. Good app, though.

Serif Black Friday Sale - Site wide 25% off Everything
Found 24th Nov 2011Found 24th Nov 2011
Serif Black Friday Sale - Site wide 25% off Everything
PhotoPlus X5 reduced to £53.61 WebPlus X5 reduced to £61.27 PagePlus X5 reduced to £61.27 Craft Artist Platium reduced to £29.99 And many more

Prepare to be hounded until the day you die lok


Decent if you want extra templates, pointless for their software. Haven't voted either way. NB You can also get 15% Quidco if memory serves


PagePlus X5 currently £33.62 on Amazon WebPlus X5 £43.84 PhotoPlus X5 £28.30 21.30 on Thursday, 24/11/11

Serif Page Plus X4 Download - £20 @ Serif
Found 17th May 2011Found 17th May 2011
Serif Page Plus X4 Download - £20 @ Serif
This is great software for creating really professional looking posters. About a fiver more if you prefer to get a retail pack from (cd etc) from Amazon instead of downloading.

Thank you.


I sent some of their software back a few years ago due to a bug that made it crash. They were incredibly rude on the phone when I asked to take up their no quibble refund. It turned out quite well as their rep took me off the mailing list as I didn't want a credit note so he said there was no point in being on there any-more. Result X)


I've purchased from them in the past (when they've dropped a new release for a £10 to me); but yes, the constant "offer" emails is bit annoying. However, their earlier software versions often go free eventually...Free Serif Software And most recently, Serif PhotoPlus 10 was offered as a free download too... Should Still Be Available ...if anyone wants it.


Yaeh the Serif spam is a bit of a nightmmare, but can be avoided. I just think that the time spent looking for decent free software and the limitations of most of them make this worthwhile but only if you NEED really professional looking posters.


Mcfee spams you for life too. never sign up for the 30day trial that comes with new laptops.

Serif Webplus X4 for £29.95 (probably)
Found 30th Jan 2011Found 30th Jan 2011
Serif Webplus X4 for £29.95 (probably)
OK, so I downloaded and registered the free Webplus Starter Edition, and 10 days later received this email:- ---- Now that you’ve taken the time to try out WebPlus Starter Editio… Read more

Webplus is great software and Photoplus is a good alternative to Adobe Photoshop at a fraction of the price.


TBH it's quite nice to hear about a company that does bother to contact it's customers even if they try to sell you stuff, quite a lot of companies don't even bother to reply even you are trying to buy something from them! It does not bother me getting emails from someone like serif, at least it's better than the 100's of others I get for drugs and other nonsense, I would not be happy for serif to phone me but I would just give them a duff number if they asked for one anyway, (I just give an old mobile number)!


I used Serif something or other years ago and still get emails and phone calls and expect it all to carry on long after I'm dead and gone.


I used to work for them...expect to be hounded for the rest of this life AND THE NEXT LOL Dont bother with the Serif spam filter...they have a large number of email bots...non of which have the serif tag


will give this a try and if its good, the code might come in handy! thanks OP

Dragon Naturally Speaking £29.99 @ Serif
Found 17th Dec 2010Found 17th Dec 2010
Dragon Naturally Speaking £29.99 @ Serif
Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 10 is a revolutionary piece of speech recognition software that enables you to talk to your computer and in return, see your spoken words appear on scree… Read more

It works far better on intel processors as they are better at the calculations than the AMD ones. I use Dragon professional Medical 9.5 and it works well, but always gets the and, of, or and other small words wrong. It is brilliant at unusual words that are unique so very good for medical words. It also takes an age sometimes to recognise what has been said. People I know wh have tried the free Ipad/ ipod iphone version were not impressed.


iPad version is free!


But still it's very good value (I have the Pro version) over £80 Some things you pay a bit more for a lot more, and some things you pay a lot more, for very little more


That's the old version, and the new version (11) can be bought straight from Dragon for £40. Not hot

Praktica DCZ 10.2 Digital Camera £54.99 @ Serif
Found 12th Dec 2009Found 12th Dec 2009
Praktica DCZ 10.2 Digital Camera £54.99 @ Serif
Ordered this last night, Praktica DCZ 10.2 Digital Camera £54.99 from serif. THE TWELVE DAYS OF XMAS offers First i went to quidco, there is a voucher code for … Read more

Nope. Panasonic, Casio, Fuji. Why?


Ty Mrroy Ignore the others Im 53 , had lots af cameras , expensive and not. My last camera a nikon broke after only tapping it by accident and was supposidly one of these guys good cameras. THe aftersaleas was crap!!! My advice @ my age is to buy something that does the job u want it to do. Yep there may be better out there buit not @ this price. Its like saying u want a high tech tv if ur blind or deaf lol. Just to add that i dont need to buy cheap but i love to. Only those guys out there telling u otherwise, there is better etc are the ones who cant afford the even the cheap bargains. Thx for the tip.........keep posting Pete


well done pete, you have saved about £50 on tescos delivered price. mrroy


You have a Canon don't you?


I always wondered who bought Praktika cameras - now mrroy has revealed him/her self. You could get a proper camera for this money. COLD!

PagePlus X2 Was £69.99 Now Just £9.95 with 100K Graphics Pack (£3.00 P&P)
Found 28th Apr 2009Found 28th Apr 2009
PagePlus X2 Was £69.99 Now Just £9.95 with 100K Graphics Pack (£3.00 P&P)
Please do not vote cold if you do not use it! Flexible Features PagePlus has always offered all the powerful, yet easy-to-use, DTP tools needed to design stunning publications … Read more

very good deal, used X2 and it is very good. even allows you to edit PDF's and produce PDF's too.


What ever you do don't phone them or give them your telephone number as they are renowned for pestering people


Link goes to X3 now. Can anybody see an X2 link or should this be expired?


Sorry guys I completely messed up here. The link I got was for X2 . It is customer specific link so you will need to delete the details which appears on the order form.


Ah, that explains the price. I think this was an offer via email for PagePlus X2. Still an excellent version that handles/edits PDF very well. To get this offer, I'm guessing you'll need to download software from or sign up to their newsletter. Anyone interested in X3, if you sign up, they usually email offers with the latest version with around 50% off and offer resource guide for £10-15 instead of £30. Been using Serif for years. Their PhotoPlus is a very nice alternative to Photoshop (not quite as fast applying special fx though).