Seriously good price glitch @ Tesco on Seriously Strong Cheddar !  Works out at buy one get THREE free........!!!

Seriously good price glitch @ Tesco on Seriously Strong Cheddar ! Works out at buy one get THREE free........!!!

Found 27th Feb 2010Made hot 27th Feb 2010
Ok fellow HUKD'ers, I've sat on this one all day. Firstly to prove to myself it is an actual price glitch, secondly to take full advantage of it, and thirdly to wait until the weekend starts and the mighty muscle of Tesco are all at home for the weekend and won't be in to rectify this glitch until Monday.......

So, points one and two being proven as I've well and truly filled my boots with cheese, (see attached photo's of receipts)........ it's up to you individuals to now take advantage.....

Here's the glitch. Tesco currently have both white and red Seriously strong cheddar on BOGOFF, but for every two white you buy WITH every two red, not only does the BOGOFF get deducted at the till, but another 50% of the value of the BOGOFF comes off also, effectively making the deal a buy one, get THREE free......

See my receipts for proof, and go get lots of cheese before they rectify it........

Thanks ! ! !


your gonna get so fat

Erm good deal and all. But why did you buy so much cheese? They have expiry dates you know? lol

What a cheesy deal.

I'm just chuckling at the St Agur on your receipt... was this just in case you fancied a bit of soft blue in between the kilos of mature cheddar?

Haha, it's been a while since a receipt has made me laugh out loud!
Whe last time was when I bought 24 packs of BOGOF bacon @ Tesco in full knowledge that the bogof wasn't working, so DTD would give it me all for free =)
It took almost 12 months to empty the freezer of that lot!

I've never tried freezing cheese... wouldn't it cause all the moister to sweat out of it?

Heat & rep! (cheesy helmet!)

"Cheeseeee Gromit"


Is it on line or store only? Cos I need some cheeeeeesssssse!

yem yem

shame it has the texture of rubber.

Imagine the till lady's face when you turn up with the an entire aisle's worth of cheese...


]This is appropriate. :giggle:

REP added. That is just too funny.

Only woke up to do the little ones night feed. Just woke my wife up laughing. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Wondering if deal has ended,not showing as BOGOF online.

Good find if still on, will go nice with all that cod I bought from asda

are you a giant mouse :whistling:

Excellent deal. Excellent comments!

Got nothing bad to say about cheese!!!

What I use to do was to make a loafs worth of plain cheese sandwiches, individually wrap and freeze and take out in the morning and shove in my bag for work. Tasted just fine to me!

Great deal but I find that not only is cheese crumbly after defrosting but that the mature taste has gone.

So eat as much as you can before having to freeze any.

Think you need more than 2 packs of bread rolls to go with all that cheese !

If you grate the cheese and portion it into freezer bags before you freeze it the cheese is absolutely fine. I have always done this anyway and just grabbed a bag when needed. Sad aren't I?

Off to Tesco for some cheese...... is it really strong though? My kids won't eat really strong cheese!!

im off to tesco

Alot of cheese, why bother? If you wanna get fatter that is...

this cheese is actually quite nice:thumbsup:

definately one where you want to use self checkout rather than use the assistant at the till . Great deal!

You cant beat cheese!!!! (Crab paste gives it a run for its money!!)

H & R added!!!!

This a website for our mousey friends or what????????????????

I've just been to Tesco Lincoln (Wragby Rd) and unfortunately they don't stock the red variety of this cheese, - perhaps it's a regional thing?


It freezes (as in Cheesecake, Quiche, etc,).........

so with the money you saved you going to buy a second freezer???


no red cheese at Guildford

don't have nightmares.....

only have the 200g packs (both red & white,not bogof) in cleethorpes,no 400g.:x

only white in Goole

Great deal.

I work for tesco....the store has messed up the promo... .what are the chances that all the other tescos in the uk have done the same....on second thoughts dont answer

:thumbsup: WOW! Brill price glitch.......unfortunately my Tesco also didn't have any red(coloured) so I didn't bother......but gr8 if you can get it ;-)

wondering if this is a regional offer as not showing online for me either. Might chance a trip down

mate i would be booking the colonic now if you're gonna be eating all that cheese,either that or dyna rod


thanks orlando08, our family loves cheese. Will save me a fortune, will buy when we do our weekend shopping. hot from me!!

well, was going to pop into tesco rochdale for a bit of this but checking orlando08's receipts, will there be any left?? lol...
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