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Hp Proliant ML10 Gen 9 Server - £223.29 Delivered - £123.29 after £100 Cashback @ ServerPlus
Found 5th Oct 2017Found 5th Oct 2017
HP ML10 Gen 9 server currently £218.34+£4.95 delivery but has £100 Cashback this month. Useful little server If you want something a little bigger than a Microserver. Intel Pen… Read more

Still, not the best option as it comes with only 4GB RAM. Another 4GB ECC cost ~£50 but there are cheaper options and slightly more powerful (with AMD Opteron)


Can be used as alternative to NAS. And a very good one.


I see lots of servers on hukd that get heat but I’m not sure if I need one. What are they for?


​Yeah already posted


Cheaper at EBuyer, works out £112.99 inc free delivery

HPE ProLiant ML10 Gen9 Tower Server £124.28 INC CASHBACK @ ServersPlus
Found 5th Oct 2017Found 5th Oct 2017
CLAIM FORM HERE If you purchase HPE ProLiant ML10 Gen9 (part code 837826-421) between the 1st and 31st October 2017 you can claim £100 cash back. Intel Pentium G4400 Dual-Core … Read more

this does, of course, see spec


Going Hot for being the first, have the heat, duplicate should be removed by mods


Any one know how this compares to the gen 8? Prefer the look and size of the gen 8 but maybe this has more going for it?


Cheaper here at 112.99 @ebuyer. free delivery


I'd like to know this too. Considering the option of a cheap low cost server for my file storage needs and then dedicate the performance components to the living room gaming set up.

HP MicroServer (Gen8) £184.14  / £189.09 delivered - £85.95 ex. VAT after cash back @ Serversplus
Found 27th Jun 2017Found 27th Jun 2017
HP MicroServer (Gen8) now at a much cheaper price! Some people still prefer this over the new Gen 10! Intel Celeron G1610T Dual-Core (2.30GHz 2MB 35W) 4GB (1 x 4GB) PC3L-12800E 1… Read more

Is there any way to boot with xeon installed without gpu? Thinking about using iLO to setup if server start without graphic card.


Nope. Not with you. Think you must be too cool for me,.


Yeah, I already said that. 4 weeks ago.


For gaming????? :o Maybe not the best choice ;)


I ended up going for a Core i3-3240, which cost £30 off eBay. Seems to run fine with the stock heat sink. I saw the Xeons from China but wasn't sure whether they were legitimate and didn't want to end up paying import duty.

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HP MicroServer (Gen8) £191.88 - £121.88 after cashback @ Serversplus
Found 6th Apr 2017Found 6th Apr 2017
Overview The HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 is a small, quiet, and stylishly designed server that is ideal as a first server solution for small businesses. With a form factor that … Read more

I got the Intel® Core™ i3-3240 (3.4GHz/2-core/3MB/65W, HT) Processor from CEX for around £30. Works good, added 8gb extra also for around the same cost from Amazon. 4 Internal 3.5 drives and a SSD with WS2016


Looks like the offer has rolled over to 31st May if anyones still considering one:


Mine arrived today. Really impressed with how easy it is to get in there and customise. Have ordered one of those i3s from eBay and I've got a low-range graphics card I'll put in. Should be good as a Plex server and for Steam streaming and emulators.


Here is the list i posted days ago, I personally have the Intel® Xeon® E3-1220v2 (3.1GHz/4-core/8MB/69W) but that cost around £115 but the I3 may suit your purpose and that goes for around £50 I am not an expert but there are plenty of forums for additional advice Intel® Celeron® G540 (2.5GHz/2-core/2MB/65W) Processor Intel® Celeron® G1610 (2.6GHz/2-core/2MB/55W) Processor Intel® Celeron® G1620 (2.7GHz/2-core/2MB/55W) Processor Intel® Pentium® G2020 (2.9GHz/2-core/3MB/55W) Processor Intel® Pentium® G2120 (3.1GHz/2-core/3MB/55W) Processor Intel® Pentium® G2130 (3.2GHz/2-core/3MB/55W) Processor Base Processors NOTE: All support up to 1600MHz DDR3 memory speeds. Intel® Core™ i3-3220 (3.3GHz/2-core/3MB/65W, HT) Processor Intel® Core™ i3-3240 (3.4GHz/2-core/3MB/65W, HT) Processor Performance Processors NOTE: All support up to 1600MHz DDR3 memory speeds. Intel® Xeon® E3-1220Lv2 (2.3GHz/2-core/3MB/17W, HT) Intel® Xeon® E3-1220v2 (3.1GHz/4-core/8MB/69W) Intel® Xeon® E3-1230v2 (3.3GHz/4-core/8MB/69W, HT) Intel® Xeon® E3-1240v2 (3.4GHz/4-core/8MB/69W, HT) Intel® Xeon® E3-1270v2 (3.5GHz/4-core/8MB/69W, HT) Intel® Xeon® E3-1280v2 (3.6GHz/4-core/8MB/69W, HT) As long as you select a CPU from the list you should be fine. THere are lots on EBay and make sure the socket is LGA1155


Care to recommend one? All I need is Plex on the fly transcoding to one device

HP Microserver Gen8 Intel Celeron G1610T Dual-Core, 4GB RAM, No HDD £115.94 after £70 cashback  £4.95 next day shipping @ Serversplus - £190.89
Found 4th Apr 2017Found 4th Apr 2017
HP Microserver Gen8 Intel Celeron G1610T is a good entry level server. It was available for £60 cashback last month, but now it's available for £70 cashback. Good Deal & good w… Read more
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:) Great servers though, I have 4 !!!


They are a technically a hot swap bay with a controller that doesn't support it, cheap upgrade though and you have hot swap, this was more to answer the question at hand, does he need a sata cable :)


The Bays are not Hot swap, they are cold swap (power off to swap drive in bay).


Finally got mine how I want it. i5 2390t, hd 6450, 16gb ram, Esxi 6.5 November with passthrough to my bedroom Tv to watch films Its a backup server for my main server didn't want it just sitting there backing up every now and then so using it to watch films and remove a computer from the bedroom although it is in the loft because it's too noisy to put anywhere else. I just picked up some 2tb sky boxes with Wi-Fi and got the 2tb western digital green drives out of them they are all fine been on for ages so prove the test of time and dirt cheap around £15 a drive if you keep checking around little bit slow 5400rpm but great for vm's and backing up. These servers are still great will get a quad core cpu at some point I expect as the gen8 is so reliable and ilo and watchdog on my phone is amazing


Ordered before the cashback expires. Anyone found and cheap memory? Looking to get an 8GB DIMM initially then bump to 16GB with another 8GB DIMM if needed (Xpenelogy plus Open VPN server plugin).

DELL PowerEdge T20 Tower Server - Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3 3.2GHz (Free del) £239.94 @ Serversplus
Found 30th Mar 2017Found 30th Mar 2017
Another server deal, as these are end of life with Dell this is probably the last few deals around on these servers. A lot of CPU for not a lot of cash. Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3 3.2… Read more
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Not actually played with Hyper-v, might have to have a look at that. Thanks


I have this with £32gb of ram (extra £150) and Win10 pro with hyper-v and W2016 servers running fine.


I'm after a server to get to grips with Windows Server from 2012 to 2016, is this any good or anything around the price or even a bit cheaper if poss, Thanks


I have just done exactly that, bought the cable and be careful the case isn't wide so i went for a slimmer psu:- quote=Berhwale] I think the 1060 requires a separate 8 pin PCI-E power cable which the T20 lacks. One of these widgets will let you swap out the PSU for a standard ATX unit...[/quote]


I got one of these a couple of months back for about the same price after cashback. Running MacOS Sierra very stable on it. Maybe I was unlucky but there is a bit of a whir from the fans - by comparison the Lenovo TS140 is silent (I own both).

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HP Microserver Gen8 Intel Celeron G1610T Dual-Core, 4GB RAM, No HDD £125.94 after £60 cashback + £4.95 next day shipping @ Serversplus - £190.89
Found 17th Mar 2017Found 17th Mar 2017
For all those looking for a server in these new, expensive, post-Brexit times ... (Yes, I know it's not a Xeon/16GB etc.) ---------------------------------------------------------… Read more

I just used this table to calculate what was the best Passmark I could get for the same 35W TDP, then bought the i5-2390T. It properly sports virtualization as well which I don't need right now, but...


Looking to buy a server in the next week or two, hoping for a cashback offer on something cheap and Xeon like the basic Dell T20.


Don't worry op nobody got the Xeon 16gb & even if they did it would have cost £250.


Great Box .. would say the 4gb (vs 2gb) is probably better than the HD.. but the HD they normally supply are quite fast , but too small at only 250gb??


​Fair enough. Just struggling to see a reason for anything faster than the 54l. It's a bit of a scank not giving you a drive. The old ones came with a 250GB drive which is still going strong in my always on server.

DELL PowerEdge T20 Tower Server (Pentium G3220) £119.94 delivered @ ServersPlus
Found 10th Feb 2017Found 10th Feb 2017
Been on offer many times before but this is the cheapest I've yet seen it without cashback and this time it comes with a 500gb HDD. A cracking little box if you don't need the hors… Read more
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what kind of processor could you upgrade this in future with? Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3 or even 1275v3? Are there any BIOS updates to accept the refresh? Hard to tell from my searches...


I upgraded from the HP Proliant Microserver g7 with AMD processor for the Xeon version of the T20. I needed more horse power for plex transcoding. You can really tell the difference. Main plus points other than that are USB3 you can put in a full size graphics card. Standard space for hard drives is 4x 3.5 and 2x 2.5 hdd but you need a sata expansion card as there is only 4 sata ports. 2x display ports Means you can directly connect to an hdmi tv without the need for expansion card. Cons Standard tower size. I also find since it has the power I use it as my desktop for day to day stuff since it is on anyway and my gaming PC only turned on for gaming. Fully windows 10 compatable I am not sure about the G7 I only ever had windows 7 on it. Compare the processors if you have the AMD one with this Intel you should get double the power I have added the Xeon version also. Hope this helps.


​hp proliant microserver


is this better then Go proliant micrometer g7? can you do more with Dell?


Often overlooked, people do 365 calculations whereas in reality home electronics heat up the home in cold weather so at best do 200 days calculations.

Dell Poweredge T20 Xeon, 4Gb, 1Tb £299.94 (£219.94 after Dell Cashback) @ServersPlus
Found 2nd Dec 2016Found 2nd Dec 2016
Decent entry level Dell server, Dell currently offering £80 Cashback making it £219.94. Ideal server as a Home NAS/Media/VM Host server if you want a little more grunt than a HP M… Read more

Is the cashback still on? Doesn't say so any more on the Servers Plus web page but it does on the Servers Direct one -


I use mine for MS Active Directory, a SIP phone system, file storage and a Sage database for a small office. Been a fantastic worker.


I collect for 'Vastly inflated RAM prices just before Christmas because we know we can and they won't go down after Christmas because Intel and AMD ​are releasing new CPUs and chipsets in January so you're stuck with it' Please donate generously we're milking it as much as we can but a little more always helps.


If it's a 4GB module from a T20 or gen8 microsever, they sell for £20-£30 on ebay Include the part number: HMT451U7BFR8A


Plenty of release scene sites post links, I still use jdownloader has plug-ins for the multihoster I use (Real-Debrid)

Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 Xeon E3 Tower Server (ServersPlus) £379.08 (£279.08 after cashback) inc.
Found 3rd Nov 2016Found 3rd Nov 2016
Includes Xeon E3-1226 v3 3.3GHz CPU, 4GB ECC DDR3 RAM (Max 32GB) and 1TB hard disk, plus optical drive, 6 x USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet. VGA and 2 x Displayport output with audio.… Read more

I bought this model for our office in Feb 2015 for £245 including cashback, it was an absolute bargain back then and is still a great bargain now! A bit of self learning with vSphere and I have 5 VMs running on it including a File & AD Server, Wifi Portal, Offsite backup, Game server, etc. I did upgrade the RAM eventually to 16GB to keep it running nicely, but it really is probably the best £250 I've ever spent in the business!


So .. only for 16year olds then?? Lol.


But this gives me a machine to do Final Cut Pro editing at a much better price, problem with Mac hardware is that it's restrictive and can't be updated - I was considering the updated MacBooks but the price.


The best thing about a Mac is the sleek hardware, the worst thing about them is the restrictive software, so you have this the wrong way round!


DELL PowerEdge T20 Tower Server with Free Delivery £119.94 @ Serverplus
Found 1st Sep 2016Found 1st Sep 2016
No cashback on that model but still a decent price for an entry level server with 500GB HDD. Intel Pentium G3220 (3M Cache, 3.00 GHz) 4GB (1x4GB) 1600MT/s UDIMM Single Rank 500GB … Read more

My t20 is gigabit. And it's fantastic for decoding and transcoding one he steam no problem.


Read post #21


The 1600mhz 4gb will be bottlenecking the 2133 HyperX I would think? Sweet RAM, but definitely not getting the most from it.


I bought one last time round for £70 and in my opinion the build quality is FAR from poor, quite the opposite actually.


It has 4x USB 3.0 but no gigabit ethernet? No way, this must be some sort of typo!

Dell T20 server now even cheaper! £143.94 delivered @ Serverplus
Found 19th Jul 2016Found 19th Jul 2016
I know that this has been posted a few times but it now includes free postage which it didn't before. That makes it £73.94 all in after cash back. FREE Next Day UK Delivery on t… Read more
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For those still considering the 3220 version of the dell someone in the UK (cant remember who) is selling them with no hard drive for £119 including vat Which is ideal if you wont want to use the 500gb drive anyway There are also some good buys on slimline DVDRWs too, I got mine from scan for just under 30 quid and it reads BD and BDRW, a cable to convert from standard power to slimline optical power and sata costs a few quid off ebay To give people an idea how nippy the Pentium version is, mine boots from a sandisk SSD plus and does a cold boot in around 8 seconds and a reboot in 12 If you wanted to beef it up a bit too rather than being limited to the "ok" GTX 750ti lower models that don't need a PCIe power connector you can get a 24 pin ATX to 8 pin Dell motherboard power cable converter for not much over £5 and then put a standard PSU in to replace the paltry 290 watt standard one Then youre not limited by the 75w maximum power ceiling of the PCIe bus and can put in a "proper" GPU that needs a 6 or 8 pin PCIe power plug rather than drawing loads of power through the motherboard Watch the naff plastic drive trays too, the metal pins can fall out when you are putting the drives in, and if you don't notice and one drops onto the mother board you might be the first person to have a fireworks display this year. Dreadful design that could have been done just as well with a solid plastic caddy and you have to take the side off anyway so are tool free trays REALLY even worth having? If it was like the ML110 with plug in drive caddies then yeah, it would have been awesome, but when theyre internal drives its really not such a big deal especially when theyre crap anyway


How have people got on applying for the cashback for the 3220. Will it be a problem as Ubermik indicated?


Check with dell before buying one of these The last cash back offer listed several dell models of the T20 on the list of valid machines, but if you look at the new list of valid machines it ONLY lists the 3708 model which has the quad core 1225 v3 xeon, and doesn't include the lower 3220 model even though many resellers are claiming it qualifies for the cash back So people who don't check on this first could be opening up a can of worms and have to return 3220 models by which time they could miss out on the cash back deal


The same happened to me. I put the claim in yesterday and it said £70. I just got a confirmation email for £110 cashback.


I also bought the Xeon one in June, spotted the reduced £110 to £70 cashback. I contacted Dell Trade To Save support, they said they're aware of the issue and that it should still be £110 for my purchase window, IT are working on fixing their form, but I should just submit my claim anyway and I'd see the correct amount when the claim validates. Just got my 'claim validated' email through with £110 stated, happy days!

DELL PowerEdge T20 Pentium G3220, 4GB; £143.94 (£73.94 after cash back) + £4.95 shipping @ Serversplus
Found 29th Jun 2016Found 29th Jun 2016
If you're in the market and missed the previous deals its cheap at ServerPlus now. Edit; Offering free delivery with code: DELLFREE16
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For anyone looking to make the claim on this these answers worked, and the cashback was confirmed within a couple of days. A pretty painless process, I'm happy with the item, happy with the seller, and happy with the claims process. Thanks OP this was a real bargain imo


I'm claiming for the cashback on this server and wondered if anyone who'd successfully claimed could confirm a couple of things about the form filling for me, seems I'm nervous about making mistakes and getting rejected: 1. Is the machine this is the Dell 20-3685 203-70946 2. Is the serial tag it asks for the 7 digit code on the back named the service tag? 3. Is the order code SVDEL-T203685 from the invoice Thanks in advance


I also got an email to say my claim has been validated for £70 rather than £110 for the Xeon version.


Hi, Think you've just discovered exactly what I've just discovered too. 40.00 less cash-back is quite a substantial drop but at a guess the server is still good value. Shame that I'd not saved a copy of the ServersPlus page that said that there's 110.00 cash-back available but having said that errors and omissions are excepted therefore we'd probably not have a leg to stand on so to speak where trying to obtain the 40.00 difference is concerned.


Hi, The cashback on the server you've mentioned is 70.00 not 110.00. Just wanted to clear up any confusion. Kind Regards.

Fujitsu server Xeon E3-1226, 16GB, 2x 1TB, £515.94 (£335.94 after cashback) at Serversplus
Found 21st Jun 2016Found 21st Jun 2016
This has £150 cashback, so will cost you £515.94 inc VAT less £150 = £335.94 inc VAT. Serversplus are reputable and have been on here before + I've bought Lenovo TS140s with cashb… Read more

Am I going mad? How is £515 minus £150 cash back £335? Unless they are giving you £150 plus 20% extra for VAT back or someone letting you avoid paying VAT until after you get your cash back? 515-150 = 365 to me.


I nearly bought this over the Dell T20 a while back, but the killer was graphics ports - the Dell has 2 DisplayPorts and 1 VGA, whilst the Fujitsu only has 1 VGA. Shame, this would have been perfect otherwise


i personally wouldnt be too bothered about their speed as i would look to add the os drive to one of those two ports, with the other 4 having drives in raid.


Also a configurator here The 4 main sata ports run through Intel C226 chipset so that looks like a max. 4 drives for Intel RAID 0/1/10 ? Trying to see if more than 4x sata ports are 6Gbps - useful for Z-RAID etc.... Also a BIOS manual here No clue whether 5th and 6th sata are 3Gbps or 6Gbps though ...



HP Gen8 Microserver cashback has returned - £167.94 (+ £55 Cashback) @ Serversplus
Found 25th May 2016Found 25th May 2016
First Post - Please be gentle. As previously posted by @A8smith in April - The £55 cashback deal on the HP Gen8 Microserver has returned and expires 31/05/16. EDIT: offer extende… Read more

Why does the CPU need updating? Mine runs fine as a file server and can transcode no problem with the default CPU.


​easy upgrade to an i3 £20-40...


​a good start is the i3 3240 or 3240t. from the YouTube vids the upgrade looks simple, just some thermal paste and a screwdriver needed. if you want real oomph, you can get a xeon in there if the i3 is also too weedy, although that starts to get expensive...


From the point of view of continuous energy consumption over 24 hours, how do these compare with 4-bay NAS boxes? I'm asking this on the assumption that each would use identical quantity/model of HDD - In other words, I need to know just how the box compares.


I get full gigabit between my two, 110 - 115 MBps

HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 (Celeron Dual Core) £167.94  (£112  After £55 Cashback) @ serversplus
Found 23rd Apr 2016Found 23rd Apr 2016
Found this hot... Intel Celeron G1610T Dual-Core (2.30GHz 2MB 35W) 4GB (1 x 4GB) PC3L-12800E 1600MHz UDIMM (Low Voltage) 4 x Non-Hot Plug 3.5in Dynamic Smart Array B120i No Optica… Read more
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Was thinking of upgrading my current Dlink nas to something like this but also running it as an NVR with my ip cameras. Any ideas if this is a good or bad idea?


Heads uP: These can be upgraded with an i3-3240 , approx double the cpu grunt of the 1610T and far less expensive than a xeon. I'm currently running that proc and its working fine (55w version) yes it is ecc compatible despite intel.ark saying otherwise intel ark. If you are running heavy workloads then it may be best to opt for the T or S (low power) versions but I suspect they are very difficult to find. I bought mine from Ebay as CPUs are very reliable. The whole upgrade was very easy indeed.


At this point just get that Intel compute stick


The G1610 seems to have just over double the CPU performance of the J1800, which is useful if you intend this server to do any realtime transcoding for plex, or run VMs.


CPU is 35W TDP, which seem very high - there was an MSI ITX mobo with a J1800 Celeron (10W TDP) at Novatech for ~£25 this week.

HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 bundled with 16GB ECC £227.94 (£177 with cashback) @ Serverplus
Found 23rd Apr 2016Found 23rd Apr 2016
This is my first post so apologies if I am wrong. HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 bundled with 16GB ECC Memory Upgrade Manufacturer Part Code: KVR16E11/8HB, 819185-421 Order Code: … Read more
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dont forget the VAT ontop ?


Good price in including memory - needed if you are running Windows server.

DELL PowerEdge T20 Tower Server, Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3 3.2GHz, 4GB DDR3 ECC, 1TB HDD (+ £110 Cashback) £317.94 serversplus
Found 12th Apr 2016Found 12th Apr 2016
DELL PowerEdge T20 Tower Server Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3 3.2GHz (3.6GHz boost) Quad-Core, 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3 ECC UDIMM, 1TB 7200rpm LFF SATA, Gigabit LAN, 290W PSU, 1 Year Warranty … Read more
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Pretty similar to my setup. I picked up the 32Gb bundle as it seemed good value. I'm only running 16Gb right now and may flog the other 16Ggb + 4Gb to save cash... or maybe I'll just add them in. Also the 1TB drive that it came with will end up on ebay at some point. I added a dell PERC h310 raid card which I flashed to "IT Mode" (converts it to a LSI 9211 8i Host bus adaptor) The HBA talks to 4 x 3TB WD Reds. I have a 250Gb SSD and spare 1Tb 2.5 disk that I use for VMWare ESXi vm storage - they sit in one of these 2.5" drive mounts. Also chucked in an old blu-ray drive I had sitting around - for ripping blu-rays etc. I needed some additional drive/power cables like these and these, too I run a VM of FreeNAS with the LSI HBA in VT-d passthrough. I also run some other VMs using the NAS drives mounted over a virtual switch - e.g. Emby media server, bunch of other services etc All in all its a lovely little system IMO


There was just the one that I could find on eBay. Just keep looking. The listing I bought was here and was titled "Dell KC230 Precision T7400 T7500 690 XPS Hard Disc Drive Caddy / Cage / Holder". EDIT: The same seller/link has 3 more available now.


Do you have a link to the drive cage - I'm trying to find something similar but having trouble. Cheers


Thanks fryitup. Your post was the info I needed to pull the trigger on the T20 and then do a few mods of my own, not on the scale of the guy on the German forum, but I did add an extra cage for 2 more drives (see below). 1) I added an ASUS AMD Radeon R7 240 2 GB DDR3 Graphics Card 2) I added a solid state drive for Windows Server 2012. 3) I added 2 sticks of 8GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical DDR3 PC3-12800 to go with the 4GB already there (20GB in total). 4) I added a 4 Port PCIe 2.0 SATA III 6Gbps RAID Controller Card for the extra drives. 5) I popped in two StarTech 4xSATA Power Splitter Adapter Cables for the extra drives. 6) Fitted a new cage and two new caddy trays (both bought on eBay), ready for the two extra drives (only one istalled at the moment). So, now I have 5 x 3TB WD Red NAS HDDs, with a 6th to add at a later date; all configured in (software) RAID5. Pretty happy with my setup....for now.


Yes I too got that email when submitting the claim. They wanted a picture of the service tag which I sent and they then replied saying my claim was approved. But since that I have had nothing, I will call them.

HP Gen8 Microserver cashback has returned - £167.94 (+ £55 Cashback) @ Serversplus
Found 8th Apr 2016Found 8th Apr 2016
The £55 cashback deal on the HP Gen8 Microserver has been extended to include April and it is back in stock at ServersPlus and Ebuyer. All of the details are pretty well documente… Read more

Yea, flubit invoice doesn't include model number. However the Dell folks accepted photos of the black serial/model stickers on the unit. So yes, I got cashback. -edit Guess I posted in wrong thread. Was the dell t20 deal I did it on


Did you ever get cashback on your flubit purchase... deal is available again and we'd all like to know ;)


OOS at Serverplus and eBuyer. Does Amazon purchase qualify?


I used the low profile one of this Amazon Link I did have to cut a small corner from the top of the power plug because the fan kept catching but working great now.


Probably better off with the T20 for a CS Server.