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Car servicing offer £99.99 @ servicingstop
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Posted 10th Sep 2017Posted 10th Sep 2017
Car servicing offer £99.99 @ servicingstop£99.99
This is an amazing offer from this prestigious motor company. 60% off servicing at the moment. Yes, 60%!? A full service costing just £ 99.99, includes oi/filter change, air filt… Read more
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I don't understand why this deal is so cold. Ok so people don't like the company.. but this is reaching -350deg!! Come on guys, a bit of warmth please.. I'll get my coat..


Here is another link to the BBC Watchdog report on them.


Yes I've had many garages that refuse. Probably carries some liability if there was a fault and they didn't want to chance it. Also to do with using genuine parts and servicing according to manufacturers recommendations... Always best to ask to begin with I guess. I'm sure some harries take extra 'donations' to stamp the book..


I've never had a garage not stamp a book, but an interesting situation to watch out for. Didn't realise there were garages that didn't My local garage is well priced and stamps, but I'll bear in mind in future not all do - thanks


But would the garage stamp the book? These cowboys defo do, and if that's all that matters, I think £99.99 for a 'full service' is not a bad price to pay.. But yeah going direct if it's your own car makes sense..

70% Off cost of Car Service (Full or Interim) £75 @ Servicingstop
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Posted 24th Jan 2017Posted 24th Jan 2017
70% Off cost of Car Service (Full or Interim) £75 @ Servicingstop£75
Just been looking to get a car service arranged and came across Servicing Stop, they're a company who got backing on BBC Dragons Den. They have a January offer on for the next 3 da… Read more

The alleged 70% discount is a scam. They just keep changing the claimed full price to make it look like a big discount


One of the worst companies i've ever dealt with. The 'special oil' phone call should be expected, ask them for a definition of a 'special oil' and don't be surprised when they won't respond! Have used them twice, both times have argued against this charge and not paid it. Far better to pay to have it serviced at the manufacturer!


Hi Tony, I couldn't remember my password so ended up signing up again with a 2nd email address I have. That's the only reason it shows as me becoming a member yesterday mate.


I considered them and thought not to as I don't know if parts would be genuine or the oil that they put in is the what they say. you can't trust them at that price. I got the wife's vw touran done at my local garage as it's out of warranty. they used genuine parts and quantam long life oil. I got my front brake discs and pads done and in amongst all that they found my driveshaft bolts were loose so they ordered new ones from vw dealer and fitted them too. also rear springs were also changed this all cost my £275 parts and labour


Used them a couple of years ago, wanted to replace a pollen filter at a cost of £55. I declined and replaced it myself with the genuine part for £7.00. I had to pay £70 Odd for something else to pass the M.O.T. I only used them as they picked up and retuned the car as I was away working at the time. Would NOT use them again.

Servicing Stop - 50% off all car services
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Posted 9th Jan 2016Posted 9th Jan 2016
Servicing Stop - 50% off all car services
50% off on All cars Service Add MOT for £19 Free nationwide collection & delivery with 1500+ garages we collect from home or work. Enter your registration and postcode. Select… Read more

Excuse the pun but steer well clear of this cowboy outfit! I used them and got ripped off and when you speak to the customer services they get all cocky with you and just chirp on about the t&c's. Be warned


Ultimately these guys are just brokers, they offer out the work to garages near your location at a knock down price. The mot and service is cheap (but not especially comprehensive so check your needs before using them) so I get the book stamped by their garage and politely refuse any repairs offered and either do the work myself or take it to the garage up the road that I trust. They tell you where it is going for the service in advance so you can research who will do the work and if you are not happy you just request they send it somewhere else or cancel. If you know nothing about cars they are probably a poor choice but if you know your vehicle and are willing to do the research it really is a potential bargain.


Terrible service from this company. As with all of the other comments, I would advise everyone to steer clear.


Never again! tried to write off my car. nothing wrong with it.


Used them once and never again. They phoned me to say things wrong with the car and asked for £200 to fix them. I refused and took it to someone else who did it for £70. I was told one of the issues they offered to fix for £120 didn't even exist in my car...

50% off servicing on all models can be booked up to 6 months in advance £63.15 @ ServicingStop
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Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015
50% off servicing on all models can be booked up to 6 months in advance £63.15 @ ServicingStop£63.15
Edit: ok so after my 1st initial thoughts using these guys I thought I would use them again to service my other car. BIG mistake and I warn anyone to steer well clear of these cowb… Read more
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I fully appreciate where you are coming from now with this comment, I was charged £28 extra for specialist oil. When I said forget it and return my car they said they can't as the old oil has already been drained when I queried about this specialist oil apparently they class as anything synthetic as specialist even though I can pick 5l up for less than £10 they charged me £28 extra on top of the standard service cost for less than 4l. Plus they tried to get me agree to lots of extra work that wasn't needed I ran the car in to another garage to have to things checked that I was advised needed doing and out of five jobs four were totally not required. Be warned!!


£105 for oil service for bmw z4 oO


Avoid quoted a price in full knowledge that my car was diesel then tried to charge 65 quid extra for special oil, my car is only one of the vw dodgy engines so not so uncommon , also tried to charge other extras when I refused to pay extra they kept my car hostage till I got trading standards involved then funnily they caved in, dont believe their so called customer testimonial s, look them up on trust pilot funny all 5 out of 5 's mixed with occasional 1 out of 5 and horror story, is it just me or does that seam odd to anyone. Lucky local garage dropped them like a stone too.


Daughter had the full service recently and although the headline price was good I think it came out around over £300 by the time she'd paid £50 for a set of spark plugs (ordinary Astra) and quite a bit for the pollen filter and other bits. Having said that I'm not sure if that's normally what a garage would charge for parts, it seemed extortionate to me... (plugs for her car are maybe £15 in Eurocarparts). And I think the prices above are not special Black Friday ones as that's what she paid.


Warning do not use this company or risk being unfairly charged for work not required!!

50% OFF Black Friday  Discount on Car Servicing @ servicingstop
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Posted 25th Nov 2015Posted 25th Nov 2015
50% OFF Black Friday Discount on Car Servicing @ servicingstop
I received an email saying 50% Off for Car servicing on all models from, which is a good deal.

Not bad.. coming up as £71 for a full service on my Alfa Romeo 147 1.9JTDM.. including collection and delivery!


not really 50% off.. i paid £120 for a full service with them back in july so more like 17% off as with this discount they are now £100! (for my car anyway) was excellent price tho and even better now with the added little bit extra off - heat from me


Meh after delving deeper im swerving it. Hidden charges etc regarding oils etc would kill me off


Yeah thinking the same, just praying they get it back on same day or am screwed


very good price for service, cheap!!!!!!!!

30 - 35% off servicing & MOTs @ Servicingstop
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Posted 10th Nov 2015Posted 10th Nov 2015
30 - 35% off servicing & MOTs @ Servicingstop
30 - 35% off services and MOTs at I've used before for an MOT and they collect / drop off the car too.

Recently had an MOT done in Croydon area and got stuck with a PCN as their driver didn't pay and display in a car park. Had an MOT done previously in Mitcham area and it was fine.


Rubbish company. Wanted £80per hour for labour to adjust driver seat on an Astra which they failed on MOT. I refused and saw all it was a pound coin stuck in the railings. Cheeky bast****


Company are shocking to deal with, messed up my MOT and service and ended up paying over the odds just to get the car back....don't touch em'

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National car servicing inc pick up & drop off £76.77 @ servicingstop
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Posted 3rd Oct 2015Posted 3rd Oct 2015
National car servicing inc pick up & drop off £76.77 @ servicingstop£76.77
Need your car servicing but find it difficult to find time to drop it off at the garage and manage without your car for the day? These guys collect, service then return your car f… Read more
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Just booked mine in. Give it a go and will report back.


if you don't give a toss who drives your car and not bothered about who "services" your car then fine but I'd only use this service on an old banger.


You are being unfair there, of course they won't, they are a broker... And make their money by doing business with the garage, why would they tell you only for you to phone that garage direct?


£57 for a Petrol Megane 2005, great price.


Thanks for this

30% Off car Servicing, free Collect and delivery at ServicingStop
Posted 21st Apr 2015Posted 21st Apr 2015
30% Off car Servicing, free Collect and delivery at ServicingStop
The discount seems genuine, free collect and delivery; the price for my wife's little Fiat 500 for a full service was £125 down from £175. They called me straight back to confirm a… Read more
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Well, I had a very poor experience with this outfit - I never got as far as getting the MOT or service! I contacted Servicing Stop when this offer first appeared and I requested the work to be carried out today (27th April) as both the annual service and MOT were due. I thought it would all be smooth going as I received a phone call within a matter of minutes confirming my request and that I would be contacted again with confirmation of the work being allocated. After several days of not hearing from them, I started to get the feeling that something wasn't going according to plan. Then on Friday I finally got an update - they could not accommodate my request until mid-May! That was a bit pointless as the car needed an MOT by tomorrow. Upon hearing the news, I had to contact a local garage to get the car booked in for the MOT today - luckily, they were able to give me a slot and the car sailed through the test. I get the impression that their network of garages can have big holes in the map and they try to sign garages up to their brokerage system when they get a request for work in an area they haven't concentrated on. It's not as though I live in the middle of nowhere and there are plenty of major towns and cities in my neck of the woods. I finally managed to find out the garage they wanted me to use and they were 20+ miles away. So, if the car was to be picked up, given a road test after the service and then returned to me, that's probably an extra 50 miles on the clock and £10 of fuel used. When the offer first appeared on here, I contacted them to ask for the names of the garages in my area that were on their books. I suggested giving them my post code as I was sure that they'd be able to check their database - after all, that would be the simple thing to do. However, they refused to check their database and give me the details of the garage so that I could carry out research on the quality of the business and work they've carried out for customers. When I was finally given the information that they couldn't book me in until next month, I coaxed the garage information out of them and carried out some research. They were an outfit on an industrial estate and their website left a lot to be desired - including a message from Scoot on their site saying that the page was about to be deleted and if I was the business owner, I should contact them as soon as possible. Good luck if you have a quality garage on their books that's near you. You may need to factor in what looked to me like their attempt to sign up a garage to accommodate the work if they haven't got a business signed up to take on your work. I have a feeling that the long delay to get back in touch with me was down to not having a good spread of garages throughout the UK on their database. Will I go through the hassle again with Servicing Stop? Probably not!


So, it turned out pretty good. Service was excellent, warranty still in tact. They did try to sell me a couple of jobs which weren't necessary, but I just said ' no thank you'.


Last time I used MOT Angel and had a good experience with them but I looked again this year and they are asking almost £200 for my Fiat 500! Looked at this deal and it is like £94. Can anyone here who used them recommend their service? All reviews I see online seem to be really bad or suspicious good reviews


Not good at all, read the reviews. Ford St was serviced and mot by a garage in Halifax. Terrible customer service manager from the garage give the wife a load of abuse when she questioned why the car failed it's mot. Got the work done what was required to pass the mot at another garage and took the car back. The manager then failed it on something else. Took the car to a main ford garage for the mot and it passed. Explained to the manager at Ford his response was service stop are cheap but will find problems with your car. Spoke to service stop who would not acknowledge that the garage service was bad. Speak to main dealers first and tell them how much you have been quoted most will do a deal.


It's just a good deal driven by a website that's pushed smaller garages on margin. Yes, they won't make money on oil and filters, but they get another customer through the door. Why the cynicism?

MOT with a a Service £19 @ Servicing Stop
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Posted 26th Sep 2013Posted 26th Sep 2013
MOT with a a Service £19 @ Servicing Stop£19
MOT with a Service : Free Delivery and Collection •Free nationwide collection and delivery from your home or work •Up to 60% cheaper than the main dealer •Fast, easy online paym… Read more
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Agree with others on here. Had an MOT through these and it failed for which they wanted almost £600. Took it with the failure certificate to my usual garage and they did the work for £264.


well I must have been lucky. I used a half price voucher for my mot & it passed. should have been £52 and I paid £26. For those of you familiar with Glasgow was in the mot place next to kwik fit at eglinton toll. nation or national something. cant remember the name but has green and yellow trimming on name.


They are cheap if your car passes mot if it doesn't they sting you so I can't vote hot or cold as mine failed


Cold!! Cheap m.o.t prices means car failures for fake faults to get money back


It's £19 when you have your car serviced , makes it atleast £145 with interim service

£1 MOT with a service from ServiceStop
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Posted 6th Sep 2013Posted 6th Sep 2013
£1 MOT with a service from ServiceStop£1
I use this mob to service my car. They collect and dropoff which is useful. Generally very punctual. They will try and cross sell you all sorts eg brake fluid changes , just say no… Read more
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What crap... Even their MOT for £1 by itself is not worth it, they always find something to repair and charge you over the top for it anyway... COLD COLD and even more COLD


For £24 inc collection they have to find extra work to do. At £24 without the collection it's tight enough.


Wouldn't touch these with a barge pole. Had my car for nearly a week claiming extra stuff needed doing.... Rip off merchants


Oh.. Commonnnn guys.. Its £1 for mot if you do mot along with service, which might be £ 200 ish £24, if its a stand alone MOT.


Most confusing post I've read all day

MOT £24 or £19 when booked with a Service @ Servicing Stop
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Posted 8th Apr 2013Posted 8th Apr 2013
MOT £24 or £19 when booked with a Service @ Servicing Stop£19
MOT for £19 When you book with Full Service or Interim Service: You can book MOT with Interim or full service and save. As with all our car service, you will get free collection an… Read more

Thanks for letting us know. I was thinking about this offer but will take your advice and look elsewhere.


wouldnt touch these with a sh*tty stick - they serviced my car around a month ago andhad it for 6 days - came back with both the bluetooth and interior lights not working (they worked when the car went in), had to wait another 5 days for the garage to look at it again. Told me the car needed rear pads @ £165 - its an audi a3 not a **** porsche!!! Also said it needed new spark plug, but when i challenged this and said they were changed within the last 3 months, they just aid 'Ok we will take that off the list and remove it from the invoice' - SERIOUSLY - they must do this to everyone!!! Now raising a complaint and awaitng results for compensation. Steer well clear as seen on dragons den Extra 10% off all prices for rest of this month, get your car serviced cheaper and keep your warranty + free collection delivery from work/home
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Posted 17th Aug 2009Posted 17th Aug 2009 as seen on dragons den Extra 10% off all prices for rest of this month, get your car serviced cheaper and keep your warranty + free collection delivery from work/home
Now i was looking to get my car serviced and the main dealer quoted me an obscene amount, but since my car is only 1 year old i have to protect the manufactures warranty and get it… Read more

£30 more expensive than the dealer is charging me next monday and I get a courtesy car as well. think they saw how good the tyre companies like blackcircles were doing and thought how about servicing, its not a business for me so I am out :)


Yep, they are about 50% more expensive - so voted cold.


They haven't even got the servicing items and milage intervals right for my car, and the prices are as expensive as the main dealer! I am sure the Manufacturer will just be over the moon if I try and claim on a warranty item after following their dodgy schedule! Absolute scam, but I suppose they have got to get the investment back from somewhere :-(


About 30% more than my local garage, who services to manufacturer's guidelines. Also more expensive than the main Peugeot dealer. "Add an MOT for £39" - Peugeot have just done mine for £19.99 and leant me a car for free while they do it!


I really do not understand this idea, why would you want to lose the contact between yourself and the person servicing your car?