Servis WP1249F2W White Washing Machine - Store Pick Up @ ARGOS at £199.99 Save £130.00

Servis WP1249F2W White Washing Machine - Store Pick Up @ ARGOS at £199.99 Save £130.00

£199.99Argos Deals
Found 22nd Feb 2014
Really think this is such a good price for a product like this, reviews look brill too!
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Had a servis one some years ago. Good job I was downstairs at the time as all this smoke and a black oil stuff was coming out of it
It's another Vestel product. Not sure if that is good or bad......My Hoover washer has just packed in after 5 years hard labour. It's been a good washer. No repairs in that time but as it won't drain and there is no power going to the pump it has to be a PCB / Control Board failure. £70 for a new one and don't think it's worth spending that on a 5 year old appliance that has been hammered.

Looking for something else now. Picked these out at Argos if anyone has any other recommendations at £250 or under I would appreciate it.…htm…htm…htm…htm

The Whirlpool is my first pick but no stock in my home town with the Candy as my second. Candy are made by Hoover so if it's as good as my last I will be happy.
IME Hoover/Candy are best avoided as are Servis, unfortunately.
.... or get it delivered to your home here...…htm
I went into my local electronic store on wednesday, best not say which one and spoke to their domestic specialist who told me under no circumstances would he sell me a Candy or Hoover as they are best avoided. He was amazed that my previous Hoover had lasted so long. His experience of Hoover/Candy being so bad was working on their customer service desk and receiving so many complaints about these brands. The Hoover I purchased 5 years ago was just a shade under £300.00. It's replacement is still about the same price today so costs will have been cut somewhere. As with most products you really do get what you pay for. The less you pay, the less time it will last (possibly). Washing machines are built to a price. Manufacturers who give a 5 year or 10 year parts and labour warranty know their products will last that time as any repairs is just reducing their profit margin. That is why AEG and Meile are so expensive. In order of liability when buying a budget priced washer I was advised the following if purchasing up to £350. Least reliability first.



The quality of the Hoovers, Indesit and Hotpoint was rubbish and the salesmen showed me why. He said the quality of the higher priced Beko washers was close to the lower priced Bosch and I had my eye on a Samsung which comes with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee and was highly recommended.

In the end I bought a Whirlpool which is very nice but like so many other washing machines these days it has a very noisy pump but was reduced by £170 at Argos. The salesman at ****** sopke highly of Whirpool although I was not too enthralled when reading the booklet as it's made in Italy, same country as Hoover it has replaced. I have security in the fact that had I bought my machine direct from Whirlpool's own website it would have had a 5 years parts and labour warranty as standard.

Be careful of washers with 8kg and 9kg loads. It's false marketing as most of the washers only wash this weight under certain programmes usually lasting approx 3 hours. No good if you want to wash 7kgs in 40 minutes. You are probably better getting a 5 or 6kg capacity which will wash at any setting. The Whirlpool I bought has approx 15 settings but only 3 will wash at maximum load with remainder at 3 or 4kgs. I found a 4kg setiing which I have nick named 'wife mode' as she doesn't like things that are too complicated but she does like the 'fuzzy logic' bit where it weighs the washing and lets you know how much washing powder to add. For most loads we have been putting in twice as much as we actually needed.

If you are a family looking for maximum loads ask to see the booklet for the washer first to check programmes. Pay the most you can afford, look for more than a years warranty as minimum, like Samsung and also all machines at John Lewis. If you buy a cheap cheap brand get an extended guarantee. Currys do what seems like an excellent plan for £1 a week.

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My mother used to have a Servis and it required repairs about twice a year on average.

My Bosch has had ZERO repairs in 10 years, despite getting used about 6 times a week.
We've got a 12 year old Servos washing machine and it's only recently failed, terminally I think. There have been no repairs needed in that entire time. I do appreciate that things change with time and they possibly aren't as reliable today.
A year to the day from when we bought it the concrete block that balances the drum shattered. That was 3 weeks ago, and I'm still trying to get Servis to fix it. Their customer service is dreadful, last Tuesday they agreed to replace it, yesterday they said no, they want to try to fix it but won't give an ETA, they never call back when they say they will. Life's too short to take this much grief over a washing machine. Yesterday I went to AO and bought a Whirlpool, which will be delivered tomorrow...buyer beware
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