Set of 3 kids toy storage boxes £4.99 @ Lidl

Set of 3 kids toy storage boxes £4.99 @ Lidl

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Toy story, hello kitty and other themes.

Also have some various other offers on children's items.


You've got the two sets muddled - Your title is for a set of 3 boxes for £4.99 with four different designs available, the set you have pictured and described is the two box cardboard set which is £3.99


Are these big enough to store kids in?

These cardboard ones are rubbish, Look for the proper ones that have like a plastic coating.

I have seen them in a few shops for about £3.99 each, Yes double the price but they will last the cardboard ones, I would give them a month tops. the ones with the coating are strong enough for kids to sit on.
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I got princess ones and cars ones last time for my kids to store their cars, barbies and my little ponies etc in....that was over a year ago and theyre still like planning to get more tomorrow to use in daughters wardrobe for gloves/hats, shoes, and accessories etc....great value in my opinion.

I agree charlottebrown20 really good value
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