Set of 4 Solar Lights now £8.99 (was £29.99)

Set of 4 Solar Lights now £8.99 (was £29.99)

Found 25th Apr 2007
I saw these on the Woolies site the other day, but they are out of stock online. So I went down today and magically they had them instore and I bought a set. There were still quite a few boxes left in my store so I imagine it might still be available in other stores across the UK.


Hi, I have a set of these and although they seem good value they are about as bright as an eclipse! My box said you can read by the light they give off, this is totally untrue unless you are Superman! Remember you pay for what you get....

[SIZE=2][SIZE=4]Bought some last year for the same price, doubt they have ever been £29.99. And yes they are rubbish, in the winter months they don’t even come on in the night or only for a very short time, as there aren’t enough daylight hours to charge the battery

That's true of all these kinds of light - for what they are this is a good price.

i've got fooled into getting some of these last year thinking what a bargain, and to be fair they are PANTS poor !

OOS now....

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OOS now....

Was OOS to begin with online but the stores are still selling them :thumbsup:
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