Set of three strong toolboxes plus organiser tray for just £13 at Homebase instore. (Photo in thread).

Set of three strong toolboxes plus organiser tray for just £13 at Homebase instore. (Photo in thread).

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I've been browsing Homebase regularly since they had some terrific clearance deals over the Christmas period but the good stuff has long since gone. However I have picked up a few good items under their 'Craftright' brand which offer good value.

Today I saw this nesting set of three strong toolboxes (with lift out trays) and an organiser - all four pieces for £13. You'd pay more than that for the large box alone of similar quality elsewhere. The largest box has organiser trays in the lid, all three have lift out trays, strong hinges and latches and there is a facility for a padlock.

Frustratingly this item doesn't show on a search of the Homebase website (and the Bunnings website doesn't seem to have a search facility) and I don't know how to load a picture of my own (can anyone help?).

Anyway, the sizes are:

Great toolboxes but they are just the right sizes for storage of two of my unboxed tools: circular saw in the largest and multi-tool with accessories in the second.

Have a look next time you're near the shop!
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This is the nearest I can get on their site: very similar to the largest one and £21.95 on its own!…586

33477596-HYFnU.jpglike that?
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Harley_Mick33 m ago

[Image] like that?[Image]

Yep - the lower one - but grey where that's orange. Thanks! Plus two more and the organiser too.
33478375-JzlkR.jpgFound them in Sutton Coldfield. Heat.
33485603-R54bz.jpgWick, Caithness
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Anyone got a picture of the set? I don't know how to load my own picture onto HUKD.
I don't like these toolboxes. They're so full of themselves.
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