Setanta Sports Set Top Box TOPD3-5G £24.50@ tesco

Setanta Sports Set Top Box TOPD3-5G £[email protected] tesco

Found 29th Jan 2008
This Freeview box features over 40 Freeview channels, and a free connection to Setanta (service activated by registering with Setanta). With the Astratec set top box, the first month of subscription is included as well as the smart card for Setanta. Features of this set top box include an electronic programme guide and a remote control.
sorry if this has already been posted as i seen these before xmas, but with connection fee-£10 & 1 month subscription -£10 means the actual cost of box is £4.50


I bought one of these yesterday. Not particularly interested in the Setanta bit myself, as you have to sign up with your card details to kick off your free month....and that means canceling, which I understand isnt the easiest process in the world.
Its a nicer looking set top box than the other cheap ones around, and does obviously have the bonus (for some) of the top up tv card slot.

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cost £60 at littlewoods-]http//ww…s=0


bought this a few weeks back from tesco.

Unfortunately if you live in a border area you don't get great reception, I picked up a much better signal with my older box.

Also I found the menu's a bit cludgy, but thats my own personal opinion.

+ £4.85 delivery still voted hot thou.
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