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Setanta Sports Package (Including BT Sports 1 and 2 HD) €1 for Dec (ROI Only)
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Posted 5th Dec 2013Posted 5th Dec 2013
Setanta Sports Package (Including BT Sports 1 and 2 HD) €1 for Dec (ROI Only)£1
This December you can try the Setanta Sports Pack for just €1! Subscribe online now or call 0818 203040. If you don't want to pay the full price after December, simply call and can… Read more

simply call and cancel before the 31st of December... That bit worries me - too often ive tried these trials (be it equifax, which,Nowtv etc) and found it so deliberatly awkward ,long winded to cancel that while htis is clearly very cheap for sports for a month, anyone considering it needs to weigh up the hassle of cancelling especially over christmas period with no doubt reduced call staff on hand.


Yes a section that relates to HUKD.Ie not but please go ahead and spam the UK site with Ireland deals.


i get this channel in the uk ;-) liverpool on this sat at 3pm too




I'd like to see the crayon drawings :-)

Premier sports tv sky channel 428 £40 year subscription celtic and rangers tv @ Setanta Sports
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Posted 20th Jul 2012Posted 20th Jul 2012
Premier sports tv sky channel 428 £40 year subscription celtic and rangers tv @ Setanta Sports£40
This normally costs £95 for a year's subscription or £9.99 per month for a rolling contract. However if you enter promo code "CELTICFC" by tomorrow prior to 6pm you'll get a year's… Read more

thank you! good find!


So £50 for approx 40 NASCAR races...... Not too bad at all?? Thanks OP


great deal buddy.......

How is saving £60 on something that should cost £100 cold? Even if you are not personally interested in what they show, it is still a great bargain for those who are.


How much? oO

Half Price Setanta Sports
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Posted 9th Jun 2009Posted 9th Jun 2009
Half Price Setanta Sports£6.50
First post so be kind. Just phoned to cancel Setanta Sports. When they asked why I told them it was because the football season had finished. They immediately offered me 3 months… Read more
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I would not touch them with a barge pole. I canx my subscription and they were taking subscriptions two months later!!!


It was never a decent sounding business model from the start, was it..?


I got offered this a few months back when I told them I was leaving due to them taking extra money from my account, I took them up on the offer but after one month the put the price back up to full price. After this I cancelled and they still tried taking money after my subscription had ended. Avoid them.


Sultana? Banana? Setitanica!


And they are now bust..............................boooooooooo!

FA Cup Final (all day Saint & Greavsie special) - free to watch on Setanta Sports 1
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Posted 25th May 2009Posted 25th May 2009
FA Cup Final (all day Saint & Greavsie special) - free to watch on Setanta Sports 1
The return of Saint & Greavsie is a key component of Setantas plans to roll back to the days when watching TV on FA Cup final day was a magical experience, as much about the b… Read more

ITV were shocking on wednesday with the Champions league.. half the time the 'time' panel wasnt even there!


Didn't the BBC used to have the FA Cup final on aswell as ITV or is that just in the World Cup Final? ITV coverage is terrible but I guess that will have to do. Got rid of setanta. Last time the picture went they blamed weather conditions in Luxembourg. Give me a break! Hopefully Setanta go bust soon! Can't really vote it cold because its free, but I won't be watching


Some1 like me would watch the build up, a Everton fan who was just 10 the last time we was in a final, lol. But then again it wont be from 9 as i will still be givin the zzz's out at that time. C'mon Toffee's


i'm not bitter at all it is just the same with the grand national hours and hours of yacking for a 20 minute race and the same goes for F1 you can miss the first hour that is all yacking,


Nah, I think you'll find if you revisit the C64, that it has much better resolution than ITV.

Free Copy of PES 2009 on PS3 & 360 from Setanta - Just Upload A Video
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Posted 18th May 2009Posted 18th May 2009
Free Copy of PES 2009 on PS3 & 360 from Setanta - Just Upload A Video
For this you need to don a cunning disguise as either an Everton fan or a Chelsea fan. Then upload a video saying why your team will win and et viola, a free copy of Pro Evo. Natu… Read more
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Yeap, got mine today. Thanks again to the OP. :thumbsup: Rep to the OP


recieved also today lol


recieved xD


haha got my email and replied for my copy xD


it says nothing about a copy of Pro eve, it says 2 tickets to the cup final, is this still on?

FA Trophy Final - 1st Half on Setanta Sports News - Saturday 9th May 2009
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Posted 5th May 2009Posted 5th May 2009
FA Trophy Final - 1st Half on Setanta Sports News - Saturday 9th May 2009
Due to scheduling problems, Setanta have had to move the 1st half of the FA Trophy final onto their news channel which you do not have to pay for. Enjoy.

worth watching if only half a game. as dont pay for sports pakage on sky .as can not afford it. nice to get it free


Setanta News is available for free to all Virgin Cable customers and people who have a Sky digibox without subscription (providing you have a Free to View card or an expired subscription card)


why is this hot? Rubbish game = Why didnt i go to pub so atleast i didnt waste 45mins of my life watchin this! good game = WoW! i wonder how this will end, oh w8.......


Nice, can't complain if it's free :thumbsup:


Man, can't believe setanta is pulling all these games. Wish the monopolising games rule didn't come in. :( Sky still the best though, I have Virgin at other house and it's not as good imo. Plus very bad Commentating even more so than ITV.

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Watch IPL (Indian Premier League) - Cricket  for £20.50 (Two months) @ Setanta, Effectively £5.50 for two months after quidco (£15.00)
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Posted 18th Apr 2009Posted 18th Apr 2009
Watch IPL (Indian Premier League) - Cricket for £20.50 (Two months) @ Setanta, Effectively £5.50 for two months after quidco (£15.00)£20.50
Minimum contract 2 months 1/2 price for two months(Sattellite or freeview) - deal thanks to "nector" setanta connection charge £7.50 - Thanks to "funkymonkeyboy" All these deals … Read more

youve not used anglian windows then,,,dire,,,


Oh dear Setanta get a raw deal here.. I used to have Setanta on my pc but my card expired and I never renewed the card details so they couldn't take payment..Looks like I had a lucky escape then..:roll:


sell your soul to the devil its probably less hassle


It took me FIVE months and multiple phone calls and emails to get them to cancel my subscription ... they treat the customers like crap ....


Do Not Touch Setanta

Setanta Sports free weekend on Virgin - 27-29 December Part of 12 days of Christmas promo
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Posted 1st Dec 2008Posted 1st Dec 2008
Setanta Sports free weekend on Virgin - 27-29 December Part of 12 days of Christmas promo
As above, Setanta will be free that weekend to all Virgin media subscribers. It's part of their 12 days of christmas promo You'll also ge… Read more

Sci-Fi? Its On my current one, load of *** its American brother is better :D


already been posted

Get Setanta for £1 for two months (including Christmas) - then don't let them beat you!
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Posted 29th Nov 2008Posted 29th Nov 2008
Get Setanta for £1 for two months (including Christmas) - then don't let them beat you!£1
Setanta have a poor reputation for unsubscribing - see - but if you are up for a fight you can get a two-month subscription, incu… Read more

Good post buddy,,, :thumbsup:


Just a reminder, that, if you signed up, cancellation begins this Tuesday. :-)


The snotogram from a debt collection agency that I've just received today says otherwise. I cancelled in April.... :roll:


If you have signed up and want to cancel at the end of your two months, you need to be aware that Setanta are actually offering a window of 10 to 15 days since sign-up in which to do this, rather than the 10 to 30 days printed in the Daily Mirror and on their website (below). "Offer open to new UK customers only, via satellite or FreeviewTM, subject to status. Offer ends 5th December 2008. £1 registration fee applies. No subscription charge for first 2 months, £12.99 per month thereafter (for Satellite Customers). For Freeview Customers, no subscription charges for first 2 months, payment of £21.98 payable in advance for months 3 and 4, £10.99 per month thereafter. No annual contract. To cancel prior to the end of the first 2 months, write or email between the 10th and 30th days of your subscription (full details of how to cancel will be sent to you when you sign up). 30 day cancellation notice required thereafter. Offer only available on or call 0871 200 7358 quoting code 2911. Offer requires FreeviewTM or satellite receiver or TV with CAM and slot and excludes Top Up TV+ and BT Vision boxes. Hardware requirements excluded from offer. Only Setanta Sports 1 is available via Freeview. For full terms and conditions, see The FreeviewTM word is a trademark of DTV Services Limited & is used under licence © DTV Services Ltd 2002. "



setanta sports half price for 2 months on satellite or free on freeview for 3 months
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Posted 5th Oct 2008Posted 5th Oct 2008
setanta sports half price for 2 months on satellite or free on freeview for 3 months
Satellite: Half price for 2 months when quoting offer code 6250. £6.50 for the first two months then £12.99 thereafter. Freeview: Subject to £14.99 one off connection fee. no prom… Read more
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Been with Setanta for a year and never paid more than a fiver per month. When I call to cancel they just extend the cheap deal. On £5 per month until March next year when I will again call to cancel and have my cheap deal extended. If they do not agree to this I will cancel my direct debit. Setanta is worth it for me at that price, I am a big boxing fan and the coverage is unrivalled at the moment. Calzaghe and Haye fights coming up, SKY would charge £14.99 per fight for that quality of bout.


AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOIN AVOID AVOID... Just consider it if you are a masoquist looking for a Hell experience!!!!


avoid at all costs, i ad the same problem trying to cancel, eventually had to send a letter by recorded delivery which they said hadn't arrived but i obviously had proof that t did. My mate is now having problems with them. He had hd installed and moved his original box into the bedroom, then suddenly he coudn't get setanta on his hd box, so he rang them only to be told once it has been taken off the viewing card they can't put it back on and he needs to phone sky for a new card:? They were the ones who took t off in the first place! absolute cowboys


Just got another text off them! Telling me to contact them NOW!


i cancelled almost 6 months ago with , i have to say , no fuss or problems at all . However in the last 3 months i now average at least 3 phone calls a week asking me to return . they are a nightmare so much so i'm considering reporting them to BT for nuisance calls

Sign up for Setanta Sports at £6.50 month - finishes today
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Posted 8th Aug 2008Posted 8th Aug 2008
Sign up for Setanta Sports at £6.50 month - finishes today£6.50
Football season is upon us and Community Shield is on Setanta this Sunday. Setanta also have loads of Premier matches, and England matches (plus SPL football, other home internati… Read more
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Not to mention the coverage of the game is poor the commentating was so rubbish i actually turned down the sound and put the radio on! so to see there getting more games is terrible! this time next year i wouldn't be suprised if the price doubles:x


By any other name......garbage.


I cancelled my subscription, and then had to threaten them with legal action in order for them to stop taking unauthorised payments from my account, and refund what they had taken. Avoid this company!!


These idiots are now threatening me with court costs for £9.99 that is owed. I told them that I cancelled the D/D because I was not getting a signal & that when I phoned them up to complain, one of their reps told me to cancel the D/D. They then asked me if I cancelled after the last D/D that went out. I said yes, as it was only a fiver a month for the first 3 months so even though the signal was coming & going, I chose to keep Setanta for the first 3 months then cancel. Anyway, they then said I had to write to cancel but as a gesture of goodwill, they would cancel the current agreement if I paid them the £9.99 that was owing. I naturally told them to 'Stuff it'....... Conveniently.... They can't find the log of the phone call I made to them to complain about the signal. The saga continues but I will not be paying another penny to these morons. I would rather pay a solicitor to write them a letter.


well if you look at the terms and conditions they now tell you to cacel you have to do it in writing and give 60 days notice. **** company who haven't got a clue what customer service means

Deal to rejoin Setanta Sports
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Posted 18th Jul 2008Posted 18th Jul 2008
Deal to rejoin Setanta Sports£6.50
Just received an e-mail to reconnect to Setanta Sports for £6.50 for 3 months with no connection fee, a free trial to love film and it's free in December (presuming you're still co… Read more

I just tried to subscribe despite reading all the nightmare stories and a previous bad experiance personally with Setanta. I tried only because it is the only way to get Arsenal TV. After getting though and asking to subscribe my details where taken down only to then be told they are having problems with the signal in my area and I need to phone CS. Sounded like cobblers to me and the operator didn't even know what he was doing or how to connect me. I said forget it and taken the CS number incase I changed my mind. In the end I tried Customer services despite knowing I was paying 10p/min for the priveledge of having to be on hold for ages to give them 'my custom & business'. I finally get through and explain everything. The CS sounded like he was lost and didn't know what he was doing. He mumble something (sounded offensive) and blatantly hung up on me!!!!!!! All I asked was to be subscribed :( Now did I have a lucky escape from Setanta by their incompetance in not knowing how to subsribe/connect me? Who do these guys employee...... they are losing business due to their staff not knowing how to do anything and being damn right rude. Their base of operations but be a holiday camp for the local teenagers or something. A place to go where you have a laugh, pick up the phone now and then and hang up. then go home with a pay packet?!?!?!? Sounds that way! WHY ARE COMPANIES CONNECTING THEMSELVES TO SETANTA like Arsenal TV. The bad reputation is something Setanta are bringing about and If I was Arsenal Tv I wouldnt want it rubbing off onto my business! :x I wish i could get ARSENAL TV through SKY to be honest. I know at least I would be treated as a customer and speak to someone who knows and cares about what they are doing. Setanta need a watchdog investigation and a proper complaints authority really need to investigate their works practice or lack of it! And this is comming from me.... who couldnt even get connected to experiance all the bad stories or wrongly taken payments and the impossible hurdles to try to stop payments and cancelling. LOL


Yes, you are correct. And you can't cancel until 2 weeks after you take it out, so you would be connected for 74 days in fact.


ha ha




Setanta £9.99 per month increasing to £12.99 per month after call £5 for 3months..
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Posted 17th Jun 2008Posted 17th Jun 2008
Setanta £9.99 per month increasing to £12.99 per month after call £5 for 3months..£5
Bit annoyed to say the least another bill going up - £3.00 this time.... So, phoned them, they put me through to the retention department and without any fuss they said, well, wha… Read more
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has anyone tried the setanta broadband for £7.99 and is the picture quality any good


Where on the website does it give an address to write to to cancel in writing? I can't see one. All I found was a webform when enquiring about cancelling (there is loads of info on subscribing but nothing about cancelling - not good) and there is no info on cancelling in the t&cs. Just a small paragraph in the faqs about giving 30 days notice. As far as i'm concerned, an email is good enough. I've cancelled the DD too, and informed them that I will pay off any balance by chq in the email.


you'd bebetter writing to cancel too or they will just keep billing you


Have not recieved a letter yet but looking at all the messages i will have to check bank statement as that is a complete rip off as there is nothing to watch on it most of the time anyway... Will just cancel direct debit with the bank and then they will contact you....


I definately won't pay £12.99. That's a 30% rise ffs! I'll write the letter and cancel now I think.

Setanta £7.50 a month for 6 months
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Posted 6th Jun 2008Posted 6th Jun 2008
Setanta £7.50 a month for 6 months£7.50
I just called Setanta and asked to close my account as the football season is over. I was offered a reduction in price for 6 months to only £7.50 per month. SAVE £14.94. Call them … Read more
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Well you're wrong, £9.99 or not, they will pursue you and it will ruin your credit rating. Stay clear of these jokers


you can only get a bad credit rating if they decided to pursue you for £9.99 monthly payment which is highly unlikely i just cancelled my dd couldnt be arsed being stuck on hold if i phoned


Is it though? It's not like I'm paying to see Villa's 38 games for £7.99 a month is it


What football the seasons over ? They took £9.99 from my account even though i canceled the previous month got it back in the end but probably cost me this amount in phone calls.

Get Setanta in another room for just £2.99
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Posted 25th Apr 2008Posted 25th Apr 2008
Get Setanta in another room for just £2.99£2.99
Be gentle, my first deal posting. Just got this emailed to me, although its a bit late in the season, some may find it useful.… Read more

If you read the small print it's sat customers only, I have BT vison upstairs and would of done this if you could of mixed the delivery they come via ie sky and BT vision, but you can't. Best way to cancel, I phoned them up told them I'd left sky and joined VM and as I got a top package with VM you get sultana for free, cancelled straight away no hassle


Worth looking at this thread if your considering Setanta: Would stay away, its too late for me though I subscribed after reading the above thread


these are a total bunch of clowns!, i took up there offer of setanta in november for just £1 for 2 months and i then rang and cancelled over the phone with them because after a certain date you got charged the full £9.99 a month, soon after i got a confirmation letter to say i'd cancelled with them but the one thing i forgot to do was cancel my direct debit at my bank and low and behold they stole £9.99 from my account for a channel i didnt even have switched on!, tryed to ring and they said write to there accounts department then after a few weeks of waiting i got a letter saying i was wrong and they kepted my money


its on here :thumbsup:


I have Setanta on BT Vision and I'm perfectly happy with it. This sounds like a good deal if it means I can get a second card for another freeview box. Unfortunately the link just goes to a .jpg advert.

SETANTA SPORTS £2 FOR 2 MONTHS PLUS BOUNUS £15 QUIDCO Watch Calzaghe v Hopkins for free
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Posted 19th Apr 2008Posted 19th Apr 2008
SETANTA SPORTS £2 FOR 2 MONTHS PLUS BOUNUS £15 QUIDCO Watch Calzaghe v Hopkins for free£2
Instructions: £2 for the first 2 months thereafter £9.99 a month no annual contract go through quidco to earn £15 there is a connection fee of £12.99 for sky customers and £9.99 fo… Read more

Sent a letter by registered post today to cancel and request no further payments are taken... will see what happens, if this does not work I will report to Watchdog... I am now dreading the next 2 or 3 months... lets hope I have a one off and they actually cancel :whistling:


I guess you could request switching to DD but with this lot, you run the disk of them debiting BOTH accounts!


I know, but I had already subscribed before reading this thread, I am really annoyed I used my credit card but I have done so and feel bad enough :oops: Shall not make the same mistake twice


the good thing with live footy doctor etc they show games that sky / sescama can't and I just output streams from pc via hdmi to 32"tv . not perfect but good enough for me and I cancelled sky sports i use vista and have done the vista p2p tweak and get 95%-100% connection and hardly get any breaks


If you read back I did warn of this specifically. They claim to have a two month contract that you have to pay for fully in advance, meaning you only get to receive your "free" month when (if you can!) cancel. When I signed up with a CAM starter pack, there was no mention of this in the T&Cs so I just instructed my bank to reclaim the DD & e-mailed Setanta why. They didn't chase further payment. A subsequent poster says this IS now in their T&Cs but I haven't looked. You really, really shouldn't have used a card for the subscription....

Re-Subscribe to Setanta £5 pm free connection
Posted 7th Mar 2008Posted 7th Mar 2008
Re-Subscribe to Setanta £5 pm free connection£5
If you call Setanta on 0191 501 3601 and say you have received the re-connection letter they will offer you £5 pm for the first 3 months and no connection fee. I dont have a lette… Read more

Just cancelled mine (easy enough BTW), had it at £5 per month but the Prem coverage was so bad I thought it was just £5 wasted. Light years behind Sky's coverage.


well just cancel by phone and then cancel your dd with your bank, that way they can't continue taking your money. they just require 30days notice, which admitedly is ********, as is there customer service.


Don't touch them if you have any intention of trying to leave. You can cancel all you like but they still keep taking your money. Customer service is non existent. Bunch of crooks.


I got the letter this morning, I might just phone them up even though I told them I was cancelling as I was emigrating :)


i said i would never use them again after hassle before. my desire to watch the haye fight got the better of me though. unfortunately I should have just listened to my own advice and not bothered. they are having massive problems, i have been calling them all day as i haven't had a signal since subscribing last night. lots of people are having this problem. customer service is a joke.

Setanta Sports - 2 Months - £1
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Posted 23rd Nov 2007Posted 23rd Nov 2007
Setanta Sports - 2 Months - £1£1
Weve scored every Daily Record reader an amazing deal weve teamed up with Setanta Sports to offer you 2 months free subscription! Setanta covers a massive selection of exclusive… Read more

I got a letter friday with a refund of £9.99, took them six weeks to reply though


fauji786, I hope you have more joy cancelling in May than I had. Setanta seem to get a bit confused whenever you try to pull the plug on them. I wouldn't be surprised if they keep withdrawing money from your account after May and then ask you to write to the complaints department to try and get it back


just phoned up to cncel after the initial 3 months for £5 a month offer..... was given another 3 months @ £5 per month until June so will catch the end of the premiership.....cant complain other than took me 35 mins to get through to their CS so far so good roughly £3.75 per month for 8 months viewing compared to my mate who has been paying £10 per month since the start of the premiership will definetly cancel in may (30 days notice and all that) so overall am happy with the service


I was charged 9.99 for last month even though I cancelled on 11th January. Phoned today and they refused to refund me. Said I had to write to their complaints department. I informed them I would be contacting WatchDog as they have done this to a number of people and our not within their rights to charge.


These are a nightmare!!! I took up the offer and was late cancelling it after the offer ended so got charged for the first month £9.99 - my mistake so no problem. Emailed them to cancel, got a reply saying ring them etc etc, tried but couldnt get through so wrote to them to confirm my cancellation, had a reply saying please dont leave we'll give you Setanta for £5 a month for 3 months- i didnt reply but cancelled my direct debit. This month they have set up the direct debit again and taken another £9.99, ive rung them 3 times in the last 2 days and emailed them 5 times- other than the automated email response theyre not replying!!!! HELP!!!! By the way- theyve taken the liberty of cancelling my viewing so im getting charged but cant even watch!!! The not 0870 number for cancellations is 0191 5013601 and theres also a customer services number 020 79308926

Setanta sports channels for £5 a month for three months
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Posted 29th Oct 2007Posted 29th Oct 2007
Setanta sports channels for £5 a month for three months£5
Setanta are running a special offer at the moment. £5 per month for three months (goes back up to £9.99 per month after) Just though I would add this as it was running a couple of… Read more
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The other forum concerning this............


hasnt worked on my multiroom! :-(


Good deal, missed out last time. As expected deal back again quickly as they look to push up subscriber numbers to bring in more advertising revenue. Come on the Arsenal


will this work on Multiroom? (sky) Also i have a friend that has Virgin, will this work at that?


Is this offer available if you have freeview via sky?

Setanta sports £5 for three months £9.99 thereafter
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Posted 18th Oct 2007Posted 18th Oct 2007
Setanta sports £5 for three months £9.99 thereafter£5
Setanta are currently running a special limited time offer where you can watch for just £5 a month for the first three months with no minimum contract. To take advantage of this … Read more
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Yeah its still working apparently.


I think this offer may have been extended into today by looking at ]this advert for the Fulham match today.


That sucks. Weird how some are getting charged the connection fee and others aren't. I guess if it happens while you're paying £5 a month, you're still a few quid up over the first three months though.


Well, after promising me faithfully I wouldn't get charged the connection fee, guess what? Yes, you guessed correctly. I genuinely can't stand being lied to by anybody let alone a company! I will be cancelling this at the earliest opportunity and never darken their door again. This sort of company doesn't tend to last very long IMO. You can only going on attracting new customers to replace those that are clearly leaving in droves by lying to them for so long. Rant over.


Also the Liverpool match, Feyenoord v Ajax, and Lyon v Marseille. Both those foreign games should be good.