Settlers 7 - Collectors Edition £10.75!!! @ Amazon
Settlers 7 - Collectors Edition £10.75!!! @ Amazon

Settlers 7 - Collectors Edition £10.75!!! @ Amazon

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Cheaper than some places have the standard DVD cased edition! RRP £39.99.

** Remember to vote on price, not if you hate the game or the drm **


# Permanent broadband Internet connection and creation of a Ubisoft account required to play

# Rich gameplay mechanics: The deep building and production systems allow gamers to expand their kingdom village by village, sector by sector, optimising their creation by fine-tuning production chains and transport systems.
# Variety of gameplay: Gamers are able to choose the best path to lead their kingdom to victory around three main pillars:
# Military - by building strong armies and defeating opponents with shear military power.
# Science - by increasing their influence in the monasteries, gamers are able to have access to the most beneficial technologies.
# Trade - by occupying the best trade routes to become the wealthiest player on the map.
# Depending on each style of play, gamers are able to unlock a variation of new and unique possibilities, changing the way they build their own kingdom.
# An innovative victory system: New victory point system brings more tension and competition to the game. Victory points are awarded in many different ways depending on the choices gamers make throughout the evolution of their kingdom.
# Online multiplayer: Gamers are able to play online and face opponents in classic adversarial and co-op teamplay modes. Online features include user-generated and downloadable content, in-game feeds, and various leaderboards.
# A new graphic engine and improved AI: A brand new graphic engine lets gamers experience the beauty of their kingdom in a never-seen-before level of detail and more than a dozen AI profiles, each with unique behaviors, adds enhanced variety to the game like never before.


Still has the Ubi always on DRM - not buying it until they deactivate this awful DRM!

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** Remember to vote on price, not if you hate the game or the drm **

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** Remember to vote on price, not if you hate the game or the drm **

I'll vote on the actual deal thank you very much, not on what some deluded person tells me to vote against ... I have my own clear criteria as to what is a good and bad deal to me, and with the always on DRM it is a bad deal ... hence COLD !

Hate it when people get up themselves and try and tell others how to vote ... get a grip !

Thanks for taking the time to highlight the deal, but it's not a good one in my opinion. That's all it is - my opinion.
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From wiki...

DRM RestrictionsThe game is one of the first to introduce a new form of Digital Rights Management for Ubisoft games known as the Online Services Platform. The service requires players to authenticate the game at launch and remain online while playing; if the network connection is lost then the game will automatically pause. Shortly after release, reports of players experiencing issues connecting to Ubisoft's servers arose,[2] particularly in Australia, which rendered the game unplayable.[3] Reports of the problem seemed to spread worldwide, with a vast number of international players still unable to connect two weeks later.

Was great on the Amiga but I don't like how fiddly PC games can be. I would love to see this on the PS3. Voted hot though as its a great price and if it didn't work due to the any reason I'm sure Amazon would refund!

Great price and cheaper than the standard version. Got bought the normal edition as a present but currently having to use a cracked version as only play it on laptop when away from home.

So hot for the game, but the DRM thats meant to keep things legal has led me to not being legal which is kind of ironic.

Great price, heat added - but sadly I'll have to miss out, and stand up to what I believe in, and boycott Ubisoft for the DRM...

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Now £10.75!

Just to help folks out - if you are not interested in the giant thingy, and are happy with the DRM, then Amazon are selling the standard edition for £7.99

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