Seven FREE Spy Books - Daily Telegraph & Costa Coffee
Seven FREE Spy Books - Daily Telegraph & Costa Coffee

Seven FREE Spy Books - Daily Telegraph & Costa Coffee

The Daily Telegraph are offering 7 completely free spy novels. One every day this week.

All you have to do is complete the voucher (Name & Address) and take to a Costa Coffee Branch on the day of publication to claim your free novel. Todays voucher is at the bottom of Page 19.

2 books have already gone! The books still available are:

Monday: Keys of Hell - Jack Higgins
Tuesday: Brixmis - Tony Geraghty
Wednesday: A Game of Spies - John Altman
Thursday: Day of Reckoning - Jack Higgins
Friday: The Vienna Assignment - Olen Steinhauser

Of course you can send off for them & pay postage if you prefer, all the Ts & Cs are in the paper.

I'm off to Costa to grab mine now, hope you all manage to grab some freebies!!


These are good if you are planning to go past a costa coffee (Or W H Smith for similar offers from daily mail) however I only go into town every couple of months.

Sending off for them is never worth it - £4.95 for 7 dvds in cardboard jackets (Sure it doesnt cost that much to send them) Not sure how much this costs for p+p but doubt it will be worth it

Good post though, because some people may be going to a costa coffee and not know about this because they dont buy the daily telegraph

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Well....I went into my Costa to claim my free book. They didn't have any Jack Higgins novels left from today, so they gave me 2 books instead, from Saturday and Sunday.

Funeral in Berlin by Len Deighton and The Inside Ring by Mike Lawson.

Might be worth asking if they have any previous books leftover when you go to collect yours, they seemed to be all to happy to get rid of them at the Bath branch.
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