Seven Little Monsters - Good Morning DVD just £2.25 Delivered @ Zavvi

Seven Little Monsters - Good Morning DVD just £2.25 Delivered @ Zavvi

Found 23rd Aug 2009
Now this isn't a kids program i have came across before but the fact that its out of stock everywhere and the only other places that have it in stock are at £9.99 must mean something.

Looks like a fund DVD for the kids to watch and keep them occupied so you get some peace and quiet.

Next cheapest is £9.99 @ Asda, Tesco, The Hut etc.


Maurice Sendak's SEVEN LITTLE MONSTERS offers up a zany look at life with brothers and sisters. It stars seven monsters who live with their loving Mum at #1234567 Chestnut Street. Not your typical family, each of the seven siblings have very different characters. There are plenty of laughs and misadventures as the SEVEN LITTLE MONSTERS tackle the challenges of childhood.
GOOD MORNING - The Monsters learn the value of teamwork when they are sent to the shops for milk. One wants to be in charge. Six falls asleep on the departing bus. Four tries to stage a mutiny and Seven loses his head. But, in the end, they pull together and bring home - a cow.
GOOD NIGHT - It is bedtime and the monsters will not listen to their Mum and go to sleep. Pillow fights, conga lines and even a mosquito hunt is among their antics. But when Mum reads them a fairy tale they tumble off to sleep.
THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING FIVE - Four has to always look after his twin brother Five. But, when Five is particularly annoying, Four blurts out that he wishes Five had never been born. When Five seemingly disappears, the Monsters think that he has gone to the hospital to "Give himself back!". The hunt is on and Four learns that a pesky Five is better than no Five at all.
SEVEN LITTLE MONSTERS AND A BABY - When Mum takes a nap, a neighbour leaves her baby with Seven to take care of until she returns. The Monsters quickly find out that baby-sitting is harder than it looks. After a few close calls (and even a curtain call for an impromptu pirate play), the Monsters manage the baby without ever waking up Mum.

Remember quidco with this order too for some extra savings.

Enjoy ;-)

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