Severn Trent Water Saving Pack

Severn Trent Water Saving Pack

Found 8th Jun 2011
Completely free water saving items for Severn Trent Customers-You just tick how many you want and they send them to you.
Particularly like the shower timer-very useful if you have children!


its reduces the power of the shower so much its like being under a trickle of water, well a bit more than just a trickle

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its not just the shower head water saver available though is it?

there are other items

You are right about the shower timer. my little one uses it to make sure she doesnt hang about to long in there....or get out to early!

Thank you! Ordered the timer on the last occassion, really good, makes me get out earlier!

they could always knock the price of their water down a bit

Got me a free timer

How can people vote cold on free stuff!


How can anything free go cold? Lol


Got me a free timerHow can people vote cold on free stuff!HEAT!


How can anything free go cold? Lol

because this freebie is crap! states that it doesnt alter your water pressure but as jagoy said the pressure goes right down, I dont want to stand under a dripping tap. I like to stand in my power shower for hours!
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