Sew cool Sewing Studio £19.97 Free CnC @ Asda

Sew cool Sewing Studio £19.97 Free CnC @ Asda



I got this on John Lewis website last week for £14.50. They seem to have taken it off now tho.
any good
brilliant if your child likes making. very safe and easy my daughter still uses it all the time great buy
My 10 yr old enjoys using hers too :-)
WAS really interested in this and just did quick review, apparently it's brilliant until the needle breaks and then you have to replace the whole machine as the needle can't be replaced !
i dont know how you break one they are pretty strong just supervision needed and advise. my daughters 6 years 7 months on no break. you could just return if this happens but to be honest unless machine is used wrong couldn't see it happening. These reviews put me off at xmas but i chose to try, one of the best things i purchased
Is this model the same as the ones elsewhere. Seems the purple one is made for Asda and was wondering if inferior in anyway as it is SO much cheaper than the original one, which Asda also sells at full price...?
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