Sewing Machine - 39.99

Sewing Machine - 39.99

Found 26th Jun 2008
Been looking around and found this to be the cheapest.

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Product Includes:
Free arm sewing machine with lightweight metal body and push table
Integrated upper thread tension
Sewing pedal with variable pressure setting
Built-in storage box with extensive accessories
With practical fold down handle
3 year manufacturer's warranty
Price per item


Only available while stocks last


Is it any good ?

I do not think it is available until next Thursday, I noticed it on their weekly offers email today
Weekly Specials from Thursday 3rd July

I presume this is the same as the one I got my wife from Lidls about 4 years ago. Looked good and my wife, who had said that she wanted an electric machine for years, managed to set it up quickly and have a play, unfortunately that was where her enthusiasm ended and it has sat it the spare room unused since. Sigh :-( Just like the electric guitar, the DS and the rest. Hohum I should put them all on Ebay and spend the money on beer.

Maybe if you got her the Ultimate Shagger she'd be better entertained?


Maybe if you got her the Ultimate Shagger she'd be better entertained?

She's got one of them ;-) That gets used occasionally :whistling:

Just make sure it takes standard bobbins and needles or you'll only be able to get them on special order which will cost you more in the long run!
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