Sex and the City Boxset £29.99!!!!!!!!!!! INSTORE at Blockbusters

Sex and the City Boxset £29.99!!!!!!!!!!! INSTORE at Blockbusters

Found 11th Aug 2008
As above, all series of SATC in the pink and black shoe box for less than £30, what a bargain!

Looked online, but this is INSTORE only, I saw it in Moor Allerton Centre store in Leeds


Pre-owned or brand new?

How much is it normally then?
Might have to get this for my missus for her birthday


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Brand new. Sealed.

I bought it from Virgin a few years ago, was about £45, but has gone up recently due to film etc
RRP is £129.99

good price if its new ans sealed. rrp is £60 i believe

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Just tried to look on, but it's not playing! But RRP is more than £60, but sells for about 60-100 pounds normally!


Anyone be able to grab me 2 of them and I'll pay and p&p?

Don't have blockbusters over here

Great price, heat added! I may have to call Blockbusters near me!
I already have this but money is tight and saving for a much needed holiday so put my set on Ebay a few days ago and it is selling for £30 so far with 25 people watching so is a very sought after box set!!
I was trying to convince myself not to part with them, and I regret selling it now so if I can get another one cheaper then I will have made a bit of money and still have the DVD's! :thumbsup:

I want it!! Sounds like a great deal, but have rang up two Blockbusters already and they don't have it Maybe it's just a local offer?

2 Stores locally to me dont have even sell the box set xxxx

Tried five stores. Nitch.
What a shame.


Good price if it's new, I bought it for the missus last year for £49.99 from HMV / Zavvi.
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