Sex And The City - The Complete Series [Shoebox] - £66.89
Sex And The City - The Complete Series [Shoebox] - £66.89

Sex And The City - The Complete Series [Shoebox] - £66.89

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Season 1:
Can women have sex like men? That's what columnist Carrie Bradshaw sets out to discover in this first series of the most outrageous hit TV comedy show of all time. Using her three best friends - and herself - as guinea pigs, Carrie investigates just what a thirtysomething girl has to do to have fun in a city full of seriously unmarried men who think that commitment is for guys who ought to be committed. Are relationships the religion of the 90's? Is the threesome the new sexual frontier? If so, who's supposed to do what with whom - and when? And if single women can have sex with any man, anytime, anywhere, how come married women always assume it'll be anytime, anywhere, with theirs?
Season 2:
The girls are back in town... Carrie Bradshaw and her buddies indulge in a celebration of sass, sensuality and sisterhood. With everything up for grabs, the girls decide that single is sensational and anything goes. It's exploration time, but what with confused Carrie on the rebound, starry-eyed Charlotte still convinced that love is at first sight, misanthropic Miranda getting caught up in not getting caught at it and Sam the Sex Bomb going totally pan sexual, flying solo just doesn't prove to be that simple.
Season 3:
They're smart, successful - and still single. Now, independence is a fine thing but the sexual revolution was a long time ago and these sisters aren't getting any younger. And while Miranda listens to the ticking of her biological clock and Charlotte seems to have opted for the elegant life, Sam fears that she's in transition and Carrie has to face up to a Big dilemma. So get set for some hot dates with the further adventures and outrageous fortunes of the fabulous foursome as they storm the city in search of passion, pleasure and (maybe, just maybe), the perfect partner.
Season 4:
Gorgeous, glamorous, go-getting... Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are still as fun-loving and flirtatious, but life's throwing up a whole new set of issues. The fertility-challenged couple, Charlotte and Trey, are desperately trying to start a family, career-minded Miranda surprises herself when she decides to be a mum and Samantha's sex life gets even steamier as she adds a lesbian fling to her relationship repartee. And Carrie? Well, her life is definitely X-rated as two of her ex's, Big and Aidan, are still firmly in the picture. So prepare yourself for another whirlwind of dates, drama and fabulous dresses - Sex and the City has never looked so good.
Season 5:
I'll take Manhattan... The fabulous foursome are back and raring to embark on more adventures of the romantic kind. However, with a new member thrown into the mix, namely Miranda's baby boy Brady, life has some major changes in store for them. For Miranda it's all about breastfeeding and losing her baby fat; newly-divorced Charlotte takes a tip from Samantha's sex book and starts enjoying 'just sex'; Samantha ditches her boyfriend and gets up to her usual exploits then even more shockingly offers to babysit Brady. And Carrie? After a spate of dire dates she turns her attentions to her beloved New York and to writing a book which, after a fabulously glamorous book launch, turns out to be a massive success. Life may have its ups and downs but there's never a dull moment when you're part of the ultimate glossy posse.
Season 6:
Is there more than amour in Manhattan? ...Or does moving on mean moving out? In the sixth and final season of the series, columnist Carrie Bradshaw once again charts the course of the white-knuckle ride that is the New York dating scene. The girls all thing they've found 'The One'. But does paradise come at a price? Charlotte finds that falling in love is easier than falling pregnant; Sam discovers there is more than one C-word; and while Miranda finds there is life beyond Lexington, Carrie has to choose between the Old World and the New.

Audio Commentaries By The Shows Producers, Interviews With The Four Main Cast Members, Episode Preview Trailers And Synopsis, 'Inside Sex And The City' Featurette, 'Research' Trailer, Cast And Filmakers Information.

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