Sex and the City: The Movie - 2 Disc Edition [2008] now only £8.98 delivered @ Amazon!
Sex and the City: The Movie - 2 Disc Edition [2008] now only £8.98 delivered @ Amazon!

Sex and the City: The Movie - 2 Disc Edition [2008] now only £8.98 delivered @ Amazon!

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Anyone who missed the Play.com deal, Amazon now have it a penny less! I'm sure this price won't last long as Amazon are very quick at changing prices!
As light and frothy as the Vivienne Westwood wedding gown that's an unofficial fifth star, the film version of Sex and the City is both captivatingly stylish and sweetly sentimental. Viewers who loved hanging with Carrie Bradshaw and her three pals during the series' TV run will feel as though no time has passed. Except that it has: Carrie and Big are poised to make a Big Commitment; Miranda and Steve are facing the breakup of their wonderful family; Charlotte and Harry have added to their brood; and Samantha (are we sitting down?) has been devoted to hunky Smith for five full years. Still, in all that time, the women's style, conviviality, and appetite for bons mots have only grown. When practical attorney Miranda learns that Carrie is considering moving in with Big (in possibly the coolest apartment in Manhattan), she can't help but frown in that but-you-might-lose-everything way. Carrie's retort: "For once, can't you feel what I want you to feel--jealous?!"
The cast is spot-on, as always. Sarah Jessica Parker is effortless as the angst-ridden yet practical, stylish yet vulnerable Carrie. Kim Cattrall is deliciously decadent as Samantha, but she's wiser now and knows herself and her needs for a real relationship. Kristin Davis, as Charlotte, has quietly become the most gorgeous among the beauties, her sleek presence both winsome and sophisticated. And Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) shows nuance as a woman torn between betrayal and grudging hope. Supporting roles include Candice Bergen as the Vogue editor who anoints Carrie "The Last Single Girl in New York," and Jennifer Hudson, as a starry-eyed, ambitious romantic who represents the new generation of SATC women. Through it all, New York is a benevolent cocoon that envelopes and nurtures the women and their friendships and careers. No matter that none of them appears to have any semblance of "real" family; as long as they have each other, and Manhattan, all will be right with their world. --A.T. Hurley


best movie i seen in ages heat added

Expired. Now £15.


best movie i seen in ages heat added

Er, no, it wasn't. For a start, it was simply far too long (almost 2 hours 30 minutes) with many scenes not really advancing the story at all. Secondly, the ending for two of the couples was ridiculously unrealistic. Not a patch on the better episodes of the TV series, IMHO, and this 2-disc edition will probably just emphasise that even more...
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