Sex Drive - 8th Dec @ 6.30pm with SFF
Sex Drive - 8th Dec @ 6.30pm with SFF

Sex Drive - 8th Dec @ 6.30pm with SFF

Code - 189848

Venues -

Birmingham, ODEON
Braehead, Glasgow, ODEON
Cardiff Atlantic Wharf, ODEON
Dundee, ODEON
Edinburgh Wester Hailes, ODEON
Gateshead, Newcastle, ODEON
Liverpool ONE, ODEON
Manchester Printworks, ODEON
Milton Keynes The Point, ODEON
Preston, ODEON
Sheffield, ODEON
Southampton, ODEON
Swansea, ODEON
Whiteleys, London, ODEON

Leicester, ODEON - Seefilmfirst list this screening at Friday 12th Dec


Cheers - got two tickets for Brum !!

cheers choc

heat & rep:thumbsup:

got 2 for southampton, cheers

woo hoo got tickets for sheffield i havent had any in months!

thank you

Choc Strikes Again! :thumbsup:

Thanks your a star! ;-)

Thanks Choc, Non In London Though!!!:-(

Original Poster


Thanks Choc, Non In London Though!!!:-(

they're not even showing it in Bristol........:cry:

will have to have words :pirate:

Cheers choc...got 2 for leicester

no london tickets

Whiteleys - ditto (though Choc still gets heat!)

S'funny how they keep releasing these codes when there are no seats left...Hmmmph!

None left in Glasgow

Its crazy, haven't been able to get any tickets for London over the past few weeks. Its like they only have like 1 or 2 pairs available...


got 2 for southampton, cheers

None left in southampton now :-(

Leicester's all gone!

None left for Liverpool... Good effort though

[COLOR="Magenta"]I cant get the page to load from the link or from google :?[/COLOR]

Cheers choc. None left by me though (cardiff)

Watched it last night, it was quite funny. Nice one Choccy baby! :thumbsup:

thanks, voted hot but no screenings in my area

got my 2 for Cardiff.

damn i can never get them for milton keynes no more.

all gone in Swansea :x

Arrrgh, none in Hull, YET AGAIN :x

Voted hot anyways! :thumbsup:

none for Gateshead, gonna try again in the morning though

Original Poster

I have a set of 2 for Liverpool and 2 for Glasgow if anyone can use

non in sheffield if anyone has any and cant go please let me know

Original Poster

Liverpool ones now gone but I have a set for Glasgow left
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