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Bondage kit £14:95
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Posted 12th Feb 2015Posted 12th Feb 2015
Bondage kit £14:95£14.95
The gift that keeps giving or taking as the case maybe?? All you need for the ultimate bondage night in! This kit includes a faux leather blindfold with elasticated strap for a co… Read more

Says the one who buys Sainsburys basic tea bags from looking at your profile.... Haha!!


haha. classic!


This is about the standard price for a kit like this.


Found one of these in Julie's wardrobe... Now I know what Dev likes!


Comment why who is it for?

18+ 12 deals of christmas upto 50% off various items @ SexToys
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Posted 4th Dec 2013Posted 4th Dec 2013
18+ 12 deals of christmas upto 50% off various items @ SexToys
various adult toys and accessories available

Code SEXMAS gives 25% off this week. Not sure if that's stacks on sale items ;)


How come so cold in here with no good reason? Tis the season to be jolly!!! My little bit of heat given!


LOL Priceless! :D


Adult aids? I....I think I'll give it a pass.....


It's a bit unclear what this company sells

Loving Joy Breast Wonder Pump £8 @ (was £22.99)
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Posted 31st Dec 2012Posted 31st Dec 2012
Loving Joy Breast Wonder Pump £8 @ (was £22.99)£8
I'll give it a few days and post picture to show if it works or not (I will shave my chest first) Pump your breasts for maximum pertness and sensitivity with the loving Joy Wonder… Read more



Could always use it to catch spiders in!


Possibly even less, you could share with a friend so only £2 per chesticle. :)


Why cold,a breast enlargement at only £4 per boob seems a great deal to me.


Will this work on a 3yr old golden labrador bitch?

ADULT Vibrating Item - £1.96 Delivered  - This weekend only @ sextoys
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Posted 14th Dec 2012Posted 14th Dec 2012
ADULT Vibrating Item - £1.96 Delivered - This weekend only @ sextoys£1.96
Had a text saying they are having a 20% off everything weekend; thought I would take a peek and stumbled across this, seemed good value, especially as its including delivery. Th… Read more
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There are 56 reviews for this on the website !!




Yah....only if it's done Sorry juicy couldn't resist :{


And so what if they are? Do men have the only right to enjoy sex?


They carry heat-seeking nuclear warheads.... Tested by North Korea recently..... Malfunctioned....continuously kept getting jammed ! ;)

vibe over 50% cheaper £17 @ sextoys
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Posted 5th Jan 2012Posted 5th Jan 2012
vibe over 50% cheaper £17 @ sextoys£17
Mini Mates Fever is hot hot hot! The Ro-80mm Ammnunition for love bullet just got bigger and better. Not only is it bigger it has five fantastic speeds and goes under the name of… Read more
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you can take it to bath and shower ha ha ha sure a girl iant gona do that whats the bed for or floor Couples Sex Toy Starter Set, Was £47.75 Now £20
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Posted 23rd Nov 2011Posted 23rd Nov 2011 Couples Sex Toy Starter Set, Was £47.75 Now £20£20
Reduced but only 4 left Each set contains: 1 x Jessica Rabbit Original 1 x Pearl Palm Pleasure 1 Vibrating Love Ring Plus 1 x Slide Lubricant 1 x Sparkle Sex Toys Cleaner Fr… Read more

I'm sure she will love it ;o)


That's actually really good because I know a Rabbit vibrator on its own is normally more than that!


meh, purchased anyway. Cheaper than vib on its own from most places. Will be a surprise for the missus on Christmas morning. lmao


OP post a video demo of how to use these please. lol


Totally silly thing to say. What's filthy about it?

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Sweeten'd Blow £5
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Posted 3rd Mar 2011Posted 3rd Mar 2011
Sweeten'd Blow £5 £5
The oral pleasure gel will make every oral encounter sweet! With Free Delivery!! Oh and maybe have a glass or 3 of wine before you vote :)

not my thing....rather go for the 69 Wet Head lol


Lol nice one,thats fishy anouth for me


Just get stuck into one of these... ;)


Thanks nice ,but im looking for a fishy tasting one thanks,(she not fishy anouth for me)


Probably not but will give it a Heston Blumenthal approach to cookery and ingredients, watermelon and fish

Pleasure Tops was £44.99 now £10 + free delivery @
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Posted 12th Jan 2011Posted 12th Jan 2011
Pleasure Tops was £44.99 now £10 + free delivery @£10
Pleasure Tops Description Pleasure Tops is a new innovation in sex toys! The cone shape with clitoral stimulator means you dip down deeper to increase penetration and lean forward… Read more
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Only in the hands of the wrong person.............oO


It looks dangerous


If you wore that on your head when drunk you would get called a **** lol X)


I agree, Might be cold in here but its going to get hot in the bedroom


so many prudes on this site, anything erotic goes to freezing immediately

I Rub My Penguin - £10 delivered + freebies, Was £30
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Posted 2nd Jan 2011Posted 2nd Jan 2011
I Rub My Penguin - £10 delivered + freebies, Was £30£10
I Rub My Penguin is a cute waterproof massager that's sure to send a chill down your spine. He looks like a sweet bathroom toy but press his tummy and feel powerful vibrations run… Read more
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looks like fun :p LOL! i am right in thinking this is a pleasurable toy? not a massager aha!


susie wants it? what is it ?


Yes, doesn't it!


Have some heat from me.


Where's the soap :D

50% off Fetish Fantasy Love Lounger @ (over 18's only!)
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Posted 14th Dec 2010Posted 14th Dec 2010
50% off Fetish Fantasy Love Lounger @ (over 18's only!)£99.97
The world's first portable inflatable sex machine! There's so many different ways to use the Fantasy Love Lounger you'll be pushed to know where to start. Use the Love Lounger fo… Read more
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"Comes complete with a FREE eye mask" hmm is that incase of injury ?


Bored now

FleshJack £29.70 @ sextoys
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Posted 14th Dec 2010Posted 14th Dec 2010
FleshJack £29.70 @ sextoys£29.70
Fleshjack Pink Bottom Super Ribbed Description Penetrate this tight bottom and experience the tight ribbing internally for a hair raising ride! The real feel material is literally… Read more

There is such a thing as lunch beaks for personal internets use at work you know. Just sayin'


Hot stuff, Meat added


I put the asterisks (that is what they are called, not stars) in myself. You posted a word that had to be edited by a mod! Plus I am not suggesting people should be banned for posting sex toys. You are confused my friend, very confused.


What "toys" do you sell then? lol


So swearing (starred out aswell) is worse? how very, umm.. american.

Travel I Rub My Duckie less than half price free delivery £6.76 @ Sextoys
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Posted 15th Oct 2010Posted 15th Oct 2010
Travel I Rub My Duckie less than half price free delivery £6.76 @ Sextoys£6.76
The Travel size version of I Rub My Duckie is as powerful as its big brother only far smaller, allowing it to go wherever you go. This discreet little vibrating duck makes a great… Read more
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fast del too arrived today


wow quacking find OP thanx


Bestiality freaks!


Thanks OP!


ordered one great secret santa pressie!!!

hush bunny turbo £4.95+ £2.95 p+p adults only was 19.99 @ sextoys
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Posted 10th Oct 2009Posted 10th Oct 2009
hush bunny turbo £4.95+ £2.95 p+p adults only was 19.99 @ sextoys£4.95
dont know what to say about this you can read fron the description Made from soft, hygienic non-toxic silicone rubber.
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How's this for an embarrassing one then......sent my hubby an email with this on for a nice toy for christmas not realising that it first goes through their filter system at work and now apparently quite a few know now what I've got on my Santa list! :w00t:


Had bits and bobs of 'em, always plain jiffy bag :thumbsup:


Thanks for that, i think most of us would have missed it otherwise!!


I'm sure your postie will love shoving this into your box :whistling:


Whatever tickles your fancy.

Buzz Bunny (RRP £14.99) @ SexToys (LINK NSFW) - £4.94 delivered
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Posted 6th Mar 2009Posted 6th Mar 2009
Buzz Bunny (RRP £14.99) @ SexToys (LINK NSFW) - £4.94 delivered£4.94
£4.94 time you add on delivery. But its recorded 1st class.

4:20 .


Who Needs A Man!!! A Girls Best Friend. So I Hear..............


Is this guaranteed not to chip tooth enamel.


And you found this deal because? .. :L You were searching for female products?


good for making mashed potato's as well

Sale now on @ all with free delivery- Adult content
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Posted 5th Jan 2009Posted 5th Jan 2009
Sale now on @ all with free delivery- Adult content
Some good prices, go on have a look, you know you want to, free delivery on all orders

ordered from here and stuff arrived pretty quickly my membership 10% even still worked, bargin


Direct feed from Dungeness :w00t::-D


:w00t: You must have needed plenty of lube.


I lost three fillings :oops:


generator out back lol