SF4 TE Fight Stick/ 360 - £74.85/ PS3 - £69.85/ SHOPTO

SF4 TE Fight Stick/ 360 - £74.85/ PS3 - £69.85/ SHOPTO

Found 25th Jun 2010
Rare Mad catz TOURNAMENT EDITION fight stick. Supposed to be the finest home arcade stick available and are very hard to find for anything under £100! Fully compatible with upcoming games such as Tekken 6 and King of the fighters...

Designed for the serious Street Fighter enthusiast, nothing brings the arcade experience closer to home than the Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition.
Overseen by Capcom and legendary producer Yoshinori Ono, the Tournament Edition features an unparalleled level of detail and uses arcade quality components.
Sourced directly from arcade manufacturer Sanwa Denshi, the FightStick: Tournament Edition uses the same Japanese style ball-handled joystick and 30mm Action Buttons found in the official Street Fighter IV Vewlix arcade cabinet, marking the first time such components have been used for a commercial product outside of Japan.
With the D-Pad control switch, dual Turbo functionality for each button, and exact button layout matching the Vewlix Street Fighter IV arcade panel, the FightStick: Tournament Edition delivers an experience unlike any other arcade styled controller.
Complete with detailed touches such as screw on rubber feet for solid surface play, unobtrusive placement of the Start and Select/Back Buttons along with a locking mechanism preventing accidental activation of Turbo settings for tournament play, the FightStick: Tournament Edition represents the best possible choice for the hardcore and dedicated Street Fighter fan.


Game were knocking these out at £64.99 .....although currently out of stock.


I have one and I have to say it's excellent quality.

Been this price for months
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