SFC Footie Combo / Feast 75p @ Tesco (was £3)

SFC Footie Combo / Feast 75p @ Tesco (was £3)

Found 18th Nov 2010
As above, two different packs to choose from. One is wings and popcorn chicken with a thing of sauce in, the other has strips and something else. This was Stafford Tesco, they had probably 30 boxes left in the freezer 15 minutes ago.

I know this is store specific, I know people will bitch and moan like little kids because I've dared to waste their bandwidth on a deal they can't have, but I don't give a ****. If you're in Tesco, keep an eye out. If you were going to make a special journey based on what some unknown person on the internet said, then I suggest you get a life. Its only some frozen chicken FFS, and it sure aint free range so most people here would rather die than eat it. Its OK, I know this, you don't need to post to tell me.

Also uncle bens 750g sweet and sour sauce, its the reduced fat version, down to 54p and at least a dozen on the shelf too.


Urgh! Don't care how cheap they are. KFC they are not! Had some of their 'chicken' a while ago and it was disgusting. Grey meat that's overly processed. Even my cat turned his nose up (and he'll eat anything, trust me!) so that said a lot. You say 'it's only chicken' but I'm not so sure it is. LOL.

Each to their own, as they say. Just my two-penneth.

I have to agree. Far too salty, greasy and tasted fowl.. i mean foul!

I bought them when Asda had them for 50p, they were vile.

Thanks OP.
Kids are gonna have a good feed.

Original Poster

Ate a box last night, the wings were very nice but the popcorn chicken stuff was slimy! Really rank stuff, will just eat the wings from the other boxes.
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