SFF - Begin Again - Doncaster ONLY- 15/07 @ 18:30 [Free Screening]
SFF - Begin Again - Doncaster ONLY- 15/07 @ 18:30 [Free Screening]

SFF - Begin Again - Doncaster ONLY- 15/07 @ 18:30 [Free Screening]

Tocelebrate the current refurbishment taking place at Vue Doncaster we’reoffering a limited number of tickets to an advanced screening of Begin Again.

Workon the 20-year-old cinema began in March this year, to create four newauditoriums, taking the total upon completion to eleven state of the artscreens. Other improvements to the cinema will include the full refurbishmentof all existing auditoriums, including the introduction of stadium styleseating, along with new seats, larger screens, improved environmentalacoustics and sound systems, and a complete redesign and renewal of the toiletfacilities. A new foyer including the replacement and relocation ofconcessions, featuring a new Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is also on offer. Wehope to complete in December.

Thescreening will take place in one of our brand new recently refurbished screens,so you’ll be some of the first people in Doncaster to get a feel for what’s tocome!

Aboutthe film:

Funny, inspirational and uplifting, Begin Again unites film and music’s finest talent and is released nationwide on July 11th. The film follows Gretta (Knightley) and her long-time boyfriend (Levine) who, seduced by dreams of making it in the big city, move to New York to pursue their passion for music. Heartbroken when he rejects her for the fame and fortune of a big solo contract, Gretta finds herself alone and far from home. Just when she’s decided to move back to London, life begins to look up when a down-on-his-luck record producer Dan (Ruffalo) stumbles upon her singing during an open mic night. Captivated by her raw talent and inspiring authenticity Dan persuades Gretta to take a fresh approach to making music and together they transform the streets of New York in to their recording studio, giving the city and their careers one final shot. Directed by John Carney.

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