Shadow Of Mordor (PS4) ONLY £25.85 @ Amazon
Shadow Of Mordor (PS4) ONLY £25.85 @ Amazon

Shadow Of Mordor (PS4) ONLY £25.85 @ Amazon

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Great price! Amazon have now matched Shopto price! Think I will bite at £25

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paid £32 last week. Still in wrapping too. Just my luck!!



paid £32 last week. Still in wrapping too. Just my luck!!

Try talking to an advisor on Amazon chat, they should refund the difference for you.

It was £24.99 at GAME a month ago and Amazon price matched. Heat for this price still.


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Great game!

It's £27.99 at Sainsburys if anyone wants it straight away.

you can get it cheaper from eBay if you don't mind second hand, that's where I got mine from.

Is that game any good?


Is that game any good?

haven't got it myself but from the reviews and what others have said it sounds like a bit of an unsung hero and well worth a punt, I will get it once ive cleared some of my other un touched games.


Is that game any good?

Gamespot's GOTY 2014....

Giantbomb and Joysiq as well it seems.

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Good game but takes a while to get into. Dont give up, keep playing until you get more abalities. Thats when it becomes fun.


Gamespot's GOTY … Gamespot's GOTY 2014....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_of_the_yearGiantbomb and Joysiq as well it seems.

My GoTY as well. Fragmented story aside, it's just great fun to play and I continued to play after completing finishing off all the other tasks.

Excellent game..heat!!!

Heard good things about this... Purchased!

it is a great game, takes a little while to get going, and im having to do side missions now as I was going through the game too quickly

I got £23.14 with Flubit


paid £32 last week. Still in wrapping too. Just my luck!!

You can either chat to amazon customer service and ask them to refund you the difference or you can just return it back to amazon (it's free) for full refund and buy it again at lower price.easy.

Good deal if you like it,I bought it via flubit for around £25 two weeks ago and just couldn't get into it.very nice graphics but the game it self wasn't what I expected at all.


Is that game any good?

The game is what you make it.

It has something called the 'nemesis system' which basically means if an enemy defeats you they will be promoted. You can get to the situation where a minor Orc who catches you with a lucky blow can come back stronger, do it again, then level up to an unstoppable killing machine. They all have unique looks and attributes and you must learn information on how best to deal with different enemies.

The game really opens up later when you can start to recruit people to fight for you and assassinate people above them to place them in positions of power.

Fantastic game and graphics

I paid £24.99 from game for my ps4 best game ever done 25hrs of gameplay and only 39% complete.. love the gameplay especially if your character dies your enemies rank up

awesome game, just imagine assassins creed set in mordor.
I bought it for 25.99 a week or 2 ago from GameStop

Paid £21.49 for this before Xmas. Haven't played much yet though but looks good.

£27.70 now

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£27.70 now

If your not FAST... Your LAST!

Have voted the ShopTo deal hot and this one neither way as I spend way too much money at amazon and they aren't ethical in my opinion - at least if they paid their taxes I wouldn't feel so bad buying form them. Awesome game though - like the RockSteady Batman games but more Uruk!
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