Shadow Of The Colossus for PS2 only £14.99 @ TheHut + 7% Quidco
Shadow Of The Colossus for PS2 only £14.99 @ TheHut + 7% Quidco

Shadow Of The Colossus for PS2 only £14.99 @ TheHut + 7% Quidco

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"Into the unknown, ride forth

Tales speak of a distant place where creatures the size of mountains roam free. Bound to the land, these beasts hold the key to a mystical power - a power capable of bringing the departed back from the other side.

From the creators of ICO comes an adventure like no other. Spurred by love, yet armed only with sword and bow, one man faces an extraordinary challenge - a solitary quest to find and slay opponents to immense they seem to possess no weakness. But in this desolate, beautiful land, very little is ever as it seems. And the journey is only just beginning..."

Got great reviews and is considered one of the best and most original PS2 (and not only) games. Loved ICO so I just ordered this one as well.

Next nearest price is £25.00 at MX2. Available within 1-2 days.

Go through Quidco for an extra 7% and also if you buy it with anything else you can even use the 5% voucher (onlydiscountcodes - order must be over £15).

If you think that this is a good deal then please vote hot. If you're going to vote cold then at least give reason.



Hot price, one of those titles that people will no doubt be fighting to obtain in years to come - so keep it in nice condition

if you spend another £0.01 (so buy any other item), you push the total to over £15, then you can apply code "VALUEMUSIC" for 10% off.

Brilliant price, buy buy buy!

So how good is this game - persuade me...:?

This game is amazing, I played it last year and it's one of the best games I've on the PS2. You won't regret buying it, especially at that price.

£27 on Amazon. Voted hot.

I've played ICO which is great and want this game, will it work on PS3?

Beautiful and original game but not one to play in a hurry i.e. the pace is quite sedate between bosses.
Plays OK on PS3 and I got mine for £7 from Blockbusters a few weeks ago. Wife was buying Buzz for the kids for £12.99, it was 2 for £20 so I paid the £7 for this...bargain, and it had the postcards in the box like I got with Ico for about the same price a few years ago.

Get it you won' regret it.

Voted hot! Been after this for ages, brilliant game but far too expensive everywhere else.. even going for £15 on ebay second hand! Thanks for the code lewiep, got a cd I was after too so got the game for £13.50! :-D

Still not received mine (7 days after order) but noticed the price is now down to £13.22!!
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