Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun [steam - PC] £6.82 @

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun [steam - PC] £6.82 @

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Found 5th Jul
Overwhelmingly positive reviews - with gameplay similar to Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines which was very popular.
At this price i couldn't resist even after spending a fortune in the steam sale!

I've made a few purchases via and i've never had any problems.
Currently 50% off in the steam sale - but 81% off at

Shadow Tactics is a hardcore tactical stealth game set in Japan around the Edo period. A new Shogun seizes power over Japan and enforces nationwide peace. In his battle against conspiracy and rebellion, he recruits five specialists with extraordinary skills for assassination, sabotage and espionage.
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Brilliant game and if you like the commandos games you will surely like this as well.
decent got it free on twitch tho not sure I need a steam copy
I'm tempted and have it on my wish list but never really gotten on with stealth games (MGS:TS / Splinter Cell) so I just bought Commandos 2 instead for 59p to see what I might expect. Seems to be £7 on GTA as well so can always buy from there.
Shadow Tic-tacs? The dust covered remnants of irretrievable mints under your car seat.
Awesome game! Got it on twitch. Was playing it last night! Is frustrating at times but then so rewarding when you finally suss it out! I try not to use the guns which makes it even harder for myself! I watch a youtube video when I got stuck and someone just shot them. I try and wait and use traps or distractions etc... but what's amazing is everytime I'm stuck on a level and read a guide or watch a youtube click, they do it in different ways! There are so many combinations to solve each level. Really is amazing. HOT!
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is one of the best games of all time and long over due for the next one.
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