Shake Weight  -  Half Price! £14.50 @  Tesco Instore

Shake Weight - Half Price! £14.50 @ Tesco Instore

Found 15th Jun 2011
Shape and tone arms and work out your upper body in just 6 minutes a day.

Alex Gerard: "I use Shakeweight everyday, my arms have never looked so good - it really works!"


Shape and tone arms and work out your upper body in just 6 minutes a day.

Or buy some dumbells or kettlebells and do it properly! Another gimmick trying to cash in on those who want to look good without the hard work.

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Ahhhh this weeks fitness fad, as above - don't kid yourself you will lose your bingo wings with 6 minute a day workouts..... won't even get the heart rate to a fat burning level in 6 minutes chucking a toy around. Might as well buy this and some fit flops to stand in so you get total buff... cold from me in a big way for being utterly useless waste of money!

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I agree it's a total waste of money, and it's a fad. funny "workout" nonetheless. There is also a male shake weight available...

Find a bit book on your shelf and lift it up and down

Hahahaaahahahahahaha - love southpark and the advert for it!!

Built in cool down spray?

Silversight waste your money people.

that link is comedy gold , some of the idiots on there going on about how awesome it is - wonder if they all had the same ip add and it oddly related to the company who makes them.... juggling 2 tins of beans would probably be a better workout!

Waste of money. Ladies, may I suggest you just do more ironing to get rid of the bingo wings? Once that's done, maybe some dusting,vacuuming and lifting of pots and pans will help too.

waste of money, as my o/h says "its only good for watching boobs bounce about" oO

I wish it were so simple badgerman2 even after all that and wiping the crap from our blokes shoes people still duck for cover when us lowly women wave

I knew somebody gonna post this picture! X)
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