Shakespeare Sea Spin Fishing Kit ONLY £10 /  £4.99 c&c or del (£14.99) @ Sports Direct

Shakespeare Sea Spin Fishing Kit ONLY £10 / £4.99 c&c or del (£14.99) @ Sports Direct

Found 25th Aug 2016
Shakespeare Sea Spin Fishing Kit

This great Shakespeare Sea Spin Fishing Kit is supplied with a 9ft 2pc rod with a casting weight of 1-3oz, a Beta 50FD reel spooled with mono, 2 x Shakespeare Devils Own lures + terminal tackle. This kit is the perfect starter kit for sea spinning and ready to fish - just add water!

> Fishing kit

> Made for sea fishing

> Complete kit

> 9' 2 Piece Spinning Rod

> Casting weight 1-3oz (40-80g)

> Beta 50 FD Reel

> 2x Devils Own Lures, 2x 2oz Lead, 5x 3/0 Hooks, 5x Fluorescent Red beads, 5x barrel swivel in bag, 5x link swivel in bag, Tackle Box

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Product code: 949224
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looks very good for the price
Junk... Wouldn't be any good for course fishing let alone sea fishing.
Ended up buying £35 worth of odds and ends including the rod! Wonder when I will ever get time to use it now!
The reel is worth it on its own and even if it only lasts a few trips , then it will have paid for itself. Heat on Baby!
is there nothing that Shakespeare couldn't do??!!! X)
The reel is naff, single BB, gears are naff... Whole build is naff and far from anything suitable for sea fishing... At best it will do for light course... Rod is not much fun there tho... Check out Decathlon... Bought a telescopic from there for about £20, quality rod, reel and some tackle... 3 year guarantee... Had a 22lb common no problem... Nice lil stalking sesh... Solid gear for a budget, plus a decent guarantee.
I'm sure for someone who just wants to test the hobby out with the kids off the end of a pier somewhere this would suit fine at this price. Sure, it ain't going to be top notch, and attract the 'experts' to criticise, but no point splashing out on robust/expensive kit if turns out don't like the hobby. Remember as a kid myself, fishing off end of the ship docked in at suez canal using just my fingers and a line. May have a dabble myself at this price.
The bike wars we used to see here seem to have calmed down a bit where people of one budget used to love to dismiss anything below their budget as BSO (bicycle shaped objects) only to be shot down later on by somebody with a greater budget than them.

So yes, this is a FRSO (fishing rod shaped object) but sometimes people just want to dip their toe in the water rather than committing to something wholeheartedly without underpinning knowledge, have a play and if you like it then commit to upgrading at the soonest opportunity. Buy the best you can afford is my rule of thumb rather than buy at all costs. Upgrade your kit as your experience and budget allows.

We've all seen brand snobs who dive in and throw money about, "all the gear and no idea" sums them up.
Edited by: "Gordinho" 29th Aug 2016
And they cant even spell coarse :-)
1. Useless (Chinese) junk.
2. Wouldn't catch a cold with one of these.
3. Alright for a 9 month old baby (girl) trying to land a goldfish.
4. Wouldn't use it for hook-a-duck.
5. etc. etc.

Please see the excellent posts by Midnight Tboy and Gordinho at #7 and #8
Have you ever noticed the ones with the most negativity are normally the ones who make no effort to bring deals to others, so why would you listen to what they have to say. Nice one op will help someone on a budget no doubt
Could it catch big bad Barry?
Bargain. Sure it'll help introduce some kids to fishing, with catching some mackerel at the end of a pier. Who remembers saving up for a Black Prince reel and silver Koster or Toby, and a set of white feathers .... kit seemed a lot more 40 years ago!
Good starting rod. Little short for my liking but decent enough to take the kids off the pier
Methinks you hath found a most wondrous deal.
This is a cracking deal ignore the negative comments I've been fishing many years with the right knowledge you can catch all day with a broom handle this is a good bit of kit for a ten spot.Heat added
doh. I was going to order this morning. Looks like C&C isn't available. £5 delivery charge is a bit annoying on such a cheap item - time hunt for the ol' voucher code

Junk... Wouldn't be any good for course fishing let alone sea fishing.

​Of coarse it wouldn't...

Looks good for beginners (me)
Used to fish when I was younger.
On what conditions you can use it (in UK (Kent) on rivers/lake/sea- do o need any permissions, membership etc?
Would like to occasionally use it on day seaside trips.
Thanks in advance
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