Shakira Laundry Service CD  £2.95@Zavvi (With Voucher)

Shakira Laundry Service CD £[email protected] (With Voucher)

Found 2nd Dec 2009
Colombian superstar Shakira's first English-language disc, Laundry Service, carries the pointed credit "Entire Album Produced by Shakira". That might be a signal to US fans who helped two of her previous discs go platinum under the media radar--a sign that this planned breakthrough has more to offer than the input of a score of image makers and outside writers. And it does; even the occasional clunky lyric comes directly from her overflowing heart. Laundry Service's meld of danceable pop and rockier ideas and textures follows the similar path of the singer-songwriter's previous work. Indeed, for all its high-end production values, the record is ultimately one of the least glossy crossover vehicles imaginable. Despite an occasional lean toward Celine Dion territory ("Underneath Your Clothes"), it has a freshness that's sure to win over new listeners even after the first single, the sly "Whenever, Wherever", has reached the saturation point. While still not fully formed as an artist, she's getting close to something of her own--something that may flower after she dumps the vocal Alanis-isms. For now, it's still a pleasure to watch her grow. --Rickey Wright



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It might help if you spell "Shakira" correctly in the deal listing title.



I love Shakira - Well not love love - lol - but I do like her music.
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