Shameless Series 5 DVD @Choices £3.99

Shameless Series 5 DVD @Choices £3.99

Found 10th Mar 2011Made hot 11th Mar 2011
Fifth season of the offbeat and outrageous Channel 4 family drama following the lives and loves of the anarchic Gallagher family, who live on a rough council estate in Manchester. As this series begins, Frank (David Threlfall) has a bizarre, drug-induced encounter with his younger self, Lillian (Alice Barry) comes up with a surprising way to make money, and Lip's (Jody Latham) shady past catches up with him - leading to a violent confrontation in the pub, with shocking consequences.


Had two emails this a.m. stating that this company are unable to meet orders I'd placed, so screw them. Cold.

This is a bargain so hot from me for the price but after watching every single episode from every season up until the most recent two I just feel that they should call it a day - truly sad to say that, but it's become almost a parody if itself with shallow storylines and panto gags replacing the bittersweet edgy stories that often used to run entire seasons. Genuinely sad about it as I still think that in its heyday it really was groundbreaking. Better writing and faith in your audience is what's required shameless crew!

Nice find
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