Share Size 1.5l Coca Cola 49p

Share Size 1.5l Coca Cola 49p

Found 11th Jan 2009Made hot 11th Jan 2009
Found in store. 1.5 litre share size Coca-Cola (the real stuff) 49p


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oops not £49, 49p


Great price! Voted hot.


oops not £49, 49p

If you click the 'edit' button and type in 0.49 for the price, it will change it :thumbsup:

Good deal BTW


Voted Hot - will be nipping down to my local Co-Op shortly...

great find thanks

At the moment it's 58p at Co-Op, so what they're reducing it by another 9p from today? PS. offer applies to all regular/diet/zero bottles.

And they are 1.25l bottles, not 1.5l

Cheers, Des.

just been to coop 1.25l bottles and still 58p

This has already been posted at 58p before the deal even started, and I don't think they are being reduced to 49p.

58 p in plymouth!

How did this ever get hot?
Wrong size and wrong price, and the correct one already posted? :w00t:

58p in most of lancs too

58 pence for 1.25liter

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sorry peeps it was some sweets that were 49p, correct price was 58p, but still good
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