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(PC) Free AVG Internet Security 2018 for 1 year
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Sharewareonsale giving free AVG Internet Security 2018.
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Just uninstall all of it and use window defender for crying out loud.


But in reality the "extra" stuff they want you to pay for is generally a "hands free" solution (ie) auto updates or features that other Suppliers already give you for FREE all the time. By using a selection of anti-virus and system care tools you get all the features of AVG paid for versions. Incoming and outgoing access can also be controlled with FREE programmes. Try going to the site at majorgeeks .com and see what you can get for FREE Avira, Bitdefender and Comodo all have malware versions that complement their antivirus's and they are FREE as well


Majorgeeks and other software sites such as Snapfiles will give you the free stuff with limited features. If you want to upgrade to unlock the full program, you have to pay for it. The software companies want you to try their programs so let you have them for free in the hope that you like them so much that you'll pay to unlock all the features....... for example, Malwarebytes is probably the number one anti-malware program out there and you can try their Premium program free for 14 days, after which the extremely useful real-time protection that prevents incoming and outgoing access from your your pc to dodgy sites is removed unless you pay and upgrade......... here, AVG are giving you the FULLY featured program for free!

Dingo343 could just go to and get FREE antivirus and EVERYTHING else you could need for your PC for FREE as well............FOREVER!! (ninja)


After switching to Bitdefender, which just runs quietly in the background without hassling you with adverts every time you log on (my god Panda was bad for that), I'm not looking back.

Mailbird Pro: Lifetime Plan - £12.02 @ Sharewareonsale
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
It's never been easier to manage your many different email accounts and apps in one unified email app. Mailbird continues to be awarded the best email app for Windows year after ye… Read more

Here is an Outlook v Thunderbird review: Beware many reviews reveal more about the reviewers than the product. The clinchers for me was not being restricted to Windows (we are a Linux house) and not being the prisoners of a monolithic proprietary file. Lose that and you have lost everything.


I had problems with setting up accounts and security issues with Outlook. For some unknown reason Outlook suddenly stopped the web page links from working in e-mails. Thunderbird has worked from the start with no problems at all, and is quick to set up. My Microsoft Office licence had run out so I switched to Libre Office & Thunderbird, I do only personal stuff on the Office package though. Libre Office is free and not as complicated as Microsoft Office so it is easier to use.


In what way is it better?


Plus it is better than Microsoft Outlook.


Both support IMAP so I would have thought so. Tempted to buy but I'll download the free version first to see if it's any good.

Whatever device you use, Panda Dome Complete keeps your data safe from all threats @ sharewareonsale
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Panda Dome Complete antivirus,cleaner vpn free @ sharewareonsale use a throwaway email job done.
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Very weak AV -also deal has expired!


Ironically enough, I'm installing this very same Software as I'm typing up this ... loooool.


And breathe (lol)


There are no uresolved issues in panda it uses cloud synchronisation like kaspersky bitdefender etc very few pop up these days saying children its just been updated it is way more than adequate its av test leading edge and has far as information collected bin your pc and phone now goodness sake your phone knows exactly where you have been who you contact what you talk about its getting like conspiracy central in here try some sense because you read it on the net or some video on youyou tube video told does not make it realityget out of youralt universe and think for yourself...its a brilliant free deal up unitil december i believe

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CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Free @ sharewareonline
Found 29th MayFound 29th May
This is the Lite edition of CyberLink PowerDirector 15.

Also looks like its available direct from cyberlink:




Amen to that, hahahahahahahaha. :-D


I love free.

Rakers one of the best multimedia player and is free, support blu ray and 3d

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Online TV 13 - Free (TV from 14 different countries in 7 languages)
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
I have posted this deal previously, now it is free to download again. Great to use if you are studying a foreign language. I am not getting into the TV licence argument, of cours… Read more

Heated - thanks for this, I'll check it out and the other sites mention in this thread.


I'm all for the licence fee but I think it's a bit of a stretch asking people to pay it to watch say a live US TV programme streamed on Youtube or even a live French programme, for example, on satellite.


Gave this a try. It seems to get around the usual geoblocking that you'd find just using a browser on a foreign TV statiion - I tested it on some of the usual German suspects. It's quite a good attempt at an alllround media center for everyday free to view streaming on lots of European TV. Very limited US stations. Might keep you amused for a while if you are stuck in a hotel room with a laptop for company. Thought the ability to record radio to MP3 looked useful but it made an MP3 playing silence.


That's what i meant, thanks for clarifying :) it's a bit wrong i think as YT nothing to do with BBC same with international channels but sadly that's the law.


I can't speak for Kaspersky but by the way my scanner picked it up, it's most likely uses your system as a hub or relay. not a virus per-say but malware of some kind

Driver Booster 5 Pro - FREE for limited time at sharewareonsale
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
I have been using Driver Booster now for a while and it works well and not caused me any problems like some driver update software. Its free for limited time To get the download … Read more
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Those games may be a load of crap but they don't contain spyware or nagware/ransomware. Valve would remove anything that does.


Woah guys, this is available on the steam store? So just like the 4000 anime porn games it is a serious piece of trustworthy software.


If you don't know what you're doing then this is a perfectly working tactic, However if the drivers were "working" then why would the manufacturer waste time and money updating them? They usually fix performance issues, vulnerabilities and bugs in driver updates. Driver updates are not like windows updates that come along every day. They only get updated for a reason.


This software works really well, I too as an IT Technician know that most of these type of apps are pure garbage and facilitate a method of getting additional spyware/nagware onto your machine. This program is not one of them, It is available on the Steam Store unlike all the scammy ones. The keys from these giveaways will also activate on the free steam download to enable the pro features.


they usually give malware to force you to buy this stuff

VEGAS Movie Studio 14 PC for FREE
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Via Sharewareonsale. You can download direct from MAGIX if you don't want to go through the Sharewareonsale installer. Fill in your email (real or disposable) then serial given im… Read more
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Technically it still is Sony Vegas but magix bought Sony Vegas so it's just under their name now I belive


Oh thought it was Sony Vegas lol..... smart tactic from Magix just call it out Vegas video editing


"Sale has ended!"




Missed it :(

Download McAfee Livesafe Free
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
McAfee Livesafe Free for 1 year

I always thought it slowed the computer



Fair enough. :-) Avast is very good too.


Ok: Avast Free, Kasperky (free one) Only 2 I know of, personally use Avast myself


Looooool, I remember when same used to be said of the Norton Product chain, but yet ... Each to their own I guess?. Feel free to indulge us all with a suitably good ( + FREE) alternative? (genuinely interested), thanx. :-)

Auto-Duck in Real Time [for PC] FREE Download
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
Lower any game or music volume when SPEAKING & on HOTKEY! Make room for your voice on your live streams and recordings, it’s easy. Crafted for streamers and youtubers. Improv… Read more

What you're showing there is the communication tab. It works with VoIP apps such as Skype and how it works is when you receive a VoIP call it will lower all audio volume the set amount so you can hear the call easier (y)


It sort of does / can, though this relies on the application having custom ducking behavior.


My PC does automatic smart volume without software. Msi z87-g45. Try download sound blaster and might be help you.


Would be trivial to implement if your router provides an API


Google for "boss button" (y)

HDR Projects 4 FREE for limited time @ Sharewareonslale
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
FREE on sharware site HDR Projects 4 To get the download file without the shareware notifier installer thing just double click the shareware installer > Start > When it says… Read more
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arhh, nope, i think i'm wrong. it's interesting where your thoughts can take you and how they can lead to a cul-de-sac. a screen has 8 million pixels calculate the colours it can show? move along sir, nothing to see here.


If 80 lumens can temporarily blind in a dark room 80 times 3.57million colours is about 25million hues. i'll stop now and gather those scattered thought.


And the question that springs from that is can we differentiate between 36 candela and 39 candela or are steps in the perception of "brightness" also limited?


But looking at this PDF it becomes more complex as candela/lax and wavelength, rods, cones and ganglion complicate it further.


So does that make 3,571,428 different colours on a 10 bit panel?

Ivacy VPN LIFETIME Subscription £21.25 @ $29.99 Works On Android, Windows, IOS, Roku.
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
Hi everyone, So I have noticed so many VPN deals been posted recently which are getting lots of heat, some expensive & some amazing deals, shopping around to find the BEST dea… Read more
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Under 36p per month.


I have nord with no problems so far in 10 months


Is SD Maid any good?. Do you have a link from where you downloaded it from also?, thanx.


From this list: Which is the best place to download the HAL APK file from?, or ... thanx. :-)


Ive been using ip vanish and it cuts my download speeds massively. 80mbps on wifi. Enable ip vanish and it goes down to 16mbps an thats if im lucky

simplitec Power Suite​, $39.99 Free! (100% off)​, (free for the next 2 days, and 5 hours), at Sharewareonsale
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
simplitec Power Suite, $39.99 Free! (100% off) , (free for the next 2 days, and 5 hours), at Sharewareonsale. Company blurb: simplitec Power Suite automatically protects … Read more

I used it earlier myself, and it isn't half bad. :-) Optimized the Laptop + found a load of junk to which it also deleted on my behalf. :-) So yeh, it's cool.


Is this any good?

O&O DiskRecovery 11 Professional Edition [for PC] Free - Sharewareonsale
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
[Updated] Sharewareonsale freebie it´s over but like wroted Jonny133 you can still get it at O&O giveaway webpage [Updated2] N… Read more

Great product. I have personally used it to recover files deleted and over-written on a disk and recovered more photos than the friend thought she had - it recovered files that had be saved and deleted a few generations before the current set of photos. Free? Amazing!!!

Jahoony just get it here


Seems like a nice deal, but you have to click through links and expose your email address a bunch of times. I don't doubt it is legit but this is why you always need a bit of a burner email address that you use for situations like this.


I checked on some reviews and it seemed to be considered quite good although overpriced at around £60, Therefore it seemed like a decent deal when free of charge. I downloaded a copy, completed registration and received a license by return. Check the contents of the email carefully because the license number is only accepted if you use the Name and Company shown in that email. I installed it on Windows 10 and ran a full test on a 4GB flash drive that I'd had for many years and which had been formatted recently. The O&O DiskRecovery part of the program found by far the most files that were in usable condition. Although, in common with similar programs, much of what is recovered is of no value. On the basis of that test, I will add it to my collection of file recovery software.


heat added

FREEBIE 60GB/mth Windscribe VPN
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
it's back... FREEBIE 60GB/mth Windscribe VPN for a year! :D
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Just like Windows 10 then.


Worked for me on iPad already getting free 10gb just upgraded to 60gb I got the code first without downloading anything from shareware then using a link from a post on here to Windscribe logged in as existing user it asked for a promo code entered and worked fine


Got it and seems to be decent speeds, download and upload 15Mb/s Good for free and 60GB should cover monthly downloads, still have few months of Cyberghost left anyway. Good option for Firestick as they have an app available


I haven’t done the maths tbh. Looks like I can stop the work pc from hammering away 24/7 Now then! (angel)


Perfect. Just what I'd been waiting for. If nobody has clarified me before this then YES - it can be used on existing accounts. Did have to sign up through the link/get the code use it on an already existing account on the windscribe site. Sharewareonsale are just harvesting emails/information, but if you're not putting in a genuine email/info nothing to be concerned about. It is not necessary to download through any Sharewareonsale link. Get the the code - then go directly to the windscribe website. Also, lets now stop sharing windscribe you're all slowing me down ;)

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 14 FREE for limited time at sharewareonsale
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Not tried this yet (just downloaded it) but thought I would share FREE for limited time Ashampoo WinOptimizer 14 is the best choice to clean, optimize and protect your PC. … Read more
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Ashampoo generates spam and wont leave you alone - there are better products which don't add you to a spam list - I use IObit System care free. This has genuinely useful tools and doesn't infect your computer


You can download it direct from Ashampoo if you don't feel comfortable with giving your details to sharewareonsale and you can request a free key direct from them after the install.


Does well according to this review


Because it all comes from themselves... They're terrible.


worked with the 10minutemail link. cheers.

FREEE - Ashampoo Burning Studio 2018 (Limited time)
Found 27th Dec 2017Found 27th Dec 2017
I have the 2017 version of this software and it works well. This is the 2018 version FREE for a limited time. Also a little tip when you use the shareware Installer - go through … Read more
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I like this program have an earlier version now i can upgrade for free. Cheers.


I bought that but don't use it anymore. Soft Organizer is much better and faster


The burning prog is good but it keeps pestering you to actually BUY it !!! Not only that but unlike Nero you can't overburn which I need occasionally


I use Revo Uninstaller (y)



Ability Office V6 free offer
Found 10th Dec 2017Found 10th Dec 2017
Possibly one of the nicest looking office suites, an alternative to LibreOffice or the perennial free Softmaker 2012

No idea to your question?. But it's currently something which is free, and it's something that's usually not free also ... So as such may contain some additional stuff that may be worth obtaining (over that of the traditional free stuff) regardless?. That's not necessarily to detract away at all from the normally stuff etc? (as they are very useful in their own right besides ... ) I currently use a combination of both always free + currently free Office Packages myself (and each of these serves me well in their own unique way). :-D So it's up to you?.


Not available for Linux. What, if any, advantage does it offer over LibreOffice to counteract the downsides of limited distribution, activation etc. In other words give me one reason to get and use it.


You download an installer (***** much gnashing of teeth *****) - Ok so this is free, but why an installer? Why not the whole thing. (mad) From the official web site - "Please note: if you have purchased or activated Ability Office Standard and you want to install Ability Office Professional, please first uninstall your existing Ability Office 7. Your Ability Office Standard activation key will not work with the Ability Office Professional version. And vice-versa." :( - Clearly the libraries are not standard, and uninstall process on any windows is never squeaky clean. So good luck with a clean uninstall. If a friend or a family were to ask me - "Can I install this?" - my answer would be NO, you are better off with LibreOffice, or an older version of Microsoft Office.