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FREE IObit Driver Booster 4 PRO (v4.50 for PC) @Sharewareonsale
Found 2nd Sep 2017Found 2nd Sep 2017
"IObit Driver Booster PRO is a ONE-CLICK driver updater offered by IObit to maintain hardware devices by updating and installing outdated, missing, and faulty drivers for common us… Read more
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in the past i've had problems with IObit software .. whenever i've decided to get rid of IObits software due to crashing or causing conflict so ive tried to uninstall and try to get rid of IObit programs.BUT i couldnt.. I found it hard to remove IT ,,BUT IOBIT removed my sound card driver and graphics driver and corrupted DLLS AND dlls was missing. IT EVEN MESSED UP MY SYSTEM RESTORE POINT .. TOTAL NIGHTMARE ..i ended up reformatting my pc lol .. but with me IObit programs like to say ill teach you a lesson for trying to get me in the recycle bin and removed SO iobit remove important stuff and mess ya pc up lol happens on any laptop or pc problems with IObits software .. im no computer expert but through my experiences i avoid any IObit ..not saying this will happen to everyone just think and look into it,,,, people should look into reviews about ISOBIT software before considering downloading or buying thats all .. mind u the first search google ads on reviews on isobit is brilliant reviews ppl recommends it.. so try finding a forum for honest reviews or sites like here hot uk deals .. mums net ..e.t,c .. but becareful with all software you get ........... you never know if they wanna get revenge for uninstalling it and remove your folders files and drivers and movies . (horror) blimey think i just typed a book .. soz

bingowings85 DriverPack will install drivers for free and solve driver problems on any device


Yes I agree about system restore (had lots of times with that not working when needed) and I agree about drivers. If they are not causing problems then leave alone although sometimes updating drivers can stop future problems happening so its about weighing the pros and cons and deciding yourself. But for the job of updating drivers (if you decide to) this software is one of the best I have tried


That is useful but a) system restore is not always enabled on people's computers, and b) system restore is not that reliable (I've seen more failures with it than successes over the years). So having the driver backed up is of no use if you can't boot into Windows. Drivers really don't need updating like applications and games because most of the time they offer nothing new or different (apart from maybe gfx drivers). You only have to look at this thread to see that more than one person has had a bad experience and updating drivers can be quite dangerous, much like the BIOS. The simple advice most sensible people will give is leave drivers alone unless there is a specific need to update. Simply updating because a program like this says you are out of date could put someone in a world of issues, and for what?


Good point and you do but I have used this for a while and its the ONLY one I trust and has never given me any problems over the time I have used it (about a year)

100 GB lifetime cloud storage with Zoolz (For IOS, Andoid,Pc & Mac £0 @ SharewareOnSale
Found 22nd Jul 2017Found 22nd Jul 2017
100% off so I understand this is free but the usual Rrp is $99 so to me it's a deal even if it's free (but not for long) Over 2days left What’s included? 1 user Protect photo… Read more
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I just signed up and purchased 'lifetime' storage of 2TB in total using this offer: For $49.00 a great deal in my opinion.


You don't trust the air that you breathe?


Don't trust free.


thanks I'm gonna sign up just to store my music collection in the cloud


Where there is a will, it would not be gone.

Free Windscribe VPN 1-computer lifetime 60GB-per-month license
Found 2nd Jul 2017Found 2nd Jul 2017
This is my first deal so feel free to come down on top of me like a ton of bricks: Your online privacy is under attack. Windscribe sets you free. Windscribe is a privacy tool that … Read more

I personally don't use a VPN that often. I'm aware of Opera but don't really use it - so I can't say, give it ago? My point was that this probably wont be much better.


” We store total amount of bandwidth your account has consumed in 1 month period, which is reset every month on the day of your registration. This is used to enforce free tier limitations as well as prevent abuse. We do not store historical usage. We also store a timestamp of your last activity on the Windscribe network, this is done to weed out inactive accounts. We do not store connection logs, IP timestamps, or sites you visit (we are firm believer that one’s browsing history should be taken to one’s grave).” It allows torrenting. When I first took up this offer, I found the download speed plummeted to almost nothing (as in 500 down to 30 which is telling, but could be down to the particular server the application connects you to), but as I switch it back on to give some real figures...... without it I just had 273kb/s downloading, with it I get 262kb/s, so no difference (low speed due to the particular torrents I'm downloading.


Site says they don't keep logs


Then that's a no-no. Thanks.


You can use Opera as a torrent client? Or just to view torrent sites?

ON1 Effect 10.5  FREE for limited time on Shareware on Sale
Found 23rd May 2017Found 23rd May 2017
Free for a limited time on Shareware on Sale website. More info for the site below. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hundreds of stack… Read more
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So crippled it's not worth installing


Heat added


So why all the cold voting do people not like this FREE application ? Tried it and its good with some great effects


Good call but the installer is not bad at all just don't allow the installation of the notifier


Available direct from ON1 without the restrictive SOS installer/downloader

Nektra SpyStudio for PC
Found 22nd May 2017Found 22nd May 2017
Was $99.00 now Free! Terms and Conditions This is a multi-computer lifetime license, for home or business use You get free lifetime upgrades No free tech support … Read more

Interesting looking App, what's your personal thoughts on it? (I'm assuming you've used it then?, or ..... )


Just an observation. The software links found on these "free software" sites are never connected to the developers secure server. This is a potential medium that downloads embedded malware onto your computer. I would advise caution. Remember, there is no such things as a free lunch.


Interesting. I wonder if it can be used to track changes made to the registry when installing a program. I used to use RegFromApp but that doesn't seem to like Windows 10. Anyway, nice share!


It's been free since 2015, just download it from here without filling in personal details.

Ant Download Manager PRO [for PC] @ ShareWare
Found 9th May 2017Found 9th May 2017
Ant Download Manager & Video Downloader Ant Download Manager is a fast and easy downloader of any internet files. Advanced support of many popular video services (DailyMotion,… Read more

Worth a try. Thanks.


I like FlashGet, becuase it preserves the original upload time of the downloading file.


How does it compare with FlashGet?

Filter Forge 5 - Was $249 free for limited time
Found 24th Apr 2017Found 24th Apr 2017
Filter forge on sharewaresale as a giveaway for a limited time. Filter Forge is a high-end program (that works with or without Adobe Photoshop) that gives you the power to create … Read more
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Just found out this version wont work on large images over 3000 pixels so no use to me. Maybe still be of use to someone


No idea sharewaresale is a good site, used it for years and with my real email and no problems.


Why the cold votes? dodgy website?


Yeah I have downloaded but not tried it yet so should be fun < I Hope 8)


Thanks, downloaded and registered, 11k free filters sounds like a blast :)

Hide My IP [for PC], free for the next 3 days 7 hours 53 mins, at SharewareOnSale
Found 14th Apr 2017Found 14th Apr 2017
Hide My IP [for PC], free for the next 3 days 7 hours 50 mins, at SharewareOnSale. For all you 'privacy conscience, people out there ..... :-) Access Blocked Websites and Enjoy P… Read more

No comment.


When I too installed the same, the Serial Code was either DIRECTLY on SharewareOnSale's own website, prior to the initial download in the first place, or they emailed it to me directly instead? (I forget?). Either way, check the SharewareOnSale email they sent you, your FREE Premium Serial Code is embedded for free within there too/regardless, lol. :-) Hopefully you haven't spammed that same email yet?.


Also worth noting that the installer used: SharewareOnSale, installs their 'notifier' at the same time - can be uninstalled though


Free premium (fast) VPN......why cold??


Thanks, downloaded and activated in case I ever need it. Looks like a fairly decent VPN service, only thing is they have a subscription option on their website for $3 a month, I didn't select it or opt for it but it seems to be enabled (didn't double check), maybe it comes free for a while or with the key, dunno.

Google Earth Pro [for PC & Mac], $399.00 Free! (100% off) (now free FOREVER!), at SharewareOnSale
Found 14th Apr 2017Found 14th Apr 2017
Google Earth Pro [for PC & Mac], $399.00 Free! (100% off) (now free FOREVER!), at SharewareonSale. Google Earth View satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, galaxies … Read more

And I quote: "SBCONTT 5 out of 5 Aug 1, 2016 at 2:19 pm Great offer. Even though Google Earth Pro is supposed to be free these days, the official free key link gives 404. This one is absolutely hassle-free. Reply to ThisHelpful? Yes | No +7" This was also on one of the comments on that same Freebie link I linked from above ... (which too may indirectly explain the SharewareOnSale version, and/or direct Google download 'differences', etc?, that's all I know?). I've never used the paid for version before (even though I too downloaded same some years back, like most people). I have however used the freebie version, that was formally available for wayyyyyy longer!, and it be GOOOOOOOD. :-)


I am a little puzzled. How is this a giveaway (sharewareonsale) when Google themselves removed the price well over two years ago? Incidentally, on the HotUKDeals app, this already appears every time I sign in as the hottest deal of all time.


Getting first update for a while on Tuesday


NOPE, Google Earth used to be the only one that traditionally used to be alway's free. And in contrast, Google Earth Pro used to also traditionally be the one that rather used to cost you serious $Dollar's, and/or serious £Pounds, in the region of $100's/£100's a piece!, so ..... lol. It's only as of about 2 year's or so ago that Google Earth Pro is now actually free, etc? (despite Google Earth Pro being around for more than 4 years or so now?). :-) It's cool though. 8)


I thought this was free to begin with

CyberLink ActionDirector Ultra 2 [for PC]
Found 31st Mar 2017Found 31st Mar 2017
CyberLink ActionDirector Ultra 2 £39.99 now Free! (100% off) CyberLink ActionDirector is for the action camera enthusiast. It’s the ultimate action cam accessory and the best way … Read more

​Yep I totally agree when the developer is offering it for free.


Wouldn't it be better to go to the developer's website if that's where the offer comes from?? No need to go through third parties who like to try and hide where they got the offer from...


​hmmm that is how sharewareonsale works lol For example, this isn't the official site for many freebies but most trust it. Are we only supposed to obtain offers etc from the manufacturer's or developer's sites? RIP offer sites


I'm not saying it isn't well established. I said it's not the official cyber link site.


​ is a well established and respected site.

Seed4.Me VPN - 6 Months Promo Giveaway
Found 21st Mar 2017Found 21st Mar 2017
Surf the web anonymously, mask your location, making the geo-IP address different from the real one, so no one can trace you. Seed4.Me VPN for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhone and … Read more

to provide vpn services it costs money and if they're not getting it from you where are they getting it from?


It seems really weird that a free VPN plummets in the minuses without any real reasoning in the comments.


after you created the account there they do offer a standard way to connect: Anyway - VPN outfits basically see all your traffic. Just like when you are warned to know exactly which free wifi hot spot you connect to when you are out and about - some are just people tracing your activity collecting logins and passwords. VPN providers can easily use a number of man-in-the-middle SSL attacks to let you believe you are connected securely to your netflix or bank account, but they can see all the activity and gain control of your accounts. Don't do anything on the VPN that requires you to provide your login - the risk of a future government sending you to prison for visiting the Green Party website is less than having your ID stolen by people working at or compromising VPN providers. Your ISP is more trustworthy. (Doesn't make them actually trustworthy though)


Wow, the excitement died down within 30 mins?X)


It's now not working with Netflix. Seems only certain IP's aren't blocked...takes a while to find one that'll work :(

Advanced SystemCare 10 PRO GIVEAWAY
Found 15th Feb 2017Found 15th Feb 2017
SAVE $9.99 If install use custom and avoid other unnecessary software... Advanced SystemCare PRO provides automated and all-in-one PC care service with malware removal, registry… Read more

turns your PC into a slug. don't bother


I'm not sure, but it might be renewing a previous one year activation, I can't remember how long my last free trial offer was for?


I have used it for years with no problems, however ASC went a bit weird on me recently. I noticed it was taking longer than normal cleaning junk files. I then noticed it was deleting documents, music, and other files I needed. I quickly stopped ASC and restarted and found loads of my stuff had gone. Luckily I had a back up so restored. I still think it's a great program and continue to use it, but now watch it carefully.


Pro found a lot more registry errors - like 2500 more! - let's hope it doesn't mess up my system. I read a few horror stories in the reviews so I'm not letting rip with all the ASC tools in the toolbox.


it's 180 days so not sure where other poster got his 365

Daily software free full programs
Found 14th Feb 2017Found 14th Feb 2017
I know its been mentioned many times before for individual software freebies but daily i check to see whats going for free so might be of use to someone.
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Actually thats the worse possible one to use[/quote That's your opinion, not mine. Now that I have got rid of the SharewareOnSale crap, my system is clean and MS Defender suits me fine.


Actually thats the worse possible one to use


Well, for starters it installs a tray notification that pops up at will and I have no need for 3rd party anti-virus software such as Norton as the included MS Windows Defender offering works perfectly well.


Well i set up a specific email address for just for that site and doing research on particular programs i have never had any spyware or any other nasties on my machines.. theres actualyl bitdefender 2017 free, norton and mcaffee on there amongst many others


Well i set up a specific email address for just for that site and doing research on particular programs i have never had any spyware or any other nasties on my machines.. theres actualyl bitdefender 2017 free, norton and mcaffee on there amongst many others

SoftMaker Office 2012 [for PC], formally $69.95, and now free, at SharewareOnSale
Found 30th Jan 2017Found 30th Jan 2017
SoftMaker Office 2012 [for PC], formally $69.95, and now free, at SharewareOnSale. With this fast, powerful and compatible office suite, you’ll complete your writing, designing an… Read more

This Product is not MS Office obviously, so it has its own priority/default 'File Extensions' per individual 'Item' (as could be expected?). BUT, saying all that, it also output's to alllll the most common/more universally known .Doc, .Docx, .Xls, .Xlsx File Formats, etc?, so ..... I personally haven't used this particular Office Package, so I can't swear to it 100%?. But I HAVE used 'similar' one's to the above however?, eg. Kingsoft Office/WPS (both the free one + paid for Commercial one - different versions of both flavours, etc, hehe), Open Office, Libre Office + 1 or 2 other's beside (on Windows Devices that is), and Polaris Office, OOA Office, Kingsoft Office/WPS + others I can't remember again?, hehe (on Android Devices), and didn't have problems in either seeing, OR outputting to a .Doc File Format, etc?). I don't make use of my lot's extensively as I'd like too either? (but who cares really?, lol, it's at least there for when I do ..... ) Play with them a bit, have a look again, etc?. :-)


What file type does the word processor output? The last freeware office I used output stuff in some weird file type that I had to convert to pdf if I wanted the files to be accessed by people - a massive pain.


The Product link again:

Adept PDF Converter Kit [for PC], formally $49.95, and now free, at SharewareOnSale
Found 30th Jan 2017Found 30th Jan 2017
Adept PDF Converter Kit [for PC], formally $49.95, and now free, at SharewareOnSale. Similar to another Program called PDF to Word (also known as PDF 2 Word), but this one appear'… Read more

Cool, thanx, lol. I take it that that is good too then?. :-)


also worth looking for pdf24 pdf Split and merge


Your welcome. :-)


great thanks


Licence Key: 8UKAVH53TE2A5RB

DxO Optics Pro 9 Elite Edition [for PC & Mac] (a good RAW Processing Software), formally $199.00, and now free, at SharewareOnSale
Found 30th Jan 2017Found 30th Jan 2017
DxO Optics Pro 9 Elite Edition [for PC & Mac] (a good RAW Processing Software), formally $199.00, and now free, at SharewareOnSale. About DxO Optics Pro Elite Like some other… Read more

I think shareware on sale is fairly reasonable as a service, they do overall in a year good.


My stance on Sharewareonsale is this (yours may differ): If it's their own giveaway which they have sourced themselves (like THIS one), they are free to present and package it how they choose. I still don't like the email harvesting and crapware they try and get you to install, but I fully accept it's their giveaway to do with as they choose. If the giveaway doesn't belong to SoS and has been lifted from somewhere else then packaged to look like it belongs to them, they have no right to harvest emails and ask you to install their crapware. They should be open and link to who actually has done the work to bring the giveaway to everyone without you having to register or give over emails to SoS. The two giveaways I mentioned you posted belong in the second category. I'm not moaning at you but feel quite strongly about the shady tactics of SoS and their flagrant disregard for respecting the work of others. :(


Fair enough?. But in hindsight then, similar could also be said of any and all previous current and future SharewareOnSale Deals on here then really? (I personally have cone across a few last year upon HUKD + at least a handful so far for this year alone ... and many have made good use of the various 'stuffs' regardless?). So kinda depends on your angle ..... :-)


At least the other deal is a clean link direct to the source of the offer and not to some third party site that harvests your emails and wants to install crapware on your computer to get the same result. Exactly the same with your Google Nik post.


That so-called re-post is almost 2 month's old? (that's hardly what I'd deem a 're-post'?). But fair enough about the point of your comment though .....

Google Nik Collection [for PC & Mac], formally $149.00, and now free, at SharewareOnSale
Found 30th Jan 2017Found 30th Jan 2017
Google Nik Collection [for PC & Mac], formally $149.00, and now free, at SharewareOnSale. This now a freebie, but this was formally being charged for (about 1 year back now ..… Read more

Cool, thanx.


Get it free from source here and avoid bloatware and umpteen daily emails for a product that is already foc.


Hehehe, I hear, personally speaking though, I wasn't aware of it's 'freeness' until recently mind?, lol. :-) Thanx anyway ...


Been free for a little while. Nice reminder though :)


The Product link again:

System Mechanic V.16. SAVE GBP 19,00
Found 30th Jan 2017Found 30th Jan 2017
Try this software if your computer has lags or issues, if no, please go to another deal... Thank you! Software is valid like premium for 6 months. Make Your PC Run Like New Aga… Read more

like id trust software from a company with spelling mistakes, at least i presume its their fault i cant imagine you typing everything out


That's a lot of money for 6 months only oO


cold because it's only a 6-month licence, not a year subscription or free-to-keep like some software postings.


Yes, me also, been using for years, definitely kept my pic running great, yearly paid subscriber, well worth it.


I'm using it for last 8 years, really good pack of tools with decent AV engine.

Ability Office 6 (standard) free for limited time
Found 30th Jan 2017Found 30th Jan 2017
Quite a pleasant Office suite, choice of two styles, ribbon or toolbar Write, Spreadsheet and Presentation. Home page suggests a high level of MS Office compatibility.

Good point, and in part I agree too, lol. To therefore combat similar 'technical issues' (like that of your own, etc?), I tend to therefore stick to the more 'generic' Doc, Ppt, Xls type File Extension's only instead ..... File Extension types of which ANY Office Package will/can open them, regardless of it's originating 'source' (be they originally created via Microsoft, or otherwise?). :-)


I've tried various non-M$ office suites that promise compatability with .docx, pptx, etc files and there's always some formatting issues. That's why I never accept/send .docx files from/to anyone, and stick to Libre/Open Office.

amour3k For those that want to click on a direct link instead ..... :-)

VSDC Video Editor PRO v5.7.3
Found 27th Jan 2017Found 27th Jan 2017
I think it is worthy giveaway... VSDC Video Editor Pro is a professional, non-linear video editing suite for creating a movie of any complexity – from a family card, a drone or ac… Read more

It says "Sale Has Ended" and only downloaded the free version when I tried - I guess it's expired.


Funny you should say that, this too is one I'd previously stumbled upon, and the first thing it done after adding a video was crash - and then be stuck in an endless loop of crashing upon loading, which I figured was due to it trying to reload the previous 'project' which gave it the initial problem. Was about a month ago now though, so hopefully this has fixed whatever that issue was.


Tried numerous free editors ... all seemed to crash/have issues.Stumbled across the free version of this - actually worked without issues, amazingly. Adobe may be better, but can't argue with free. Good submission. :)

Nero MediaHome 2017 [for PC]
Found 16th Jan 2017Found 16th Jan 2017
DESCRIPTION Nero MediaHome – The heart of your multimedia world! Bring an end to time-consuming searches for your vacation photos, favorite movies, or music hits. With Nero Media… Read more

I recently came across blu-ray player. Was very dubious about it but it seems to play all the discs I throw at it. Only downside I've found is that it displays 3D films in 2D as they don't have that function yet, but it's free, and can play the latest star-wars movie, which my Totalmedia 6 can't.


​Just out of interest check that it is the latest version of VLC and then take a look at this...


Thank You so much... Genuinely appreciate your help. I tried and all drivers are updated. Downloaded VLC but unfortunately seems like unable to play blu-ray discs.


​W10 did not generally include (or provide support for) Windows Media Centre and/or blu-ray support and that may be your problem. You could try downloading VLC (a free open source player) to see if it fixes your problem... Also, check drivers and codecs.


Can anyone please advice me if this could let me play blu-ray on my laptop. After updating to windows 10 my laptops blu-ray drive is not playing or recognising the discs. Instead asking me buy a new software again. Thanking You in advance.

SharewareOnSale Windscribe VPN Free Lifetime 50GB per/month 1 PC or MAC
Found 26th Dec 2016Found 26th Dec 2016
Terms and Conditions •This is a 1-computer lifetime 50GB-per-month license, for commercial or noncommercial use •You get free upgrades •You get free tech support •You must redeem … Read more

Showing as a fat $149 now though ...




Too many FREE users... Sites are loading for a few minutes ... Google search (hukd) ... 1 minute 38 seconds to results. FFS.


it's better separate!


No they don't. They use a third party app and generate external login profiles that need to be input. Pain in the butt process. PC version is great though. OkayFreedom VPN Premium, Free 1 Year.
Found 22nd Dec 2016Found 22nd Dec 2016
Terms and Conditions This is a 1-computer 1-year license You get free updates for one year No free tech support You redeem your license key before this offer has ended May not… Read more

^ Been ok here. :|


does it work for you guys? I keep getting connection problem since last week


Well , shareware have got me email address but i have still not recieved any licence despite following instructions. From my point of view its been another scam.


i don't like vpn software that vendors give, you never know what it is doing in the background. is it possible to get the openvpn settings for the servers so you can use your own software?


I'd have respect for the guy if he stuck to offering his own stuff and didn't keep ripping off the work of others. The Assassin's Creed 3 "giveaway" the other day was the classic example, then there's this one. I don't really like giveaway of the day but at least the stuff they have is all their own work, they deserve credit for that.

Shareware on sale - Trainz V1 train simulator game
Found 12th Dec 2016Found 12th Dec 2016
Trainz Railroad Simulator is the most detailed and immersive railroad experience ever, letting you control almost every aspect of a working railroad. Let your imagination run free … Read more

You clicked on wrong product.


Hot , though I know nothing about this game. It is free, buy it, register, sign on account and then download, it is 488MB download with a serial number.


It is for me, not a penny. Is it a 2001 game, anyway?


Not Free. $19.99.

Assassin’s Creed III Free [for PC] Uplay @ Sharewareonsale
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
Created in Ubisoft Montreal, Assassin’s Creed is Ubisoft’s biggest franchise ever. Revealed at E3 2006, Assassin’s Creed puts the audience in the middle of an ancient war between t… Read more

Thanks OP


Sadly that site does the same thing all the time, and some people seem to think it's great. Personally I think they're scumbags the way they exploit the work of others...


It's just pointless to go through this cause it's not something they're offering exclusively.


I guess in this case its fine, but with a site name like that...


They make you fill a form to send a download link but in this case, there's no download link or key. It's directions on how to download AC3 on Uplay.

WinUtilities Professional Edition - Free Download Via Sharewareonsale Usually $39.99
Found 4th Dec 2016Found 4th Dec 2016
WinUtilities Pro is an award winning collection of tools to optimize and speedup your system performance. this suite contains utilities to clean registry, temporary files on your d… Read more
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Without knowing the particular issues you are having or how you installed Windows 10 (i.e. was a clean install or upgrade) it'd difficult to suggest the best course of action. Assuming you don't have lots of applications installed on your laptop the best method I would suggest is to use the 'Reset this PC' option you have available to you in Windows 10. Type 'Reset this PC' in the search box. It will give you a link to System Settings and the Reset this PC option. You then have a choice to 'Remove everything' or 'Keep my files'. I had an ongoing problem with one of my kids laptops, slow boot times, sometimes it wouldn't boot at all, general laggy performance etc. All they had installed on the machine was Windows 10 O/S, Office and some homework documents . I took a copy of their homework files and chose the 'Remove everything' option and reinstalled Windows 10 - I would suggest if/when you reinstall you don't go with the Recommended settings you are presented with, instead click on the Custom Settings and change all the default settings from those that send your browsing etc information to Microsoft. Once done, I would back up your new clean C:/ drive to an external hard drive. If you encounter issues again you can use this to restore. Then re-install your applications i.e. Office etc. You could wait and back up your drive after you've added these, I prefer not to. WinUtilities may not be a good choice for a novice. If you didn't want to go down this resetting Windows 10 route you could try a couple of popular and well known/respected app's to check your laptop for Malware etc, I frequently use two: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Malwarebytes AdwCleaner. If you Google these you'll see they are highly rated and there are some good YouTube videos that will talk you through how to use them. One of my other daughters managed to get malware onto her laptop which took over her Chrome browser - it can be a pain to remove but Mawarebytes took care of it. Once you have a clean install have a look on YouTube at some of the Windows 10 optimisation tips, you can generally see how good they are from the comments left. Pick out one that covers some of the basics and you'll be surprised how a few tweeks can improve performance. One the best things you can do to improve performance however if you don't have one already is to install a SSD. I upgraded my 5 year old PC and my boot time is 26 seconds...(I use an application to measure boot up times called Bootracer). Again, there are some good YouTube videos that take you through the process. I used to be able to go and make a cup of tea while my PC booted up!


Do you have a dummies guide for a novice like me, I have a Lenovo 555 laptop that I have installed Windows 10 earlier this year and have had no end of bug's since installing Windows 10. Thanks




A new way to mess up an already messed up Registry. Just do a total clean install (with all the apps you use and necessary drivers). Then clone that hard drive. Yep, make an exact copy onto an external or internally fitted HDD or SSD. If the HDD is large enough create two partitions first. Use the OS free partition for saving files to or building up a music or games library. That way all your important docs are saved off the boot disk. Every six months to a year wipe the system et al from the HDD. Copy your cloned drive to the now clean, fresh, uncorrupted HDD. Update any divers and off you go again. A sweet smelling PC speedily doing its thing without a trashed registry. This procedure is effortless via a Mac-Windows BootCamp install (takes a total of 10 minutes to swap the OS from old to new) and it is better than using any of the myriad miracle-fix-it applications available for Windows repairs. The Registry has to be the stupidest OS backbone of any modern OS. Like a wobbly stack of jack-straws it is constantly in a state of near collapse.

AVG Internet Security 2016
Found 28th Nov 2016Found 28th Nov 2016
$27.49 - now Free! (100% off) Limited time offer, while supplies last!

Have to download their installer, then through that they download an AVG installer that errors when you try to use it.


and hang around for the next batch of free 1-year subscription promo codes. Currently half way through my first year, can't fault it yet. Maybe AVG is free just now because they've been bought by Avast.... 'clearing' stock ...


If you want to go down the free route Avast is a far better bet.


..... ''while supplies last!'' LOL


Hate all the nagging and bloatware AVG tries to give you. Get MalwareBytes, everyone!

CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Deluxe
Found 19th Nov 2016Found 19th Nov 2016
Free again for a limited time. CyberLink PowerDirector 14 makes your home movies more engaging! A range of simple and easy-to-use creation modes put you on the fast track to video… Read more

Great Share Thanks


​this isn't a laptop?


​All the laptops come with limited resolution and format. Yet to see a 4k windows or Apple laptop.


NB. This is LE version, limited resolution and format

WPS Office Personal and Home [for PC] Usually $19.99
Found 13th Nov 2016Found 13th Nov 2016
I don't usually post Sharewareonsale offers as generally they aren't very good. However, this might be an exception and ideal for anyone looking for a free alternative to Microsof… Read more
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Good deal :)


sabresonic "LibreOffice is free and open source software, originally based on (commonly known as OpenOffice), and is the most actively developed successor project." But you are right, time to closer look.


Will work if willing to pay.... on my second PC I run Libra Office which is totally free and does everything I need..... but I awould chose MS Office if it was cheaper!


Apparently OpenOffice isn't being seriously developed anymore and hasn't been for a few years now. Looking at the OpenOffice GUI would confirm that, it looks very dated. WPS Office therefore is far off being a 'clone' in that respect? I wouldn't go suggesting OpenOffice to anyone looking for an open source/always free alternative to Microsoft Office. My recommendation would be LibreOffice, for anyone considering switching from Microsoft it has far more compatibility with Microsoft Office than OpenOffice does.


USING free Open Office (and star office before) for years now and never had a need to use any clones.

Corel AfterShot 3 [for PC] @
Found 12th Nov 2016Found 12th Nov 2016
This latest version of AfterShot features faster processing speeds and has a couple of new tools that make photo editing faster and simpler. This RAW processor focuses more non-de… Read more

If you want it, just go straight to the source...


Thanks Ian and glaspark. Should have known better from SOS. Guess I'll stick with GIMP:


Yep, it's NOT Pro version


Reviews here say it is not Pro version and hardly worth bothering with


Is this AfterShot 3 or AfterShot Pro 3 please? There's quite a difference between the two.

Shadow Defender PC Free @ Sharewareonsale
Found 16th Oct 2016Found 16th Oct 2016
Shadow Defender for PC, Xp, 7,8,8.1,10 Normally $35 or £28.72 but Free for the next 18 hours! Shadow Defender is an easy-to-use security solution (for Windows operating systems)… Read more

Benchmarking my PC always shows a slow-down when installing third-party security apps. I think MS Essentials is just fine so long as you don't click on silly e-mails promising owt for nowt or links from and to dubious web-sites. I guess the feeble-minded who negotiate porn sites are most at risk. I use a Windows PC exclusively for Steam and Uplay gaming; very occasionally I might be too lazy to bother with the Mac when linking to Steam, Ubisoft or HUKD pages.


I nearly said yep Maleware bytes for me too, but your right completely different fish.


This and Malwarebytes are two totally different types of software.


I was thinking this would be great for people still on Windows XP especially, seeing as there are no updates anymore


MalwareBytes seems to do the job for me, but this looks more feature-rich, thats for sure.

Xvirus Personal Firewall PRO [for PC]
Found 6th Oct 2016Found 6th Oct 2016
Xvirus Personal Firewall PRO is a lightweight, easy-to-use firewall for Windows. With features such as blocking untrusted programs, network monitor, ransom checker, and cloud check… Read more
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don't be too tough guys - it has "cloud protection"


seems like Mailware to me


If I remember correctly, you will need to install .NET 4.0 and it has stability issues.

Steganos Online Shield VPN
Found 27th Sep 2016Found 27th Sep 2016
Free 1 year license - allows torrents - there is a download limit per month, only set it up this morning appears to be OK (I am no expert so check it out yourself) you can turn on … Read more
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You need to let people know it's only 2gb a month to stop wasting people's time as it is not really a good deal.


Thanks mate..will try it

save2pc Ultimate @ SharewareOnSale
Found 23rd Sep 2016Found 23rd Sep 2016
This is quite a good program for downloading videos from Youtube and a whole host of other sites, with a reasonable range of output formats.

Will it download a youtube playlist of 50 songs ?


I was asked whether this can capture footage from CBeebies. Unfortunately not, only SeeBoobies.




Version comparison here

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3 [for PC]
Found 20th Sep 2016Found 20th Sep 2016
Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3 Turn your housing dreams into a reality on your PC! Ashampoo Home Designer 3 helps you build the outside and inside of your dream house. Smart wizards… Read more
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Try here for a free license key.


Missed it. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a repeat offer but wondering how it compares to sketchup on Google...


Do they have a Tiny house version ? :)


Be sure to not install the daily notifier during the second click on the install, unless you like to be inundated with rubbish!

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