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Posted 2 December 2022

Shark Air Purifier 4 - HE400UK - £84.15 with code @ eBay / Shark

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Further to the deal - hotukdeals.com/dea…308 which is currently at 1,142 degrees of heat for it being £99 vs the MSRP of £279.99...

This is available from Shark shop on ebay for the same price, but with the 'NOW15' (which I do not think is account specific) it brings it down to £84.15 which makes it a fantastic price and £14.85 less than the other deal and about 70% off the full price (which it seems the shark direct site is selling it for - sharkclean.co.uk/pro…0UK)

See the other HUKD listing mentioned before for the comments from people to give it the great rating.

Hope that's useful information. Thank you.
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    Can anybody give opinions on the difference in air purification by this compared to what I'd be getting from Maeco arete?
    I watched a lot of reviews before buying but this is the best IMO -
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    I need a dehumidifier any suggestions please would be greatly appreciated
    Just bought an Ebac 2650. Positive effects seen within hours, reducing condensation on the windows. Will reach full efficiency within 2 to 4 weeks. Sounds like a fridge with a fan when running. I'd definitely recommend. £20 off if you sign up to their newsletters and 3 year warranty. Cost me £288 delivered.
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    Went for the air purifier 6 model for the extra £15
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    Good deal got the bigger one for 110 last week
    Fyi the bigger one is pretty big about half size height wise of a standard door
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    Anyone got one of these? Worth it? Thoughts??? Appreciated
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    I'm not sold on these tbh id get a dehumidifier with built in air purifier great price though.
    My Meaco supports a air purifier but I've read it impacts the efficiency of the humidifier and also if using both features it reduces the live of the filters.
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    48942911-9lzbw.jpgDelivered today, setup was simple and the interface is very responsive. My flat was apparently idling at 97% clean (4ug/m^3 of PM10) so it's probably not super useful here but it did pick up things like deodorant & perfume in the adjoining room. The footprint is a little larger than I was expecting as the base flares out, I've designed some new feet that I'll 3D print to make it more slimline. You need 8cm of space at the back so it can't easily go against a wall but I'll likely either flip it around or find a different spot. The purifier seems to resume to its last settings so can probably be paired with a smart plug / timer if anyones worried about idle power draw.
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    "This item doesn't post to the Scottish Highlands" - a bit ridiculous. We're only 2 days by horse and cart away from the nearest village.
    You have the purest air in the entire country... we are buying these to have 1% of the air you have
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    Every sale contributes to polluting the air.
    Nobody is stopping you living in a cave if that’s what you want.
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    RRP is off.
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    Is this better for air purification (allergens etc) than the Levoit 300?
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    After less than a month's use, the on/off indicator light is broken, it doesn't light up anymore on mine, idk what I should do