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Posted 20 May 2023

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Bagless Cylinder Pet Vacuum CZ250UKT - £99 delivered @ Shark

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Was £299 now £99 (£89 with 10% Student Beans, thanks @Trevbil for the tip)

Designed to adapt to your home, with a self-cleaning brush-roll.

Discover Shark’s cleaning expertise, powerful suction and advanced technologies, including Anti Hair Wrap and Flexology – now in a bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner.

Introducing Dynamic Technology – Powerful. Lightweight. Agile.

Dynamic Technology is an innovative combination of 3 unique elements, delivering a powerful, comfortable clean throughout your whole home.

The pod design features 175 air watts of powerful suction* in an extra-lightweight 4kg design, precision engineered to achieve streamlined movement and optimum balance that’s robust on floors and light enough to lift.

Smooth-glide 360° pivot wheels ensure the lightweight cylinder follows wherever you go, for ultimate agility. While many cylinder vacuums are either too heavy or too light, making them harder to steer and prone to tipping over, Dynamic Technology means this Shark cylinder moves in perfect sync with you. There are no limits – manoeuvre around obstacles and cruise from room to room. The pod follows so closely, you’ll forget it’s there.

Self-cleaning brush-roll

Tired of removing hair from your vacuum’s brush-roll? The large floorhead features Shark’s exclusive Anti Hair Wrap Technology. A unique bristle-guard removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean, helping to keep it tangle-free. Perfect for long, short and pet hair.

Adjustable settings

Simply switch between 3 cleaning modes and suction settings with the LED Smart Display. These intuitive touchscreen controls are conveniently located in the handle so you can switch between modes, start and stop without bending down or breaking your stride.

Carpet Mode is gentle on delicate rugs, powerful on thick pile carpets. Hard Floor Mode lets you select the perfect suction for every type of floor, from hardwood to tiles. Above Floor Mode adapts to different surfaces, from stairs to lightweight curtains. You can also turn the vacuum on and off and rewind the cable with handy foot pedals.

Flexology bends so you don’t have to

At the touch of a button, the flexible wand bends to reach, clean and store anywhere. Effortlessly clean underneath low-lying furniture such as sofas and coffee tables. When you’ve finished, the wand folds down to create a compact, freestanding storage solution. The floorhead can be clipped to the cylinder when stored for extra stability.

For more than floors

Easily extend your reach up high and behind furniture with the slim wand – perfect for cleaning ceilings, curtains and light fittings. Rest assured that the perfectly weighted pod will remain stable on the ground while you clean up high.

Designed for comfortable stair cleaning, simply place the compact, balanced pod on any step with no need to carry it in your hand.

Easily clean sofas and soft furnishings with the flexible hose. Attach the included Crevice Tool, Multi-Surface Tool or Anti Hair Wrap Pet Power Brush to easily tackle crevices, upholstery and hard to reach places. Perfect for homes with pets, the pet tool effortlessly removes embedded pet hair from cushions, curtains, upholstery and more. A handy accessory holder clips onto the wand for easy access to your tools as you clean.

Anti-Allergen vacuum cleaner

Offering reassurance for allergy sufferers and homes with pets, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal captures and traps 99.9%** of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, not releasing them back into the air you breathe.

Clean with confidence

Bright LED headlights in the floorhead illuminate hidden dust and pet hair pile-ups under furniture.

Enjoy uninterrupted cleaning power throughout your home with a long 9m cable and automatic rewind.

We’re so confident you’ll love cleaning with Shark that we offer a 5-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

  • 1 x Handle
  • 1 x Hose
  • 1 x Flexology Wand
  • 1 x Cylinder Pod
  • 1 x Anti-Hair Wrap Floor Nozzle
  • 1 x Crevice Tool
  • 1 x Upholstery Tool
  • 1 x Anti Hair Wrap Power Tool
Shark More details at
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  1. gregp's avatar
    Got one of these last time for £89 and it’s pretty epic compared to the Dyson I used to have! Sucks the carpet up in some sections! Defo worth the money and 5yr guarantee

    Only issue is it’s quite heavy for stairs etc but apart from that I’d defo recommend it. Can’t see anything better for the money (edited)
    DemonUK's avatar
    More heavy than a metal Henry?
  2. jmiah1's avatar
    Had dyson for 10 years and changed to Shark. Big regret. Will go back to Dyson when this shark dies.
    Icon's avatar
    I had a Dyson cordless and a Shark upright - both crap. I think it depends more on the model rather than the brand for some of the more well-known manufacturers.
  3. xdaisyx's avatar
    89 with blue light too
  4. ramper777's avatar
    Great deal OP. This code got me 10% off. ... SHBLKB8Z28ZB7Q ... (edited)
  5. Trevbil's avatar




    BlueLight Card discount codes. Please use only one and state that which you’ve taken so others know. Thanks.
    leather's avatar
    These codes have expired, looks like people have just used them and said nothing.
  6. Trevbil's avatar
    Ordered - and cancelled
    Trevbil's avatar
    Ordered again and confirmed. Added a 10% student beans code too. Came down to £89
  7. jeeeeeez's avatar
    Would not get a bagless vacuum again.

    So dependent on good cleaning of all the filters, whereas the bagged one I have now, I just swap the tiny cloth filter out every 2 years.
    BucketMan's avatar
    Love my shark, but I do wash the filters routinely (apart from the hepa). At least the thing is easy to take apart. (edited)
  8. Pitz's avatar
    Ordered thanks and got 10% blue light card discount
  9. hearts's avatar
    Bought thanks OP got 10% off over 55 £89.10
  10. iRuman's avatar
    Ordered £84.10 had £5 off from PayPal as well. Let’s hope TopCashBack tracks as well 🤞🏼. Thanks OP
    Abdullah_doenmez's avatar
    How you get paypal discount?
  11. RJ85's avatar
    Great Hoover! Much better than my previous dyson
  12. TR77's avatar
    Has anyone any spare 10% code to share with?
    Akahn66's avatar
  13. IramFatima's avatar
    I ordered 1 yesterday and with blue light it came down to £89. With blue light we could get 20% on the upright shark vaccums but i picked this one.
  14. Grahamdue's avatar
    Over 55's can get a 10% senior discount. 18-25 can get a Young Professionals 10% discount
  15. Karan4u's avatar
    Need discount code. Please
  16. P1P2's avatar
    If anyone can spare a student beans code I would appreciate it thanks.
    Trevbil's avatar
    PMed you one. Enjoy
  17. Fixedbudget2020's avatar
    Please can anyone help with a student beans code ? thanks. (edited)
    Shirlz23's avatar
    I’ve messaged you
  18. hellofriday's avatar
    Can anyone get me a student beans code please
  19. SuliC's avatar
    Student beans code too pls
  20. Andrew42's avatar
    How do u get 55s discount
  21. Andrew42's avatar
    Students code please
  22. SA_R's avatar
    Can I get a discount code please
  23. Gas.man's avatar
    Can anyone help with a student bean code thanks
  24. SaffaMum's avatar
    Ordered for £89, thanks op
  25. emmanouil_zafeiriou's avatar
    Hello guys. Is it anybody else that can help with a discount code? Thanks in advance.
  26. ruk's avatar
    Can anyone help with student discount
  27. Shelby25's avatar
    Codes now gone. (edited)
    Andyman101's avatar
    Yes please that would be great
  28. LeviScattergood's avatar
    Does anyone have a discount code at all please. Thanks
  29. gArethIW's avatar
    I’d appreciate a code if anyone can spare
  30. Lazeylou's avatar
    Anyone with a discount code please
  31. Ashish_Gargqal's avatar
    Please message me student discount code
  32. Andyman101's avatar
    Order cancelled they say not enough stock yet are still selling them.
    Abdullah_doenmez's avatar
    they cancelled 3 times. dont understand.
  33. shirleyspicer12's avatar
    Ordered yesterday, arrived today. Tried it out this evening and so far so good. Excellent suction and attachment storage on the wand. Well worth the money
  34. Tahms's avatar
    Mine arrived today, bought this to replace a useless Vytronix i'd been using which cost a similar price and the difference is night and day. Carpet looks completely different after just 1 run over with this thing, its great for the money.
    Trevbil's avatar
    “Useless Vytronix”. Don’t wanna be a Vytronix vacuum unit staff right now
  35. simplydiscount's avatar
    This or Henry?
  36. kingnpuk's avatar
    For a 10% code - Create an account if you don’t have already and add to basket and don’t complete checkout . They will email you , usually within a couple of hours with a 10% off code
    TR77's avatar
    I did this but no code so far 😔
  37. BeckFjord's avatar
    Got mine to replace and old upright and I'd say it's pretty good for the money!
  38. uklemons's avatar
    Am I strange for having a Hoover pet thing... its only a flat.. keeps the place clean, airing atm!

    BucketMan's avatar
    You have a hoover instead of a pet?
  39. beaky's avatar
    Anyone got a spare code I could have please.
    Fan_Ye5Xv's avatar
    try signing up to their newsletter, they will send you a 10% code shortly after.

    worked for me.
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