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Posted 23 May 2023

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Pet Vacuum (Double Battery) IZ320UKT or IZ320UK with free Pet Tool, 5 Yr guarantee - £249.99 with code @ Shark

£249.99£42942% off
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Thanks to MSE code MSE2, you can get Shark IZ320UKT Cordless Stick Flex, PowerFins & Pet Vacuum [2 Battery] for £249.99. It comes with free 5-year guarantee (2 years for the battery)

It is £529.99 everywhere else except Geoff Hill ltd, where it is £429

IZ320UK - Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum with PowerFins [Double Battery] + Free Pet Tool for £249.99 with code MSE1

Offer Page:Shark - Save up to £280, when you enter code MSE1 (Silver model) or MSE2 (Blue model) at checkout

The deal is on until 11.59pm on Sunday 4 June or when stock runs out – there are 8,800 available in total across the two models. The only difference between the two models other than colour, is that one has a pet tool already included with the vacuum, while the usually cheaper model comes with a complementary pet tool (normally £29.99) to add-on. The pet tool is a motorised 'Anti Hair Wrap' device that helps to remove embedded pet hair from sofas, stairs and upholstery.

  • Anti Hair Wrap removes hair from the brush-roll so you don’t have to
  • Up to 120 mins of run-time† with removable battery
  • Includes Pet Tool – perfect for homes with pets
  • 50% more suction*
  • PowerFins – engineered to pick up more hair**
  • Perfect for carpets & hard floors
  • Easy to use with LED Smart Display
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal captures dust & allergens


Discover a flexible, lightweight vacuum cleaner with 50% more suction* and PowerFins, engineered to pick up more hair**.

Packed with Shark’s innovative cleaning technology, make everyday cleaning easier than ever with this flexible, lightweight vacuum cleaner. Purposefully designed for homes with pets, this twin battery model offers extra run-time whenever you need it.

Up to 120 minutes run-time†

Enjoy an amazing run-time of up to 120 minutes† with this twin battery model. Recharge the removable battery pack on or off the vacuum, wherever suits you, and charge both batteries at once in the dual charging cradle – no need to charge at a fixed docking station. Perfect for whole-home cleans and quick clean-ups.

An easy-to-read LED Smart Display screen on the handle displays battery life, suction level and selected floor type, so you can easily choose from 3 power modes, switch between 2 floor settings and see how much charge you have left at a glance.

Perfect for carpets and hard floors

Two motorised brush-rolls work together in Shark’s signature DuoClean floorhead, now enhanced with PowerFins – engineered to pick up more hair**.

Glide seamlessly across all floor types with no need to stop or change floorhead. The innovative PowerFins brush-roll digs deep into carpets to agitate dirt and directly engages hard floors for a deep clean. The soft front brush-roll draws in debris and lifts fine, stuck-on dust from hard floors.

Simply switch between hard floor and carpet modes using the LED display screen controls. Toggle between Eco, Deep Clean and Boost suction power modes to tackle large and small cleaning tasks. Enjoy 50% more suction* for an impressive clean throughout your home.

Anti Hair Wrap Technology

Tired of removing tangled hair from your vacuum cleaner’s brush-roll? Anti Hair Wrap removes hair so you don’t have to. A unique bristle-guard and comb actively separates and removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean, helping to keep your brush-roll tangle-free. Perfect for long, short and pet hair.

Bright LED headlights in the floorhead help to illuminate hidden dust and pet hair pile-ups under furniture.

Reach, charge and store anywhere

At the touch of a button, the Flexology wand bends to easily clean under low-lying furniture including beds, sofas and coffee tables. When you’ve finished cleaning, simply fold down for freestanding, compact storage – no need for storage hooks or leaning against walls.

Versatile cleaning

Transform into a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner at the touch of a button, perfect for cleaning stairs, soft furnishings and in the car. Effortlessly remove embedded pet hair from upholstery with the included Motorised Pet Tool. From skirting boards and blinds to behind the radiator, clean a wide range of surfaces and narrow gaps with the Crevice Tool, Multi-Surface Tool and Anti-Allergen Brush.

Attach the wand in handheld mode to easily clean up high and extend your reach behind furniture.

Anti-allergen cordless vacuum

This bagless Shark vacuum cleaner features Anti-Allergen Complete Seal, offering extra reassurance for homes with allergies. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal captures and traps 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, not releasing them back into the air you breathe‡.

We’re confident you’ll love your new Shark cordless vacuum cleaner, offering a free 5-year guarantee (2 years for the battery).
Shark More details at
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  1. luwpergwin's avatar
    Be careful when unlocking the middle joint on the main pipe for hoovering under chairs etc, it's very flimsy when not locked straight, any excessive side to side pressure puts all the strain on 2 little plastic circular joints. One of mine pinged off across the room. To be fair they sent a full new machine because they didn't have the same colour pipe to match. Will be fine if you are aware of it and don't go hard like I did.
    Chemical's avatar
    Easy to contact them ? It’s not a call centre in India is it. 
  2. Super_Deal_Bro's avatar
    The shark one. It does need long hairs occasionally removing but all in all its a great product with great support from the company too
  3. Gambler's avatar
    MSE and shark website states 2-3 days delivery but checkout states next day delivery via DPD. Can anybody who placed an order yesterday please confirm? Just want to make sure I'm in.

    Nashernater's avatar
    ours came within 24 hours
  4. Madgick3's avatar
  5. GlennQuagmire's avatar
    Need a new hoover, had a shark for 3 years and the suction has gone a bit... I know the filter probably needs a brush off every now and again but can anyone tell me if this is any good. ?!?
    GlennQuagmire's avatar
    I trust the people on here more than the site reviews lol!
  6. Bright.Star's avatar
    This with the 2 batteries is a cracking price. I bought the IZ300UKT a little while ago for £225 from Amazon and it's brilliant but really need another battery.
  7. Nashernater's avatar
    Thanks OP ordered. Wife's been nagging me for months for one of these
  8. luwpergwin's avatar
    No they/them had a Scottish accent, but I cant say if she was a Scottish Indian, or an Indian Scot.

    Straight through though.
  9. sukhi_singh_1's avatar
    Been looking to get this exact one, was £300 via sharkvacuum.co.uk/?pr…UKT

    Will bite the bullet at £249, thanks op rated hot
  10. oversleep's avatar
    I had quite similar model on the corded version and the the small middle filter seems to clog up after only few used. I move on...50236665-SaGiZ.jpg
  11. zaraa's avatar
    @Random1234 how do I get 5 year guarantee?
    Random1234's avatar
    Random1234 Author
    it is in the description

    50237696-sXymo.jpg (edited)
  12. s_dusara's avatar
    Had my Dyson for 5 years which is on the way out, this is a great cheaper option
    KK71's avatar
    We used to be Dyson and would upgrade regularly. However, they seem to have lost touch like mobile phones, as to how much you can keep increasing prices. Shark great value for money and product. Their customer service is bang on
  13. TheShadowWalker's avatar
    Anyone know what's the actual Suction Power (AW)? Can't seem to find it anywhere
    UmarAslamMaatAcma's avatar
    I didnot find these details either, not on amazon, google or their own website
  14. RASB's avatar
    These are great machines.
  15. bluecityste's avatar
    Any recommendations for a similar performer but maybe say £100-£150? Obviously appreciate the warranty would be shorter ..
    Chemical's avatar
    Honiture S13 is £130 at the mo on Amazon 
  16. EHSAAN16's avatar
    Has anyone tried to buy a shark with the metro £50 voucher back for over £200 spend
  17. telcoengr's avatar
    What is the difference between 420 and 320? (edited)
    Nashernater's avatar
    £300 quid with this voucher
  18. mrjustinhoward's avatar
    I have this and it’s mint. Heat
    Chemical's avatar
    Does it stand up by itself ? I see it dosnt have a “wall dock “ (edited)
  19. EHSAAN16's avatar
    Please can someone who’s got this tell me if it’s heavy? Was looking at the Henry quick, not sure which one to get
  20. FriesWithThat's avatar
    Excellent price. I bought a refurbished version of this model on eBay a month ago for £199 with only a 1 year guarantee.
  21. Camiano's avatar
    Completely confused by Shark model numbers. So what's the difference between this (IZ320UKT) and the refurbished model available on eBay for £199 (IZ300UKT) ??? - Apart from the ebay model being refurbished and only 1 battery. Given the batteries are about £70 the 320 with 5 year guarantee seems a better deal.
    greglowe1's avatar
    I think the difference is a battery and it’s not refurbished as you say?

    Found this online -

    IZ300UK – No pet tool, one battery – up to 60 mins run time.

    IZ300UKT – With pet tool, one battery – up to 60 mins run time.

    IZ320UK – No pet tool, two batteries – up to 2 hours run time.

    IZ320UKT – With pet tool, two batteries – up to 2 hours run time.

    Someone also says the anti hair wrap models comes with the digital screen. (edited)
  22. rommy's avatar
    How does this compares with Dyson?

    We have a V6 and it's getting on a bit. We are in a tight budget(£200ish).

    Is this a good buy or we go for refurbished V10?
    Chemical's avatar
    I’ve been looking loads at cordless vacuums the past couple of days, watching YouTube vids comparing them all ect .. and in nearly all of them the Shark comes top 2 every time. Dyson is always marked down due to price. Did you look at the Honiture s13 on Amazon? Currently £130 and has amazing reviews also
    i purchased this deal in the end, the double battery is the deal breaker for me  (edited)
  23. PIW1965's avatar
    Great deal ordered Nice one for posting. No excuse now as I’ll obviously know where we keep it.
  24. EHSAAN16's avatar
    Thank you ordered hopefully get £20
    Amazon card
    Gambler's avatar
    I very much doubt that will work as you have to use the mse link to purchase
  25. daytonaant's avatar
    Was going to get something like this but considering I got a Tower vl40 which happened to be in Lidl I think, was like 59.99 and really not bad at all - was posted in the deals few months ago.

    I got it on impulse as it looked crazy cheap, for my mum initially but she wasn't so impressed. I've been nursing a really crabby Morphy Richards Supervac thing ( with a lot of design flaws that I've patched up over the years

    The tower really seemed a fair deal. Might not be 100% of what the Shark can do but it really wasn't bad. Fine metal filter thing so it doesn't clog up the actual main filter. Can't heat this, too expensive still.
    wilson9's avatar
    Apples and oranges.
    Why comment when you haven't bought and can't comment on how good or poor the shark is and you also don intend on buying the shark.
    Pointless comment.

    Like when Ryobi deals are posted the Aldi tool maniacs come out to tell you how good the Aldi are and to save cash.
  26. Moroccan07's avatar
    This or the corded ones I have the corded shark which I love but it's starting to lose suction. Don't know whether to go for this one or the corded
    Chemical's avatar
    Cordless , surely it’s a no brainier 
  27. Sai_Saran's avatar
    IZ320uk vs Iz420uk
  28. TommyFitzpatrick's avatar
    Thanks OP, got this at weekend and delighted with it.
  29. mollyschamber's avatar
    Fun fact. I ordered this. It was to be delivered by Yodel on Saturday but I was going to be out and decided it would be best to collect from a specified Yodel collection point from their app. I hadn't heard anything so checked today and they had logged "delivery attempted". I started a chat with them and it turns out the driver didn't know where the store was and I was to provide landmarks........even though the store was listed on their site. The advisor then managed to pull the address from somewhere. Long story short I just cancelled it but from this experience, if it was delivered by Yodel.......congrats to everyone that had a good driver
  30. AndrewE's avatar
    Waiting for a Dyson but can’t pass a deal like that up - ordered cheers
    Nashernater's avatar
    I wouldn't worry we've just traded our fairly new dyson for this and I wouldn't go back
  31. looking4deals's avatar
    Finally ordered the 320UK model. Thanks OP.
  32. Big_V1984's avatar
    Showing OOS and £529.99 😥
    Gambler's avatar
    Read my post above. Search for Iz320uk
  33. gizmokaka's avatar
    Just received this. Looks great and the double battery charger is awesome, but it's incredibly loud and much heavier than the dyson. Very happy with it nonetheless
's avatar