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Shark Corded Stick Vacuum, Anti-Hair Wrap, [HZ500UKT] - Refurbished Excellent (with code) - sold by Shark (UK Mainland)

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I received the vacuum next day via DPD. It's in generic packaging and is definitely in used condition, I would describe the cosmetic condition as "acceptable". However, both the floor-heads appear to be brand new replacements. And all the filters have been replaced with new ones. I've successfully registered the serial number and have an email confirmation of a 5 year guarantee. I am glad that it's getting a second life and not ending up in a landfill and just hope that Shark honour their 5 year guarantee when I likely will need to use it.

I've used it and would say it's performing excellently on hard floors and carpets. 10x better than my old one.

I think it's a good deal if you're like me and prefer corded vacuum cleaners.

30% off from Shark's official eBay account. Plus another 25% off because of an eBay refurbished special offer that ends on the 19th Feb. Code BUYBETTER25.

I have borrowed this model of vacuum cleaner in the past and thought it had good suction and liked the way you could fold it in half for better storage.

30 day returns, and 1 year guarantee. The item description actually says 5 year guarantee but I would take that with a grain of salt.

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Discover a lightweight corded stick vacuum featuring Shark’s latest cleaning technologies, purposefully designed for homes with pets.

Twin tech floorhead

Two technologies work together to clean all types of flooring and help to prevent hair becoming tightly wrapped around the brush-roll.

Glide from carpets to hard floors with DuoClean. Two motorised brush-rolls work together in one floorhead. A bristle brush-roll cleans deep into carpet pile while a soft, velvet-like brush-roll at the front of the floorhead makes direct contact with the floor, pulling in large debris and small particles and lifting fine, stuck-on dust from hard floors. Perfect for homes with a mix of floor types.

Tired of removing tangled hair from your vacuum’s brush-roll? Shark’s innovative Anti Hair Wrap Technology actively removes hair from the brush-roll, so you don’t have to. A bristle-guard and comb separates and removes long, short and pet hair as you clean, sucking it straight up into the dust cup and helping to keep your brush-roll tangle-free.

Reach, clean and store anywhere

Flexology bends so you don’t have to. At the touch of a button, this clever flexible wand bends to easily clean underneath low-lying furniture such as beds, sofas and coffee tables. Signature LED headlights in the floorhead help to illuminate hidden dust under furniture and in dark corners.

When you’ve finished cleaning, fold down for compact freestanding storage. No need for storage hooks or leaning against walls.

Versatile cleaning

Not just for floors, this handstick vacuum also transforms into a lightweight, powerful handheld vacuum cleaner to easily clean stairs, soft furnishings and inside the car. The precision nozzle lets you tackle on-the-spot cleans without an attachment, or use the purposefully designed Pet Tool, Multi-Surface Tool and Crevice Tool included in the box for even more versatile cleaning. Attach the wand in handheld mode to effortlessly reach up high.

Purposefully designed for homes with pets

Do you struggle to remove embedded pet hair from floors and upholstery? With an Anti Hair Wrap floorhead, ideal for long short and pet hair, this pet model also comes complete with an Anti Hair Wrap Pet Tool, designed to remove embedded hair from rugs, stairs, sofas, curtains and more in handheld mode.

Easily move around furniture with swivel steering. Clean from room to room with an extra-long 10m power cord and total cleaning reach of 11.03m.

We’re so confident in the quality of our vacuum cleaners, we offer an incredible free 5-year guarantee for your peace of mind (upon registration with Shark.)
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  1. ninj4z's avatar
    A brand new one can be had from Shark direct for £152.99 with 10% newsletter sign up, which would have 5 years warranty compared to 1 year on the refurb, worth the additional £50?
    Gollywood's avatar
    I think it's no-quibble, so you'd probably get a replacement every time, so definitely worth it (edited)
  2. Chrismia's avatar
    Good vacuum but would NEVER buy a refurbished model from eBay again. Bad experience from eBay vacuum arrived broken and in bits, therefore, requested a refund within 15mins of arrival. EBay has completely gone down hill.
    sulyl's avatar
    You realise eBay is not an individual seller right? How your vacuum arrived is completely down to the individual seller. Unless you bought from the same seller as the one in this deal, your experience doesn’t really mean anything I’m afraid.
  3. katherine24's avatar
    Anybody had one of these?
    aali86's avatar
    Yes I have one but I bought brand new. They are very good suction is good iv had mine for 1.5 years now handle is abit heavy but its a good hoover.
  4. Gollywood's avatar
    bittersweet's avatar
    We bought a Samsung one, after buying many, many cheaper makes.
    Samsung proved superior in every way and only an extra £75.
    How many times we have had to send the cheap ones back.
  5. KPNUTZ666's avatar
    There’s only 2 left
  6. JackC7's avatar
    WestsideMaryJo's avatar
    same model different colour is in stock with 36 available right now. I've updated the link and picture.
  7. Kaktus1989's avatar
    Is it possible to connect this vacuum to the car power outlet? Some adapter or something :/
    Pamela_Reid's avatar
    Just buy a handheld vacuum?
  8. jocksteeluk's avatar
    Had the battery pack version of this, its heavy and the connections on the joins went on it after 12 months luckily it was new and came with a 5 year warrnty
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