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Posted 26 November 2022

Shark HE400UK Air Purifier - £99 Delivered @ John Lewis & Partners

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Product description:

Product code: 86859201

Fast performance. Quiet power. Real-time results. The Shark Air Purifier 4 removes allergens, mould, bacteria and other particles from your air, with 4 powerful fans and intelligent air quality monitoring - for all-day clean air confidence.

4-Fan Technology

4 powerful air purifier fans efficiently clean air and quickly circulates it throughout the room. Auto mode adjusts the fan speed automatically to keep your air quality level optimum, or you can manually switch between speed settings with the touchscreen or remote control.

Clean Sense IQ

Built-in sensors intelligently detect and track your home's air quality. Cleaning power is automatically adjusted until air quality is 100% cleaned. Results are reported in real time for all-day clean air confidence. When your air quality reaches 100%, the fans will go into power saving standby mode.

Display Screen

Easily toggle between real-time information including percentage (%) of clean air, air quality level (GOOD, FAIR or POOR), the amount of particulate matter (PM) that is in your air, and estimated time remaining until your air is fully cleaned. Choose from 3 display screen brightness levels including a 'screen off' setting, perfect for overnight use.

Multi-staged filtration

The Shark filter removes odours, captures 99.97% of pollutants and allergens at 0.3 microns, and traps dirt, dander and particles. A carbon layer within the filter removes and neutralises odours, such as those caused by pets or cooking. The display screen also clearly shows time remaining until the filter needs replacing. No need to wash the filters.


Brand - Shark
Cable length (m) - 1.82m
Dimensions - H61.7 x W43.2 x D22.6 cm
Filter included - YES
Manufacturer part number (mpn) - HE400U
Maximum room size - 340ft²
Model name / number - HE400UK
Power - 67W
Power supply - Mains
Weight - 7.97kg

Original price: sharkclean.co.uk/pro…0UK
John Lewis More details at John Lewis

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  1. Avatar
    Learn from my mistake. I have a Levoit 300S for 2 years and have some regrets although it is still good.

    Buy a air purifier that has a high ‘Clean Air Delivery Rate’ measured in m³/h. The higher the better.

    Get one that has a HEPA filter.

    Get one that has a air quality sensor that you can leave on ‘AUTO’ and let it just run when it detects high levels of PM2.5, the stuff that is bad for your health.

    For me, this Shark doesn’t tick any of those boxes.
    What would you recommend?
  2. Avatar
    cost of a replacement filter is from £30
    How often do you need to change them?
  3. Avatar
    Which Magazine says terribly noisy even on low settings so other reviews should be checked. which.co.uk/rev…0uk
  4. Avatar
    I think these Air Purifiers all do much the same (if you can live without some of the gimmicks that some have) so for me it comes down to initial purchase price, filter effectiveness, how quiet it is, and cost of replacement filters. In the end I went for the Levoit Air Purifier on Amazon. Currently reduced to £79.99, 4.5 stars re performance, and they sell the Hongfa LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier Replacement filters (two for £23). It has 40,000 plus reviews so it is a best seller.
    Which one
  5. Avatar
    Does this machine have any effect with humidity within the house?? I could do with something that will reduce mine you see
    No, you need either a dehumidifier or to leave windows open.
  6. Avatar
    How much would these cost to run?
    A little over 2 pence per hour when used on its most powerful setting.
  7. Avatar
    These are excellent. Left them in a smelly damp house for a few days while ripping out the carpet etc and the smell pretty much dissappeared
    That was just coz the carpet was gone
  8. Avatar
    This or the Philips 800 deal
    I got the Phillips 800 again.
    I have one
    Gets rid smells. Quiet. Excellent at detecting bad air quality. If dog walks past it immediately goes in high mode.
    No gimmicks just does what's required. Filter very easy to clean.
  9. Avatar
    like mentioned elsewhere on other ones, use electrostatic material around the filter and prolong the life of the filters by 5-10 fold

    i have some xiaomi ones, and i've never changed the filters on them, get a warning on the display to say change them as they work on rfid but just ignore and it works as normal
    How so?
  10. Avatar
    Please can an expert give me some advice. I have a small 1 bedroom flat (37m2) gets very dusty due to carpets.

    I also suffer from hay-fever in the summer.

    What would you recommend?
    I'd recommend removing the dusty carpets or buying a vacuum cleaner
  11. Avatar
    Same price on Shark ebay page
  12. Avatar
    Is this good to fight the dust in the bedroom?
    48851565-uAY10.jpgNot sure how well the photo shows of our filter but yes, most air purifiers suck the dust out the air. (Filter should be white without the dots)

    It’s not going to be a miracle, you will still need to dust surfaces.
  13. Avatar
    Does this sit in one room that you use the most? Or can it be moved around for example at night it gets taken upstairs and put on the landing?

    Will be buying a dehumidifier as some damp appearing inside one bedroom and bathroom (roof will be changed next year once weather better). Can these work in conjunction?
    You can move them around. Ours stays in the living area through winter then bedroom in pollen season.

    It’s not going to do much for your damp problem though. Fixing the roof and getting a dehumidifier would be a priority if it were me.
  14. Avatar
    Now with 10% off on ebay for today, the price is even cheaper.

    I bought its bigger brother HE600UK and received the delivery today. The size is HUGE. It is the same height as a 60L bin. I did not expect that. Despite that, it looks very good, modern and sleek. The touchscreen buttons and everything make it feel as a premium product. I am going to keep it.

    Used in the kitchen for 1 hour now, can already feel the air is fresher and the food smell is less stronger. I will continoue checking and hope it does wonders.


    48884562-OaVF4.jpg (edited)
  15. Avatar
    Cost of living let’s add to it
    do you go on every deal and make this comment?
  16. Avatar
    Cold. Shark air purifier 6 HE600UK was £96 last month, strange how it only got to 200degrees though. This site is a joke
  17. Avatar
    Is it allowed for someone (who has a Which membership) to post a screenshot of the findings of their results in air purifiers? I can't afford the membership and have used my free trial already. Thank you, in advance.
    Interested too!
  18. Avatar
    Brilliant find thank you! I found a £5 reward on my account, so got it for £94.05 Very Happy
  19. Avatar
    Get an active air purifier. They're sometimes called plasma air purifiers. Passive ones create circulation of air,as they can only clean the air which passes through them. Active ones release charged particles into the air.
    Are there any retail based examples of these? I can only find commercial solutions on Google when searching for active air purifiers. (maybe due to location as currently outside of uk)
  20. Avatar
    Is this really a bargain deal ? As on John Lewis website it's originally priced at £99
    It is the cheapest I’ve seen around. Using Amazon as an example, it is listed for £169.99
  21. Avatar
    How does this compare to the LEVOIT 300S/400S or Blueair 3210/3410?
    Same query..
  22. Avatar
    Had one of these for about a year. Really good. Gets rid of cooking smells really well.
    This is what I was going to ask, About the cooking smells, also would this be the best deal atm for an Air Purifier I've seen a few others posted.
  23. Avatar
    For those who want to spend less and they are happy with Amazon Warehouse, I've posted this Hoover for £40. No idea which one is better, I have the Hoover one, paid £90 for it brand new on sale, but I've not used it yet:
    Any good for mold?
  24. Avatar
    The 6 fan model is £20 more, for a potential 50% more fan power.

    I posted that here a while ago hotukdeals.com/dea…465
    I bought the HE600 instead. The normal price of the filter for HE600 is very expensive at eye watering £70.
  25. Avatar
    During the pandemic, I had to follow news and regulations on how various devices help mitigate the risk of catching covid. The outcome was to get an active air purifier, not a passive one like this. Especially if you suffer from hayfever or asthma. In the first link, you can see the difference between active and passive air purifiers.

    My friend suffers from severe asthma and got one from the links below for his home. He said that it made so much difference that he got the second one soon after, so he wouldn't have to move it between the rooms. So I then got one myself, especially after reading that it uses the only NASA certified air purifying technology... I mainly use it when hoovering the house, and occasionally I switch on the ozone function as well. Other than that, I can't see much difference myself. But I don't have hayfever or asthma...

    First link is the cheapest option I've found in the UK, and the last link is the cheapest option in the US.

  26. Avatar
    Surely these things are not necessary? Just clean your home, open windows or at least use the vents if they have themes and save money? I bet it’s comparable to getting an extra 5 metres of distance out of premium diesel for £50 more than regular diesel..
    My problem is not with air but with dust.
    My flat gathers a lot of dust as I’m close to a busy road. Even with the windows closed, I get a lot of dust so hoping this goes a long way to getting rid of some of the dust.
  27. Avatar
    Just so you know, I posted a deal of the same item but 15% off this price going through ebay Shark shop...

  28. Avatar
    Just bear in mind at current electricity prices it would cost about £200 a year to run this 24/7 (based on 67W at 34p per kWh)
    you wont be running this at full pelt 24/7

    set it to auto and let it ramp up / idle when needed
  29. Avatar
    Does it help with hayfever in the summer?
    I have the Vax Air Pure 300 in the bedroom and it definitely helps. I see no reason why this Shark version would be different.
  30. Avatar
    Does this have a HEPA filter?
  31. Avatar
    Cost of filters out me off this when I was researching. Filters last 6-12 months with many in reviews saying non the lower end. BlueAir or Philips is what you want that are class leading.
    My Philips needs filter change around the 12m period.
  32. Avatar
    Had this for a few months now and it’s been fantastic! Gets rid of cooking smells and also has done a great job of keep dust out! I was seeing a lot of dust collection but that has since reduced
  33. Avatar
    How do these compare to the dyson fan purifiers?
  34. Avatar
    I bought this a few months ago, impressed so far not having had an air purifier before. We’ve recently had an extension creating an open plan living kitchen and dining space - I think these do take the edge off the smells and things created in the kitchen.

    it’s not a miracle worker that will eradicate the smells of a curry or pungent dish immediately. 

    I made a katsu curry last night and this morning you can’t really smell it if at all. Last night afterwards you could still smell that we had made katsu curry.
  35. Avatar
    Would this clean the air from smog in your house?
    I doubt it would do a house ....a room at a time seems more realistic
  36. Avatar
  37. Avatar
    I've also seen a bosch deal on Amazon that I've added to Hukd. The price is £199 for black Friday, which is dear, but it's a huge capacity purifier. It also comes with an extra filter for free (value £55). The filters are expensive, but there may be aftermarket ones available. It's another option and wanted to highlight it on this post, as it's the most active for this product type. (I could care less about heat or points or whatever it is your earn for posting deals, lol)
  38. Avatar
    Can you return if Mrs doesn't like it
  39. Avatar
    Will it assist in removing damp/mould too please?
    You would need a dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture. Some of them have air purifier functions too.
  40. Avatar
    I have one and it’s pretty good - You can hoover the filter and it’ll last 12 months but I’d probably change the filter after 6 months anyway. It does look a little industrial, but it does work well.
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