Shark in Venice DVD £3 instore @ ASDA!!
Shark in Venice DVD £3 instore @ ASDA!!

Shark in Venice DVD £3 instore @ ASDA!!

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So bad it's actually good!

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In the tranquil waterways of Venice, the search for a missing diver is underway. Then the unthinkable happens; a shark is spotted lurking in the canals. Immediately, the city is put on red alert as the sharp-toothed predator goes about its business of chomping through gondolas. In the midst of all the commotion, a Mafia plot to steal a treasure buried in an underwater cave is uncovered. Shootouts, speedboat chases, big explosions, and surprise shark attacks ensue. Starring Stephen Baldwin (THE USUAL SUSPECTS) and Vanessa Johansson (sister of actress Scarlett Johansson), SHARK IN VENICE is a thrill ride of a movie if you can suspend your disbelief


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It's hilarious!

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It's hilarious!

some of the reviews on amazon make me chuckle

This is soooooo bad. I love the way they cut film footage with documentary shark footage, but really badly. The downside is that I don't thik it was intentionally bad


looks like Stephen Baldwin's worst film yet and that's saying somet!

Anyone know why they never released this in the cinemas?:roll:

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i love the bit when he's having a fight with someone wielding a chainsaw, he defends him self with various wooden objects................and wins!! hehe!!! oooo and the chase scene where they run down the same street over and over again!
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