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Shark NV680UKCO Vacuum Cleaner £143.98 at Costco.
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Shark NV680UKCO Vacuum Cleaner £143.98 at Costco.

£143.98Costco Deals
Posted 15th Feb 2017Available: National
Hi I've just received the latest Costco booklet and there is an offer on for the Shark NV680UKCO Vacuum cleaner. This retails at £299 (https://sharkclean.eu/uk/product/shark-rotator-powered-lift-away-upright-vacuum-cleaner-nv680ukco/)

Seems a bargain at less than half that price. Seen one in action and it does appear to have good suction. Can also use it as a mop on laminate (as it supports a dust pad).

Appreciate you need to be a member to take advantage of deal but membership is open to a wide group . Please don't use this to vote negatively on the deal.

If you can find this deal cheaper please let me know.

Just noticed it also comes with a 5 year warranty.
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Showing £184.99 on website and £154.16 excl VAT?
Excellent cleaner, have almost identical model to this purchased from Argos

Showing £184.99 on website and £154.16 excl VAT?

Offer doesn't start till 20th Feb

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highly recommend

Offwe doesn't start till 20th Feb

This is a fantastic hoover
Much better than a dyson in my humble opinion
The suction power alone is impressive
Well worth the price
I got it last time it was on offer in Costco
Not seen anyone say bad things about Shark. And at a fraction of a Dyson.

All looking good for a purchase me thinks.
looks good to me. thanks Op
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