Shark NV800UKT Powered Lift Away Duoclean Upright - EBay store for £159.20

Shark NV800UKT Powered Lift Away Duoclean Upright - EBay store for £159.20

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Found 28th Dec 2017
I know there have been a few Shark deals out there but seems to be a lot of interest in handheld cleaning devices.

Was going to buy the £199 offer but glad I forgot as this is even cheaper for what seems like an excellent cleaner.

Product Description
The ingenious combination of two innovative technologies brings you the Shark Powered Lift-Away with Duo Clean. Engineered to save you both time and effort whilst delivering the incredible cleaning performance and satisfying results only found in Shark Products The first innovation is Duo Clean Technology. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners that use one brush bar, DuoClean gives you 2 brush rolls working in unison to remove 3 different types of dirt from your floors and carpets: Large, small and stuck on particles. That’s Triple Particle Cleaning The soft, velvet like brush roll comes in direct contact with all hard floors, removing stuck-on dirt, fine dust and large objects whilst restoring your floors natural lustre. On carpets, the second bristle bar works alongside the first brush roll, cleaning deep into the pile and carpet fibres to remove embedded hair and fine dirt. With DuoClean there’s nowhere for dirt to hide and no more ‘snow ploughing’ and spreading mess, just brilliant cleaning performance in a single pass. Seamlessly go from hard floor to carpet with the dual control conveniently located on the handle. Onboard tools including the Duster/Crevice tool allow for easy access to edges, tight spaces as well as dusting surfaces like tables and shelves. Designed with pet owners in mind the Pet Power Brush removes pet hair from your upholstery and carpets effortlessly. The Upholstery brush is perfect for your sofas and soft Furnishings, teamed with Sharks extended reach for curtains and ceilings, good all round cleaning is finally within your reach. The second innovation, Powered Lift-Away sets you free. Lift-Away means that the main unit can be detached from the wand at the click of a button, turning your upright vacuum into a portable vacuum cleaner. Powered Lift-Away goes one step further delivering power directly to the brush roll head even in Lift Away mode.

Box Contains
Advanced swivel steering allowing you to manoeuvre in, around and under furniture in your home with ease and control

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Correct link,not sure how to edit them
Shark website have for £199 and saw a code on here for 15% off (Style15) which makes 169.99. Also there is 5% TCB which brings it down to about £163 ish.
If Code still works?
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