Sharkoon X-Tactic V3 multi format true 5.1 surround gaming headset £107.98 from Scan, Free P&P for Avforums users
Sharkoon X-Tactic V3 multi format true 5.1 surround gaming headset £107.98  from Scan, Free P&P for Avforums users

Sharkoon X-Tactic V3 multi format true 5.1 surround gaming headset £107.98 from Scan, Free P&P for Avforums users

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These were a few quid cheaper before the VAT increase which i managed to save BUT with such an expensive gadget i did not want to post it as a bargain until i had tested them.

I have been thinking about getting some for ages and the price kept putting me off. These are the same hardware as the Tritton AX Pros but their RRP is 20 quid cheaper than the Trittons, AND scan are selling at almost 25 quid under RRP as well.

I feel like such an idiot now, for just over 100 quid it adds so much to the gaming experience. the sound was crystal clear, the headset comfy and not too heavy, and after 90 mins my ears were not sweaty and not hurting at all (like my sony headphones or my wireless sennheiser headphones)

Forza3 it was almost like being in the car,

Dead Space was really atmospheric, the surround was amazing it works so well.

If you want to watch a move you can also enjoy full surround sound without annoying the neighbours or the wife and the headset is modular so can detach.

Only downside is the wires, but if you do not move around much, once you set em up its not a problem.

I do not expect this to get hot, there are far cheaper headsets which are probably good enough for many people.

But if you want real 8 speaker surround sound (not simulated like the TB X41's), compatible on PC, Xbox and PS3 and crystal clear sound please let me know where you can find cheaper.


Why is it so much more expensive than this one:


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Ahhh....the OP's one includes the DD control box.

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you are sort of right, it needs the sound control unit, however that costs 60 quid (also sold at scan) making those headphones cost more than these. (infact pretty much what you are buying on my link is the same package as what you are suggesting, as mine have the analogue connections also)


LOL you beat me to it withabix

As an aside.....

I wish people voting cold would give a reason.

If it is because they personally do not need surround sound etc i do not get it, as for example just because i do not personally need an iphone 4, i would not vote cold on it if it was cheaper than anywhere else (but still more than i personally felt it was worth to me).

IF on the other hand they know something i dont, and know of a similar specced product for less, OR a better built product for the same price, then share on here, and help out prospective buyers who DO want a multiformat surround sound gaming head set.

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Great deal, heat from me. Wish I could justify buying a pair for Black Ops on the PS3, but fear my missus would chop my knackers off if she found out how much they were..

a good deal

bought these (without control box) before seeing this, then realised i should have checked this site before buying - so glad when I found that the best deal was on the website I used.

out of curiosity - seeing as I play games on laptop and ps3, would you recommend me basically paying what I've paid again so I can use on ps3? (as the control box costs much the same as the headset)

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I have only used them on the xbox so am not sure, but i certianly like the surround sound experience, which i believe you only get using the control box.

They are at amazon for only £98.60 inc delivery.


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worthy of you putting a deal up i would say. I have no idea why mine didnt get hot, they are fantastic!.

(despite a microphone fault, however sharkoon were excellent getting it sorted)
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