sharon osbourne book SURVIVOR - £1 @ poundland !

sharon osbourne book SURVIVOR - £1 @ poundland !

Found 19th Mar 2009
I went in to poundland WEST EALING yesterday and there was shelves of hard back books
I picked up sharon osbourne-survivor
also there was hannibal rising hardback
lots more,pop in for a bargain


Thanks mummynewbie

Title should be a bit more descriptive..


Hmmmm, I'm holding off until the sequel "**** off back to obscurity you talentless bitch" is released later this year!

...but if you're looking for something to put your teapot on, I s'pose it could be a sort of conversation piece. ;-)

Great reply, don't forget pounland have the Shilpa Shetiland bio as well baa baa baa

and many more from K-tel, you can be the proud owner of a z-listers autobiography for just a pound! Ho Ho
(At least we've heard of the 2 above!)

Repulsive woman
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