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Posted 8 September 2022

Sharp 32BI3K 32 inch HD Ready LED Android TV - £119 for VIP Club members @ Richer Sounds (In-Store Exclusive)

In store: National · Richer Sounds Deals
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Seems a excellent price for a 32” tv from richer sounds

Must be VIP member(free to join) to get the reduced price

Richer Sounds More details at Richer Sounds
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    Ive not got an android based TV - but ive heard on many occassion that the interface becomes very slow....Sony is the one i remember being commented on regarding this...can anyone elaborate?
    I’ve said it many times before to many people….just get a 4K fire stick which can be bought for £25-£30 at many times of the year and go on YouTube and watch a few videos on expanding your stick and your tv 📺 will be transformed…..I was paying £50 per month just over a year ago for virgin media….now I’ve cut the cord and pay just £15 per month for broadband only and have more tv channels I could ever wish for….(y) (edited)
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    1366 x 768 its not even HD lol

    "HD" is a term that has changed its meaning over the years,

    Would it surprise you that computers 40 years advertised themself as "high definition"

    The term just changes over time.
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    Good one

    Think this is the spec - s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/ric…pdf

    Has Android 9.0 - so most Android apps will work. Also comes with very powerful speakers.
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    In store only
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    Omg kids that’s a bargain
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    I can see from the product photos that it has a satellite input, but there's no mention of it (as per usual for cheap TV specs, the info simply isn't there). I sadly assume that it probably doesn't have a freesat guide, but if anyone can correct me that would be great. Blind satellite scanning with no guide is no fun, 93812390831 channels mostly just regional duplicates of the big 4.

    Edit: just looked at the PDF linked above, the tuner is confirmed but no sign of freesat guide / channel list

    "HD Tuner DVB-T/T2/C/S/S2" (edited)
    I'd like to know the same. If it has a Freesat tuner then I'm seriously tempted.
    Logically why would it have the sat connection if it didn't, but it could be like a generic interface on the circuit board that is used in other countries perhaps
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    1 year guarantee in picture. Don't Richer Sounds give 6 year guarantees?
    I was wondering the same thing. I would have bitten if they offered 6 years on this TV.
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    But is there any stock in shops as can’t buy online ?
    Call your local store, they should all have plentiful stocks. It's the cheapest 32" smart tv on the market and it's a known brand name not some tertiary meaningless brand
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    Thanks a lot OP collected 1 yesterday. Great deal.
    It's 1 per customer
    If you want to add 5 tears guarantee it's an extra £50.
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    Omg the software update on this is unbelievably slow
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    Downloader - IPTV on and working well - picture perfectly acceptable - enjoying the football lol (edited)
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    Anyone got this? Disney+ on this tv?