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Posted 20 September 2022

Sharp 70 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Android TV (2.1 Harman/Kardon Sound & Dolby Atmos) + 5 Year Warranty - £529.99 Delivered (Members) @ Costco

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Seems to be a good price if you're after a 70-inch tv with a decent sound system on board.

Comes with a Harman/Karman 2.1 dedicated sound system built in, which supports Dolby Atmos.

Gets positive reviews online, not very many, but all are 5 Stars.

5 Year Warranty Included

Free Standard Home Delivery

The 70DN5KA is a 4K Ultra High Definition Frameless LED Android TV™ with exceptional multimedia functionality.

The bigger the screen, the greater the pleasure: you can put films, shows etc. in a totally new light with Sharp's Big AQUOS. The picture impresses with extremely detailed and dynamic impressions, turning spectacular shots like those in action movies and nature documentaries into a fascinating experience. Perfect for a family television evening or sharing the excitement of sports.

Android TV User Interface
Finding is better than searching. So customise your Android TV home screen to show you exactly the apps, films, and shows you want to watch. Now you can continue watching movies after interruptions, start new episodes or jump to another show without having to go back and forth. Everything is really easy with your go-to app.

4K/UHD Resolution
Simply breath-taking in sharpness and colour: 4K Ultra HD is four times better than full HD resolution. You can even experience older films or series with unprecedented clarity. This is ensured by the modern image upscaler technology, which optimises any kind of content to 4K. Uncompromising cinema quality at any time at home.

Dolby Vision
The cinema was the inspiration for this innovative technology, which brings images to life again. It uses enhanced brightness, contrast, colour and details for this. The results are ultra-individual images with a vibrancy that makes you forget the difference between films or series and reality.

Harman/Kardon 2.1 Soundsystem
The Harman / Kardon® 2.1 sound system is made for discerning ears. It includes special silk tweeters that provide high sound precision with a natural timbre. A built-in subwoofer allows for even better handling of bass frequencies and offers a unique HARMAN feature with the Slip Stream Bass Port design. What does it sound like? Like a sound that fills the room with exceptional precision – almost better than in the cinema.

Dolby Atmos
Welcome to a powerful world of sound that redefines surround sound: with Dolby Atmos, the sounds seem to flow in space around you, breathtakingly real. This pushes your entertainment experience into undreamed of dimension. Dolby Atmos content is available on 4K UHD Blu-ray discs, video streaming services such as Netflix or music streaming services such as Tidal.

Android TV
This is how television works today: With the smart Android TV platform you have direct access to a wide range of streaming services with over 400,000 films and shows. Or transfer videos, music or pictures wirelessly from your smart devices to your TV using the built-in Chromecast. The integrated voice control makes it easy for you – whether you use Google Assistant to search for your favourite show or dim the lights in the room.

Google Assistant
It doesn't get any more convenient than this: press the Google Assistant button on your remote and control your TV with your voice. For example, ask Google for thrillers or discover open multiplayer games. Even connected smart home devices such as lights can be controlled by voice. You can also use the TV to manage tasks, look at your calendar, access information etc.

Active Motion 1000
No more blurriness or out of focus: with Active Motion, you'll experience moving images with a sharpness that no conventional LCD TV can give you. What makes the dramatic difference? Powerful processors and a superior LCD display with a short response time. Perfect for sports, film and action.

Game Mode
When you connect your console to a conventional TV, there are unnecessary delays that slow you down when gaming. It's different with Game Mode: this gaming mode gives you the best possible response times with crisp 4K or Full HD resolution and natural contrast. Your favourite games will fascinate you again and you will immerse yourself even deeper in your games.

HDR - High Dynamic Range
HDR brings optically even more out for you when watching TV. With extra brightness and contrast as well as a wider range of colours, the image is perfectly suited to the human eye. Bright pictures are clearer and more vivid, reds, greens and blues become more iridescent and the picture gains depth.

Model Number: 4T-C70DN5KM2AB

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  1. Avatar
    Are Sharp made by vestel in Turkey ?
    Currently, Sharp TVs are manufactured by Hisense. The actual Sharp brand is owned by Foxconn.

    smarthomestarter.com/who…tv/ (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Interesting… Any credible reviews worth perusing?
    I had it delivered today, decent picture, watched Mandalorian, picture is a bit dark out of a box, didn't have time to set it up properly, sound is decent has integrated soundbar. It's a bit "glary". I think it's good TV for the price, not an oled mind you...
    48270648-cN3Ga.jpg (edited)
  3. Avatar
    I have the 55 inch version and very happy with it android is temperamental sometimes but a quick restart always does the trick
    I am not happy with Wifi. Often losing connection (I have two different sharps) The remote control quality is poor.
    But price is great and I would buy it again even with this knowledge
  4. Avatar
    It's mad how cheap you can get a massive TV these days and after 4 years and 364 days you get a brand new one when the stand fails
  5. Avatar
    What does HDMI 2.1 give you if the panel only can refresh at 60Hz?
    No mention of NITS, I suspect it will be quite poor. Also not listed if VA or IPS... I guess some Googling is in order.

    Features- 4K UHD Frameless Android TV with Dolby Vision™
    - 2.1 harman/kardon soundsystem with Dolby Atmos®
    - 2x 10W speakers & built-in 20W subwoofer
    - 4x HDMI 2.1, 4K @60 Hz with eARC, & ALLM gaming mode
    - 5 Year Warranty Included
    - Need a Wall Mount or Stand?
    It’s not actually 2.1, it’s 2.0b according to Sharps website.
  6. Avatar
    Wow a lot of inches for the money!
    That's what she said
  7. Avatar
    Who actually owns Sharp now...cause it's not the same Sharp that did all the hifi components back in the day (edited)
  8. Avatar
    If somebody bought it, can you please share where it's made?
  9. Avatar
    E waste
  10. Avatar
    Preferred the Sony QD OLED 55” for £479 at Currys
  11. Avatar
    Harman Kardon isn't worth the paper it's written on anymore, it's Samsung and sounds like it
  12. Avatar
    Bring Back CRT! I miss my £2.5k Loewe Aconda 32” I bought in 2001 and have not had a tv with a better picture since! To think I gave it away too for some shonky LCD screen. Even my 2 year old LG OLED has burn in and I want rid!!!
    Bring back plasma i say. My 10 year old 50" Samsung is just starting to develop power supply issues, guess the caps are drying out. You won't get a better picture from anything not OLED. Oh no burn in either. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Yet another TV deal that a supplier won't deliver to Northern Ireland 📺
    Yes bought a holiday home there waiting on solicitors to finalize the deal. I thought I o silver I have to delivered to our new place.
    Thanks for the input
  14. Avatar
    I once cut my finger on one of these because it was Sharp 🥹 🥹
    Du dum
  15. Avatar
    Seems a lot for the price
    Can you recommend a cheaper 70 inch tv on sale?

    Oh ok. It was misunderstood as you saying it seems alot in price (edited)
  16. Avatar
    How does the 5 Year Warranty work with Costco is it in-home or return to store please?
  17. Avatar
    Sharp now budget brand but that's a big TV for that amount of money.
    Tempting for some as a result
  18. Avatar
    Bought a 48 inch sharp about 10 years ago and still running strong. Only 1 negative would be sound isn’t great from internal speakers but they may have sorted that issue and tbh makes no odds as I’ve a soundbar hooked up with optical cable.
    I've had my Sharp Aquos 46in LED TV now for 13 years, it was made in Japan which is probably why it's lasted so long, mines hooked up to a soundboard too for the same reason.
  19. Avatar
    Terrible TVs now
  20. Avatar
    This is quantity over quality... Depends what you are after... My elderly parents say they Don see a difference between real 4k and HD so would be fine for them... For me I rpefe quality 55
    Depends what you mean by quality. Most people are more than happy with an average panel as that is good enough for them. Most TVs these days meet that spec, so anything more would just be an unnecessary extra cost. (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Does it have built in alexa
    No seems only Google built in.
  22. Avatar
    My 60in sharp now 11 years old 4 hdmi 2 usb back and side wifi etc still beautiful pictures and sound and coat £450 from richer sounds in chester no wonder I drove 80 miles (edited)
  23. Avatar
    I guess if Costco sells this and offers 5 year warranty, it should be good. It is certainly a lot of TV for the money. And is not a Vestel.

    However, I'm not impressed with Sharp. Most Sharp TVs I came across had quite bad image quality. One of my relatives got a 48 inch 4k Sharp last Christmas and wants to swap it fir my 7 years old Samsung. The image is bad. If this is not higher specs, I don't want to think how bad the image will look on such a big screen. But if Costco sells this, it may be decent. Sharp was a very good brand in the past, not anymore. (edited)
    Their new 2022 QLED TVs are made in a different factory and are of very decent quality.
  24. Avatar
    Smacks of this being a Costco special given the apparent lack of reviews
  25. Avatar
    I'm sure this was about £50 cheaper a couple of months ago, may be worth holding out for black Friday deals
  26. Avatar
    Cheap TV. Get what you pay for. Even with LG and Samsung I’ve had issues so don’t buy this and complain your PS5 games are washed out. Might be good for a home presenter or trainer though.

    5 year warranty gives you peace of mind but you know it’s going to take a month to fix
  27. Avatar
    All I can say is AVOID Sharp TVs. They have specs like HDR but not enough nits to actually get anything from it and playing games on these things is a no-no. My PS4 (not tried ps5 on mine) looks horrendous. There's ghosting and bluring around characters. There is a reason this I so cheap. My wife now uses the Sharp TV for the bedroom and her SD content which it actually does admirably.
  28. Avatar
    Is this instore?
  29. Avatar
    How can a 2.1 sound system be Atmos? Surely the whole point is multiple sound sources or are those virtualised?
    It isn't capable of producing Atmos sound just decoding and down mixing the track. Dolby vision and HDR will also be poor on this screen. It will lack brightness, contrast, bt 2020 colour accuracy and id put money on it the system will be full of bugs and slow. Add to that poor viewing angles, lack of software support moving forward and a cheap remote. No denying the value for what it is, but it's a pig wearing lipstick. E waste. (edited)
  30. Avatar
    want to buy new tv but how to get rid of old one (Bush 32" LED 2019 smart) ? any exchange or trade in etc mean any way to get something out of it rather just throwing it away ?
    Cash converters may buy it. Don't expect much for it though.
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