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Sharp 9kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - A++ - £404 with code + £20 delivery @ Currys

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About this deal

Seems a good deal, just bought this today - I was after the 8kg model but it's been out of stock for about a week.
A++ rated, 9kg capacity, 2 year manufacturer guarantee, reviews look good overall!

Voucher Code: LKA15


Sensor drying is kind to clothes

Help your clothes and garments keep their softness with the Sharp KD-HHH9S7GW2-EN 9 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer.

If you've noticed your clothes are shrinking or getting coarser over time, it could be because of over-drying. With sensor drying technology which identifies the level of moisture in the drum and automatically stops the cycle when the right level of dryness is achieved, your clothes will keep that just-bought softness for longer. It will save unneccessary energy wastage too, which is great for your electricity bill.

Less time ironing

With a drum that can rotate both ways, creating a two-way tumble dry, your clothes will get less knotted up and as a result, less creased. That means less time spent ironing, and more items that don't need any ironing at all.

No more missed items

If you've spent ages looking for a missing sock just to find it in the dryer next time you go to use it, you'll love the drum light which illuminates inside your appliance. You'll easily spot anything you've missed, even if your tumble dryer is in a dark place like the garage or a utility cupboard.

Be kind to the planet

With an A++ energy rating, there's no need to risk hanging out your laundry on a cloudy day to keep your bills down and your footprint small. You can use the KD-HHH9S7GW2-EN Tumble Dryer all year round without having to worry.
Currys More details at Currys

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From markselectrical.co.uk/con…tml

The main change is the new scale. All labels will run from A to G, whereas old labels ran between A+++ to D. This will apply to refrigerators, washing machines, washer dryers, wine coolers and dishwashers to begin with.

... under the new energy rating scale, products that were once classified as A+++ in 2020, are now likely rated B or C. A++ is now classified as D or E, and A+ will find themselves F or G rated. This varies from product to product, along with product type.

Just helpful info.
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    Got There standard condenser one last week delivered for 279 and it works great...... great machine... if you want to save a few quid....
    The Condenser will cost an average of £184 per year to run according to the spec at today's prices.
    The heat pump will cost an average of £84 per year to run according to the spec at today's prices.
    so after 2 years, you will have saved the difference in price, plus save £100 a year onwards on elec on today's prices compared to a condenser.
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    I think you need to factor in the reliability of heat pump tumble dryers which is notoriously bad. So possibly no cost savings at all! (edited)
    A factual statement that has no basis? You belong on FB bud!

    I repair these for a living, and they are just as reliable as any condenser model. Vital to keep them clean as not only will it reduce efficiency, it will make the compressor work harder than it needs to and potentially lead to its premature failure

    I have had a Samsung Heat Pump dryer for over seven years and had 2 minor issues easily fixed (edited)
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    Thanks OP, we've had our eye on a new dryer as ours was on the way out.

    I tried the code LKA5 on my order took it to £398.05 also showed free delivery if this helps anyone. There is a possibility of cashback through Quidco. Worth a try if your thinking of ordering.
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    do heat pump dryers need a water supply?
    No, they don’t. Just electricity. They usually have 2 water disposal options: removable water tank or drain hose.
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    Carbon footprint... Yawn to that greenwashing scam.

    I use a Maeco dehumidifier to dry clothes, best device I ever bought and it makes the conservatory condensation free all winter too.
    Same here
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    Ours is outside in the cold as it were and works fine had it just over 15 months
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    Weirdest Xbox Series S I ever saw.
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    Save me retyping it out

    A++ (heat pump) Vs A+++ (heat pump)
    B (condensor) Vs A++ (heat pump)


    In summary, assuming 3 full loads a week.
    A+++ is £19 cheaper than A++.
    A++ is £145 cheaper than B.

    So long as you get a good warranty, heat pumps in the £400-650 range are worth it (edited)
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    I got this off eBay. Damaged on the sides but front pristine. £250 curry’s. Looking the new price what a bargain!
    Yeah, but probably with a 3 month guarantee, which is fine if nothing goes wrong.
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    Had this dryer for nearly a year, very reliable so far and really happy with it
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    Bought it, I missed the deal on the 8KG and wasn’t going to miss this, its got some good features at the right price. Would have preferred 5 years warranty but 2 is ok.
    Thanks for posting.
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    Thanks. Ordered. Was looking for a dryer deal for months.
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    Can only be used indoors , not in a garage ! Too cold.
    8th winter in unheated attached garage no problems yet
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    What's the advantage to using a separate dryer vs. having a single unit that washes and dries?
    - Washer dryers use water (as well as electricity) while drying clothes
    - Separate dryers dry better and faster than washer dryers
    - You can wash and dry two loads at the same time
    - If it breaks down, you can still either wash in the washer and hang dry or wash by hand in the tub and dry in the dryer
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