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Sharp AQUOS G7250 40” 4K UHD smart LED TV - £244.30 @ Tesco
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Sharp AQUOS G7250 40” 4K UHD smart LED TV - £244.30 @ Tesco

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Refreshed 18th Dec 2018 (Posted 14th Dec 2018)Available: National
Sharp 40” 4K UHD smart LED TV

Seen today at Tesco Cheetham Hill, pretty good price I think...


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These were £179 Black Friday
TheNorwichMarvel26 m ago

These were £179 Black Friday

That was not the same model. It was for a 40FG2241KF which is a 1080p model. Good find OP.
Got the HD one Black Friday, delighted with the quality. Even the Apps are responsive.
I have the G7240 one that must be almost the same (managed to get it for about £150 refurb even though it came like new with the plastics etc on)? There was something strange with the picture at first (smooth soap opera effect that can't be disabled) and I also noticed that the BBC1 HD channel (not any others) had some weird intermittent flickering line through every so often.....very strange but hardly noticeable really.

Luckily I managed to disable the smooth motion for my own particular use (as a computer monitor) buy setting the GPU output to RGB rather than the default YCbCr. It actually took a while to figure it all out tbh and I can't seem to enable HDR either. If I want smooth motion in a football game I'm watching online I just switch it back. The input lag is truly terrible in that mode, though, so RGB is needed for normal use or when you move the mouse it feels very weird lol.

If you're used to the digital HD TV quality of Vestels, you won't like this one as the picture is shocking in comparison if you are using it as an actual TV.....oversharpened with overblown highlights etc and nowhere near as good as other TVs. It's still not too bad, though. There are also motion artifacts obviously due to the smooth motion that can't be turned off.....usually it judders whenever the scene changes or sometimes for random reasons in the same scene.

I had one Vestal 50inch where its Netflix (particularly bad on that) and all the HDMI modes had some extra artificial sharpening that could never be turned off (it wasn't too noticeable but some DVD players would be worse than others- it made it obvious which ones added some subtle sharpening) but at least this UMC Sharp isn't like that and the sharpening can be disabled if you are not watching the TV.
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