Sharp AQUOS LC40LU700 40" LED 1080p HD TV @ Richer sounds in store
Sharp AQUOS LC40LU700 40" LED 1080p HD TV @ Richer sounds in store

Sharp AQUOS LC40LU700 40" LED 1080p HD TV @ Richer sounds in store

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I think this is a bargain for a 40" LED Tv. 100Hz too. I know this is not the best backlit LED Tv in the world, but for the money it will look great on the wall with Sky HD / gamers etc.

The Sharp LC40LU700 is the new star of HD LED televisions.

The Sharp LC40LU700e takes innovative LED technology one stage further.

Unlike previous LED TVs, the LC40LU700e uses ultra bright white LEDs aligned in rows right across the screen. The new X-GEN panel with its wider pixel aperture gives visually brighter images. Contrast is also greatly improved. Blacks are deeper than ever before and fine detail becomes apparent where once it was lost. Added to this revolutionary technology is a 100Hz processor. Together with a response rate of just 4ms, this gives the LC40LU700e the ability to respond swiftly to moving images, with depth of image also benefiting.

With a picture as stunning as this we would strongly recommend pairing the TV with a separate home cinema system or Soundbar, for the full home cinema experience. A digital optical output allows you to do just this. As it stands, the LC40LU700e uses fair quality speakers with Sharp's audio enhancement system to provide a crisp and clear sound quality.

In terms of connections, the LC40LU700e has everything you'd expect from a luxury LED TV. Four HDMI sockets are on hand to handle a full range of High Definition sources. In addition to this, you'll find a pair of SCART sockets where many rivals now have just one. Component and PC-inputs complete the expected suite of connections.

Sharp's innovative new screen technology has done much more than provide a class-leading picture quality; it's improved the TVs green credentials, too. Using 40% less power than traditional LCD TVs, the Sharp LC40LU700e uses no more power than a small, portable TV of just a few years ago. With its smart and distinctive finish, the LC40LU700e stands out from the crowd.

To see what all the fuss about full LED is, pop down to your nearest store and prepare to be bowled over by the LC40LU700e. Flat TV has never looked this good before!


not bad, thanks.

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Thank you - unsure why someone voted cold

Saw this in Richer sounds last week. The staff always try and push you to buy something better spec (and more expensive). Personally I think its a great deal!

I havent voted cause it is cheap but, Dont spend £400 on this spend a little more and get a samsung, Its alot better tv.

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It is quite a big price jump to the Samsung 40", LED. Probably £150. Which I personally don't think the difference @ 720p is worth it.



Only 5 available and all ex display etc.... not such a great deal

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Good point. Although it MAY be ex-displays

Store Telephone Available Stock
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Sharp (aka Panasonic) . I bought a Sharp 3 years ago. Great picture (1080). Sound not so good. Reliable .


If u bought the panasonic then your an idiot.
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http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/samsung-le40c550-full-hd-1080p-368-/843386 If u bought the panasonic then your an idiot.

You need to edit that comment again for spelling and stupidity.

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http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/samsung-le40c550-full-hd-1080p-368-/843386If u bought the panasonic then your an idiot.

That is LCD though, not LED backlit.

LED backlit is still LCD.



LED backlit is still LCD.

With an LED backlight.


With an LED backlight.

And subsequently usually much thinner with brighter and more vivid colours with better contrast, and look so much better than bulky 'non LED' LCD sets, so overall better.

LED is the backlight of the LCD TV and is meant to use extremely low power.

cheap japanese brand. You're better off with a better known brand, like an Onkyo


cheap japanese brand. You're better off with a better known brand, like … cheap japanese brand. You're better off with a better known brand, like an Onkyo

Oh give it a rest ! It was probably funny the first time, possibly even the second, but come on ! let it die !

As for the TV , cant get better for the money, heat left, I would have bought it over my samsung if it had been the same price a couple of months ago !

RS is just like a second rate market stall, but in a shop

40" LCD with edge LED 100Hz + that extra yellow pixel for under £400? super price

only ex-display? this sets a future trend however!!

I've got a 46" Sharp LCD TV and would NEVER buy a sharp product again.

I bought it from Empire Direct with a 5 year warranty (now void as they went bust) in 2008. For some reason I've got these weird problems with the screen, it looks like water (it's not water) is behind the screen coming from the side of the TV toward the middle. It's hard to describe but it's awful.

Then more recently my Freeview Tuner inside of the TV started failing meaning that every week or so I have to do a full factory reset on the TV just to get my Freeview Channels back.

Unless you get a decent Warranty with a Sharp TV, I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole!

not cheap for a ex display tv, only led tv's worth buying are the ones with local dimming of the backlight.

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